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Arine Tae'm
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Ratha
Associates: Marrek, Jare, Ollis

Stole lift funds from Ratha, was subsequently captured by the Rathan Constabulary, assisted by residents of Ratha.

Prior to the Lift Funds Scandal

Arine claimed to be from Leth Deriel, though this is hard to verify because she said very little about her past and no records of her exist prior to her arrival in Ratha. Imprisonment and interrogation have yielded little, if any, information.

Rathan Lift Funds scandal

After arriving on Ratha, Arine contacted several lift guards. Three guards would eventually sign on to her plan. Others, including Karr, Thed, and Hath did not. The scheme essentially involved skimming money off of the lift fees which, at the time, were as much as five silver for a one-way trip between tiers. Due to the lack of alternatives to the lifts and the large amounts of trade between the tiers, large amounts of cash were handled by the guards each day.

Suspicions regarding three of the lift guards (Marrek, Jare, and Ollis) were raised after their names were found on a parchment dropped by Arine. Each of them confessed following interrogation by the head of the Constabulary. Plans for the capture of Arine were subsequently formulated. Initial attempts to capture Arine, however, were unsuccessful and she was able to hire a large number of thugs to attack her would-be captors using the money she had taken from the lift funds. Eventually, however, she was captured (ca. 364 AV) and imprisoned.

Aftermath of The Lift Funds Scandal

The Rathan Council, in light of the scandal, decided to reduce the lift fees. This has made the lifts affordable for many and reduced the potential for abuse of the funds (the skimming went unnoticed for so long, in part, because the amount collected each day was so great). Several of the citizens (including Khory, Griffina, Baselope, and others) involved in the capture of Arine were honored by the Malk'Smo.


You see Arine Tae'm, an Elf.
She has ale-brown eyes, short curly golden brown hair that is loose, and fair skin.
She is young for an Elf.

She is wearing some black and grey-brindled leathers, an oiled leather bag, a belted leather baldric, a jadeite gwethdesuan, some cuffed ankle-high boots of dark supple leather, some supple grey doeskin pants laced from ankle to knee and a black knee-length tunic cinched at the waist with a silver-studded belt.