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Margathe Verdeslin
Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Mer'kresh Warrior Mage Guildhall (Ranik Map 107b)
Type: guild leader


Despite her unusually short stature for an Elf, the Guildmistress is built with the supple, athletic grace of a caracal. Her mis-matched eyes are the color of sky and sea. Curling like cresting ocean waves, her long amber tresses are worn up and pulled back from her face by a chignon of her own braided hair.

Margathe is clothed in traditional Rissan attire: celpeze-hide armor embossed with a dolphin triskele worn over a thigh-length azure hac, leather ankle-boots cuffed with caracal fur, and a cotton cloak woven in narrow green stripes alternating with a stripe of red-and-yellow houndstooth. A riste harness is strapped across her back, and resting against her throat is a cypress medallion of M'Riss. As past opponents have found, Margathe wasn't selected to be Guildmistress because of an agreeable disposition: her combat skills are deadly and she possesses the magical gifts for which the Verdeslin family is renowned.


Margathe's companion is a celpeze hatchling named Ruzel: The celpeze hatchling is a miniature of the ferocious "sea lizards" that roam the ocean waters around M'Riss. She is about a foot from nose to barb-tipped tail, and her smooth skin is mottled with subtle hues of orange, red and yellow.