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Auriril Kilaeti
Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)
Type: alterer
Associates: Willowbrook


Auriril whispers, "I am primarily Willowbrook's assistant. Whatever she needs me to do or doesn't want to do herself, it falls to me."


You see Assistant Auriril Kilaeti, an Elven Trader.
He has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed crystal green eyes. His silver hair is very long and fine, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a lean build.
He is very tall for an Elf.
He is young for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pair of silk trousers, an ivory silk shirt with buttons of carved lapis lazuli, an intricately embroidered sash of golden satin, some glossy black leather boots with shiny golden buckles and a black spidersilk satchel.

Appearance at Guildfest 409

You see Guild Assistant Auriril Kilaeti, an Elven Trader.
Auriril has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed crystal green eyes. His silver hair is very long and fine, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a lean build.
He is very tall for a Elf.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a black spidersilk satchel, an ivory silk shirt with buttons of carved lapis lazuli, an intricately embroidered sash of golden satin, a pair of silk trousers and some glossy black leather boots with shiny golden buckles.

Speech at Guildfest 409

Auriril leans against a large sign.
A large sign reads:
A decision was reached to split Primp My Ride into two businesses. Primp My Ride's management will maintain a focus on providing customizations to your caravans and pack animals. The new sister business, Custorian's Creations, will focus on furniture and other decorations for your personal space within. We apologize for the delay, and hope the wait was worth it.
--Management of Primp My Ride and Custorian's Creations"

  • Auriril says, "Not much of a gathering. Expected I suppose."
  • Auriril says, "After some tense negotiations and then a period of training and more discussions, quite a bit has happened with Primp My Ride."
  • Auriril says, "It's been decided that Primp My Ride will no longer furnished interiors to be sold to our guild's members."
  • Auriril says, "Instead, the furniture makers and decorators that previously worked with that aspect of the business have opened a separate shop to see to those needs in a more personalized manner."
  • Auriril says, "We've also made arrangements with the various trade ministers to cover selling the personal spaces from the start, so that bit of paperwork won't be handled by visiting merchants."
  • Auriril says, "This means that those of you who have yet to claim your own personal spaces will no longer need to wait for these valued, but rare, merchants to make appearances."
  • Auriril says, "It also means that some of you late comers will be getting quite a deal for your initial interior spaces. A number of existing ones need to be sold off before we commit to making more. Primp My Ride has given the guild their notes on these, and we'll be selling those first before any new ones are commissioned."
  • Auriril says, "A one time, flat rate of 750 platinum in the local currency will be assessed to get an interior space. I don't need to tell you, but some of those went for well over 2000 in the past."
  • Auriril makes a grunting noise.
  • Auriril says, "Now, for those of you who already have your spaces..."
  • Auriril says, "The Guild wasn't as observant as it should have been when allowing you your purchases. As such, you'll need to meet with a representative to have your existing furniture and decorations documented with the Guild before you're able to take full advantage of the new options."
  • Auriril says, "For the moment, I'm your representative. I'd like to give a quick tour of the new space, and then we'll make our way to the pavilion to see about making some arrangements."
  • Auriril says, "Primp My Ride is now available for those wanting to make use of its options. I must confess, they spent their time working on the newer options, and then decided to split the business, so don't expect anything new there."
  • Auriril says, "For now anyways."
  • Auriril says, "Those of you who may have worked with the Estate Holders in the past may notice a familiar arrangement to the wares."
  • Auriril says, "The Estate Holders have done well for themselves, and Custorian felt it a good model to adopt."
  • Auriril says, "For those who haven't work with them in the past, you just place an ORDER and the attendant will get you going from there."
  • Auriril says, "Your purchases will be installed immediately. The ministers are keeping tabs on who's checked in where most recently, so we hope it to be a quick process."
  • Auriril says, "You can request REMOVAL of existing furniture from the Trader ministers. It's how they'll be keeping tabs on what's where."
  • Auriril says, "They'll hand you a voucher that details what it's for. You can exchange them with the ministers as well."
  • Auriril says, "Most of you should still be able to make some initial purchases here, even before meeting with a representative."
  • Auriril says, "For now, the Guild can't guarantee the safety of your personal belongings. As such, we're not allowing you to store items within the personal spaces. In time, we may review that policy, but we feel it's in everyone's best interest for now."
  • <Person> asks, "The minsters are the ones who will account our current interiors, for possible rearranging?"
<Person> says, "Or did you say we need to meet with you for that."
Auriril says to <Person>, "You'll be meeting with me initially, or another representative in the future."
  • <Person> asks Auriril, "When we meet with you, do we need our caravan with us, or can it remain stabled?"
Auriril says to <Person>, "You can check with the ministers about FURNITURE to see how their accounting is going thus far."
  • Auriril says to <Person>, "You don't get a voucher here."
<Person> asks, "Where are vouchers then?"
<Person 2> asks, "Oh, I thought we got a voucher if we ordered something here?"
Auriril says to <Person>, "It's immediately installed, as with the Estate Holders. You can get a voucher for something inside your caravan by asking the ministers about REMOVAL services."
Auriril says to <Person>, "It's a new service. As they get their bearings, the Guild may request additional options."
Auriril says to <Person>, "The caravans do not need to be stabled."
Auriril quietly says, "Paying a small mint for the hired help to track you all down on the routes."
  • <Person> asks, "Is there a way to recall your caravan like ya do with homes?"
Auriril says, "For those seeking to take a bit of home with you, these...erm...wares...should help."
<Person> says, "No no i want ease of shopping, should be able to recall it like a home while ya shop."
Auriril says to <Person>, "I'd hope you could remember the basics, but the ministers will tell you about your FURNITURE. In time, we may see about methods to jog your memory without a minister."
  • Auriril says, "Custorian could only make so many arrangements and still open before the festival ended. I've heard he has a great deal more in his plans for the future."
  • Auriril says, "I'm sure you've noticed that the catalogs designate the furniture by size. This ensures that no caravan becomes exceptionally cramped. There's no need to try cramming ten beds within a single space."
  • Auriril says, "For now, Custorian and the Guild have agreed to allow you a door, four small items, three medium items and two large items."
  • <Person> asks, "Oh, that reminds me, Auriril, will there still be a circle requirement for interior installation?"
Auriril says to <Person>, "You'll still need to meet the established requirements, yes. Custorian has instructed his staff to display the wares to anyone, but only those of sufficient standing may make purchases."
  • Auriril says, "Those of you who have your own personal space already, or who can make a trip to claim one, we'll be heading over the pavilion. I'll take down your names and then send the list on to the outposts so that they can begin working on taking your inventory."
  • <Person> asks, "After we put our name in do we have to stay awake?"
Auriril shakes his head.
Auriril says, "There will be a 5 platinum fee to join the list, but everyone who makes the list will have their name passed along."
<Person2> asks, "I don't need that service since I just purchased my interior from the ministry, right?"
Auriril says to <Person2>, "Everyone will need it for the time being, I'm afraid. We don't have a proper accounting of any of the work that was done before. In time, we may be able to hire additional help to check the stables of those less active on the routes."
Auriril says, "For now, however, this is another one of those 'price for being an early adopter' things, to ensure you have full use of your space."
<Person2> says to Auriril, "I meant literally during your speech I snuck out and talked to the ministry about the new seven hundred fifty platinum fee."
Auriril says to <Person2>, "I'm afraid you still need to meet with me for the time being. We haven't managed to streamline the process yet. The outposts are focused on getting you outfitted and on your way, not on the paperwork yet."
<Person2> asks Auriril, "Okay.. Now you're going to use the list.. It won't be a problem that I've worked with two artisans already, correct?"
Auriril says, "For this, it will not."

  • Auriril asks, "Just so we're clear -- I'll be restricting the list to only members of our Guild who have achieved 50 lessons in training. If one of you manages to join it and pay the fee and you DON'T already have your interior in place, you're just out the 5 plat joining fee. Clear?"
  • Auriril quietly says, "Willowbrook would frown on it I'd imagine."
  • <Person> asks, "This won't use my last alteration will it?"
Auriril says, "Correct. We won't be doing any modifications or alterations to your existing furniture, simply establishling a list of your inventory."
  • Auriril says to <Person>, "You can make some exterior modifications as a younger member of the guild. The interior spaces, however, require at least 50 lessons."
  • Auriril says, "So then! Let's get this going so you all can get back to work. Coin to be made after I make mine off of you."