Cheerful Elven peddler

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Cheerful Elven peddler
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Fang Cove (Ranik Map 150)
Type: merchant

In addition to Fang Cove, this NPC can be found outside the old and within the new Hollow Eve festival grounds.


Dressed in festive attire, a cheerful Elven peddler stands amid countless crates of collapsed boxes, bags and additional containers that hold fabrics, ribbons, and papers colored in more styles than seems possible.

A cheerful Elven peddler nods and exclaims, "Just GIVE me what you would like wrapped, and I'll see what I can do!"
(give twice quickly for him to take payment and wrap)
A cheerful Elven peddler smiles cheerfully and accepts your payment along with the <Item>. "Just you wait one moment while I get this ready!"


A cheerful Elven peddler beams while handing you a green velvet package tied with silver ribbon.
A cheerful Elven peddler beams while handing you a round blue box tied with a gilded bow.


A brisk gust of wind kicks up a brief cloud of sand, quickly covering everything in the area. With an exasperated splutter, the Elven peddler hastily brushes off the tools of his trade, shouting, "Blasted sand just gets into everything around here!"

Aware of his audience, a cheerful Elven peddler accepts an offered gift and stares blankly at it for a moment. Then, faster than your eyes can follow, he transforms it into a beautifully wrapped present complete with shining bow. He proffers it to its owner with a flourish.

Humming off-key, the Elven peddler performs a mish-mash of barely recognizable tunes.

A cheerful Elven peddler accepts a package from a passerby, and in a blur of arms and legs and flying bits of ribbon, wraps it in glittering red paper with a bright gold bow. "There you are, sir!" exclaims the peddler, accepting a tossed coin for the work.

A cheerful Elven peddler sighs wistfully as he stares into the distance. "The sun setting over the ocean is really a sight to behold. I might add that it's a great time for gift-giving too!" the peddler exclaims, waving a strand of glittering ribbon with a broad grin.

As a crowd approaches, a cheerful Elven peddler tries to outdo himself as he wraps each package in a new way -- behind his back, bending over backwards, above his head. Those gathered applaud his showmanship.

A cheerful Elven peddler reaches into a pocket and pulls out a cookie. Brushing a bit of sand from the snack, it's quickly eaten. "Yum!"

A cheerful Elven peddler shouts, "Gift wrapping! Red, green, silver, white, gold, and more, maybe even a matching bow! Only 5 silver per package!"