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Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Ain Ghazal

Satarra is a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose, and she resides in the Chateau on the island of Ain Ghazal. She is also an Enforcer within the Thief Guild hierarchy and reports directly to Ivitha.

The Diplomat

Satarra first arrived in Zoluren in 385 AL. As a visiting ambassador representing Ain Ghazal, she was accepted into Vorclaf's Court and invited to live within the walls of Ulf'hara Keep during her stay. However, Satarra felt uncomfortable living in the Keep, so Prince Vorclaf arranged for her lodging in Gaethrend's Court inside the Crossing. As stated by Satarra herself, "My official business is diplomacy, of course. That is why I was sent to the Prince, to both offer our services as well as begin to form a bond between the island and Zoluren."

Satarra was often found in the barroom and solarium of Gaethrend's where she entertained conversation with locals. Topics of discussion were broad in range, and included anything from the recent appearance of Maelshyve to life on the island. She sometimes offered private meditation sessions with interested parties, as such techniques are part of the Rose Sister lifestyle. On many occasions, she was flanked by members of the militia due to orders from Zukir to watch and protect her. Satarra also toured Tiger Clan with Princess Arilana and was guided through Northern Zoluren by members of the Court and militia.

Zukir made a distinct point to consult with Satarra regarding the justice system on Ain Ghazal, especially the disciplinary sanctioning process in place for handling criminals. Satarra was also seen accompanying Zukir and members of the militia around the Crossing on raids during his "processing" of the town wanted board. On one occasion, the processing party was attacked outside the Guard House by a group of faenrae assassins, executioners, thugs, and ruffians. The commotion was loud enough to be heard across town, drawing more onlookers. General Zukir was killed during the attack, as were several members of the militia and passersby. Attempts were made by persons unknown to drag Zukir and his subordinates away from help. Sister Satarra, however, proved her combat prowess by slaying most, if not all, of the attacking creatures. After Zukir witnessed Satarra's adept brawling skills, he released her from constant supervision and protection by the militia, citing her ability to handle herself when danger arose.

The Enforcer

The underlying reason for Satarra's presence in Zoluren was to observe the situation in Kalag The Black's territory. Word had reached Ivitha, head of the Thief Council, that crime increased to a point that strained the delicate relationship between the Guild and the government. Satarra attempted to meet with Kalag, but he turned her away in a fit of anger, refusing to talk. Throughout her stay in Zoluren, Satarra was in touch with Natashya, a fellow Enforcer, with whom she continued the investigation of Kalag. Concurrently, Satarra arranged meetings with Varsyth, one of Kalag's Regulators at the time. Under the guise of private meditation sessions, she met with other trusted Thieves in her room to escape the constant presence of militia members in Gaethrend's Court.

Satarra was with Natashya the night Lady Dalterein was abducted and killed. Natashya was allowed to travel outside the Keep to Kaerna without an official military guard due to Satarra being in her company. Unfortunately, the ambushers overwhelemed Satarra, knocking her unconscious and kidnapping Natashya while she was out cold. Upon the Lady's death, Satarra revealed that she had known Natashya for a very long time, even prior to her position as Enforcer. Satarra was visibly enraged when listening to the details surrounding the burning, her eyes betraying her normally even and emotionless countenance. As a result of Natashya's untimely demise, Satarra instruced a group of Thieves working for the slain Enforcer to continue their investigation of Kalag in Zoluren as previously instructed. These Thieves ultimately presented their findings to the Thief Guild Council in Natashya's place.

Current Whereabouts

Satarra left Zoluren shortly after Kalag walked the Starry Road, having completed both her tenure as ambassador and her investigation of the Black. One can reasonably assume that she has returned home to Ain Ghazal to continue life in the Chateau.


You see Rose Sister Satarra, Steel Fist, an Elf.
Satarra has pointed ears, violet eyes and a small nose. Her ash-blonde hair is long and fine, and is worn braided. She has fair skin.
She is in her prime for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a tall glass of silver wine in her right hand.
She is wearing a white leather satchel, a hooded white monk's robe simply embroidered with a single red rose, some leather handwraps, an albredine crystal ring, some leather footwraps, a pair of leather sandals and a reinforced leather bracer.