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Trading Cards were introduced into DragonRealms by Product Manager Solomon many years ago. There are 150 standard collectible cards that have not changed since their creation. The cards can be stored in a collector's case, which can be obtained at a Rickety Wagon located on The Strand in The Crossing. Once all 150 cards have been collected they can be condensed into a set, which can then be sold back to the card collector in the rickety wagon.

Card Case

When holding a card case in your right hand you can type CARD:

  • CARDS ADD: Add a card to a collection.
  • CARDS REMOVE <#>: Remove a card from a collection.
  • CARDS LIST: List what cards you have.
  • CARDS COUNT: Used to count how many cards you have without listing them.
  • CARDS DUPLICATES: Lists any duplicate cards you have.
  • CARDS NEEDED: Lists all cards you need to complete your collection.
  • CARDS COMPLETE: Used to make a full set of cards, you must have one of each type of card in your collection.

Available Cards

  1. an Immortal Kertigen card
  2. an Immortal Hodierna card
  3. an Immortal Meraud card
  4. an Immortal Damaris card
  5. an Immortal Everild card
  6. an Immortal Truffenyi card
  7. an Immortal Hav'roth card
  8. an Immortal Eluned card
  9. an Immortal Glythtide card
  10. an Immortal Tamsine card
  11. an Immortal Faenella card
  12. an Immortal Chadatru card
  13. an Immortal Urrem'tier card
  14. an Immortal Divyaush card
  15. an Immortal Berengaria card
  16. an Immortal Firulf card
  17. an Immortal Phelim card
  18. an Immortal Kuniyo card
  19. an Immortal Alamhif card
  20. an Immortal Peri'el card
  21. an Immortal Lemicus card
  22. an Immortal Saemaus card
  23. an Immortal Albreda card
  24. an Immortal Murrula card
  25. an Immortal Rutilor card
  26. an Immortal Eylhaar card
  27. an Immortal Zachriedek card
  28. an Immortal Asketi card
  29. an Immortal Kerenhappuch card
  30. an Immortal Dergati card
  31. an Immortal Trothfang card
  32. an Immortal Huldah card
  33. an Immortal Ushnish card
  34. an Immortal Drogor card
  35. an Immortal Be'ort card
  36. an Immortal Harawep card
  37. an Immortal Idon card
  38. an Immortal Botolf card
  39. an Immortal Aldauth card
  40. an Immortal Eu card
  41. an Immortal Demrris card
  42. an Immortal Tenemlor card
  43. an Immortal Mrod card
  44. an Immortal Enelne card
  45. an Immortal Coshivi card
  46. a Barbarian Guild Crest card
  47. a Guildleader Agonar card
  48. a Guildleader Mo card
  49. a Guildleader T'Kiel card
  50. a Guildleader Anhh'shre card
  51. a Guildleader Tusfaov card
  52. a Bard Guild Crest card
  53. a Guildleader Silvyrfrost card
  54. a Guildleader Ezruh card
  55. a Guildleader Selinthesa card
  56. a Guildleader Yaziyi card
  57. a Guildleader Macfrae card
  58. a Cleric Guild Crest card
  59. a Guildleader Esuin card
  60. a Guildleader Jelna card
  61. a Guildleader Sothavi card
  62. a Guildleader Innu card
  63. a Guildleader Kor'yvyn card
  64. a Guildleader Eydtha card
  65. a Guildleader Tallis card
  66. an Empath Guild Crest card
  67. a Guildleader Annael card
  68. a Guildleader Dagreth card
  69. a Guildleader K'miriel card
  70. a Guildleader Alris card
  71. a Moon Mage Guild Crest card
  72. a Guildleader Kssarh card
  73. a Guildleader Gylwyn card
  74. a Guildleader Mortom card
  75. a Guildleader Tiv card
  76. a Guildleader Lomtaun card
  77. a Paladin Guild Crest card
  78. a Guildleader Darius card
  79. a Guildleader Verika card
  80. a Guildleader Cleworth card
  81. a Guildleader Avant card
  82. a Guildleader Eamonn card
  83. a Guildleader Snow card
  84. a Ranger Guild Crest card
  85. a Guildleader Kalika card
  86. a Guildleader Ievia card
  87. a Guildleader Tolle card
  88. a Guildleader Tomma card
  89. a Guildleader Marion card
  90. a Shadowed Charger card
  91. The Dark Figure card
  92. The Two Birds card
  93. The Kitchen card
  94. The Aftermath card
  95. a Trader Guild Crest card
  96. a Guildleader Imaar card
  97. a Guildleader Willowbrook card
  98. a Guildleader Raelem card
  99. a Guildleader Seranda card
  100. a Guildleader Kworlin card
  101. a Warrior Mage Guild Crest card
  102. a Guildleader Gauthus card
  103. a Guildleader Karazhil card
  104. a Guildleader Jharlan card
  105. a Guildleader Tyrsan card
  106. a Guildleader Augrym card
  107. a Guildleader Melear card
  108. a Famous Faces Trimbolt card
  109. a Famous Faces Grell Pel'cora card
  110. a Famous Faces Mibgluc card
  111. a Famous Faces Teiro card
  112. a Famous Faces Lanival card
  113. a Famous Faces Glacis card
  114. a Famous Faces Nissa card
  115. a Famous Faces Twando Wentigo card
  116. a Famous Faces Prince Vorclaf card
  117. a Famous Faces Byron Dunshade card
  118. a Famous Faces Tatia Dunshade card
  119. a Famous Faces Lord Sorrow card
  120. a Famous Faces Ralel Maleiron card
  121. a Famous Faces Lasarhhtha card
  122. a Famous Faces Sidhlot card
  123. a Famous Faces Arhat card
  124. a Famous Faces Grishnok Kroan card
  125. a Famous Faces Yabul card
  126. a Famous Faces Arinni card
  127. a Famous Faces Wren Windflower card
  128. a Famous Faces Tezirah Eilsina card
  129. a Famous Faces Shartug Fengral card
  130. a Famous Faces Kukalakai card
  131. a Famous Faces Emuin Laufi card
  132. a Famous Faces Sirolarn card
  133. a Famous Faces Jeladric Theren card
  134. a Famous Faces Prayk card
  135. a Famous Faces Darkensi card
  136. a Famous Faces Sadiaer S'aas card
  137. a Famous Faces Octa Diase card
  138. a Famous Faces Andraethu card
  139. a Famous Faces Corik card
  140. a Famous Faces Morganae card
  141. a Famous Faces Braushocra card
  142. a Famous Faces Siryn card
  143. a Famous Faces Tenebraus card
  144. The Ocular card
  145. a Famous Faces Wooly card
  146. a Famous Faces Bembo card
  147. a Famous Faces Daralaendra card
  148. a Famous Faces Ragge card
  149. a Famous Faces Amfitro card
  150. The World Dragon card