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Dagreth Rendarak
Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Location: Hibarnhvidar (Ranik Map 118c)
Type: Guild Leader
Relatives: Bvarn (brother)


The Guildleader is a short Dwarven male wearing only an armless floor length crimson robe. His long, graying hair is tied back into a ponytail which hangs nearly to his bare feet. Painted into his forehead and forearms are his life's work, a myriad of scars and welts that mark him as an Empath. You notice that he never smiles, but seems involved in an inner struggle to maintain himself.

Conversation Topics


Guildleader Dagreth Rendarak gazes into you, almost searching your soul as he speaks, "We, as Empaths, hold within ourselves the most cherished and valued possession of all Elanthia. We hold life. Through our diligent training and constant study, we can become a barrier between life and death. We are the All God's gift to those crippled, blind, stricken souls who wish to breathe all of life's many scents."
Guildleader Dagreth Rendarak pauses once again before adding rather sternly, "Understand that we do not require the aid of the gods, nor do we want it. We draw our ability from Elanthia, from the soil, water, and wind. We do what the gods cannot, we give life before death has a chance to rip it away."


Dagreth frowns, "He spends far too much time posturing."


Tapping his finger on his chair, Dagreth responds, "She's far too wrapped up in the past for my liking. She needs to do whatever she needs to do to get over it."