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Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
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(Ranik Map 118)
Type: guild leader

Bard guildleader in Hibarnhvidar (formerly in Ratha).


Yaziyi is a Dwarf male of middling years for his people. Almost as wide as he is tall, muscles ripple across his chest and arms, straining the seams of his crimson tunic. A dark beard, shot through with grey, reaches his chest and a long braid dangles down his back. The one sign of his profession are his hands: delicate and long-fingered, they move with the grace and fluidity of extreme skill.


[Bards' Guild, Guildleader's Office]
Although small, this office feels larger due to what appear to be windows. A second glance, however, reveals that they are actually landscapes, similar to those in the entry hall of the guild. A worktable holds some scrolls, but any guild records seem almost to be an afterthought, as the majority of the surface is covered in various containers of paintbrushes and paints. An easel in the corner displays another picture, of which the artist is either proud, or lacks wall space for display.

Bard Introduction Speech

Yaziyi nods at you. "All right, you convinced me. Let's get down to work so you can become a Bard ... May Peri'el watch over us."

For 15 moon cycles you train with Yaziyi, listening closely as the gruff form teaches you the way of his craft. With other classmates, you come close to weeping as the ballad of Kanton and Sorril is recited, along with other myriad tales. After many days of frequent scoldings and infrequent praise, he finally says, "It's time. You're as ready as you'll ever be. But before you journey forth to hone your knowledge, there are a few more things I must tell you."

"Well, Vithlaf," he says, "I've enjoyed talking with you about the Guild but it's time for me to set you on your path. Let's discuss your future..."

"First, I'll be teaching you a song once we're done talking. There'll be more in the future. When the proper time comes, we'll impart this knowledge to you, but not until then."

"You should also know that your instrument is your life, in many ways. It will be the vessel for your magic for some songs. I recommend that you learn the stringed instrument skill for now, since many songs shall depend upon it."

"Fatigue, concentration, skill, and remaining true to bardic ways will ensure that you are successful in your life. You will find soon that there are scrolls for sale at local shops from which you may learn common songs and that, eventually, when you are older, you will be able to teach these songs to other bards." Yaziyi smiles at you.

"Now to start yourself off right," Yaziyi says, "make sure you find yourself some armor suited to you -- perhaps a chain shirt and helm -- and a good weapon -- like a scimitar -- if you have not already. You'll want some sort of instrument as well -- a lyre of some sort. You'll be able to start your training quickly with all that."

He says, "You've got a decent tenor voice, Vithlaf, but it won't become your ally if you don't use it and practice. You'll find after singing too much that you'll need to get a drink and rest your voice. This happens to all bards and offers a chance to listen to others rather than yourself."

"Before you leave, I will teach you one enchante of your choosing. Simply ASK me ABOUT MAGIC in order to see those you may learn, but be warned that once I teach you one of these enchantes, you will need to gain more in skill and strength before you are able to learn another."

"Get going now," he says. "Next time I see you -- if you've heeded my advice -- you'll be ready to move onward."


Yaziyi is also a painter, with some of his paintings left behind in the Ratha Bard Guild:

The paintings all have Yaziyi's neat signature in one corner. Each is a portrait of a different city seen from a distance and done in lavish detail.