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The "Serpent of Discord," Ushnish brings disease, old age, ice ages, floods, and famines. Ushnish's anger is what causes lava to flow and the fires of the World Dragon to explode up and out. His tantrums are well known for causing earthquakes.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Hav'roth
Light - Peri'el

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings


  • S'Kra Mur believe that Ushnish gave them two Gifts: Intelligence, Strength.
  • It is believed that he first created the S'Kra Mur as monstrous beasts with which to torment Humans.
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Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the god can be found throughout the realms.

Temple of the North Wind Frieze

Found NE from the entrance:

Each frieze portrays people powerless in the face of nature's fury. Sharks feed on men swept overboard as stormy seas swamp a ship. Families flee a village in the path of lava pouring from a volcano. Searchers hunt through the ruins of a town destroyed by a wind storm, digging out bodies. Skeletally thin figures scavenge for food in a field killed by drought. A viper coils around a wasted woman dying from plague. Etched beneath the images are the words, "Terror and Pain: Destructive Rage."

Muspar'i Temple of Hav'roth

Found in the Grand Gallery is a fresco:

The colorful painting depicts the creation of the S'Kra Mur. Ushnish is shown elevating the race from base creatures. Hav'roth stands in the center of a group of S'Kra, instilling them with intelligence and learning. Peri'el completes the transformation, teaching them the gifts of the tail.

Found in the southwest room of the semidome is a fresco:

A detailed mural of Ushnish is painted upon the inside of the semidome far above. Purplish-red garnets and panels of glossy black obsidian inlay highlight the scene of the god standing with fearsome eyes blazing in the middle of a panorama of natural disasters.


ItemSource isRare item
Abassi (1)Kilora's Weaponry
Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden bandDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loot
Anloral viper pinSoulful Trinkets
Articulated platinum cobra pin set with jeweled eyesAlyden Aundu 363true
ArzfiltKilora's Weaponry
Basalt horned viper entwined around a staffHollow Eve Festival 428/Raffles
Black marble mortar engraved with coiling vipersAmbika's NightCraftsThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)
Black willow carving case with a faceted emerald viper claspAltared Visions
Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsDusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flapCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loot
... further results

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