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Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Shard (Ranik Map 67c)
Type: guild leader



The Guildmistress Melear is a tall Elothean woman whose proud bearing and deep violet eyes have won her the hearts of generations of Warrior Mages. Of indeterminate age, she is garbed in long grey robes expertly cut to provide full range of motion, while still being elegant enough to wear to the Ferdahl's palace. She partially leans on a large ironwood quarterstaff, her weapon of choice, while one hand lightly strokes the tawny fur of a cougar sitting at her side.


The cougar's body is covered by thick tawny fur that barely hides the sinuous ripple of muscles as it moves. Its eyes are filled with intelligence, and the way it glances at Melear tells you that this is her familiar. Noticing your interest, Melear smiles at you and says, "Karyr is a wonderful familiar, isn't he?" She smiles fondly at the cougar, who purrs contentedly in response.