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Bringer of peace, cementer of alliances and marriages, patroness of orphans and fosterlings; Albreda is a kind and beneficial goddess who despises war and bloodshed. A few warriors (Paladins usually) have, however, worshipped her, and she does not disdain their following. It is said that Albreda's blessing is what brought the lasting peace of the Seven Pointed Star Empire, and that she wept so deeply during the Elven-Human War it created an entire new ocean in far off lands. Albreda is motherly, a companion to Alamhif. She succors and protects mothers who have trouble during childbirth, or the fathers of said children when her aid cannot save the mother from death. Empaths often find her the easiest to worship.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Tamsine
Dark - Harawep

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • roses
  • jewelry sold in Her shrine *note that only certain jewelry items are acceptable. Items known to work are the roses and the dove charms*
  • dove beads
  • parchment dove primers
  • Immortal Albreda cards

Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the goddess can be found throughout the realms.

Tamsine's Rest Statue

Found on the grounds of the abbey:

The statue depicts a comforting, motherly-looking woman dressed in flowing white robes. A snow white dove perches upon her outstretched finger.
  • note: This is a holy icon, but not aligned to badges.


ItemRare item
Armor:Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsfalse
Item:Albreda breastpinfalse
Item:Crystal and cambrinth ring inset with a dovefalse
Item:Grey prayer parchmentfalse
Item:Heavy cloak of beige woolfalse
Item:Large gleaming icon of polished steel shaped to resemble a thirteen-pointed starfalse
Item:Leather thigh bag heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a winged dovefalse
Item:Mosaic cambrinth medallion depicting the image of Albreda's dovefalse
Item:Supple leather pouch beaded in cambrinth to spell ALBREDAfalse
Item:Triple-stranded copper hip chain dangling with tiny cambrinth dovesfalse
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