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Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Female
Location: Muspar'i (Ranik Map 47)
Type: guild leader

Bard guildleader in Muspar'i.


Selinthesa is a small S'kra Mur woman with wise, ale-brown eyes which move with silent swiftness as she gazes around about her. Her movements as she tends to novices and masters alike are both quick and sure, with the vibrant agility of someone a fraction of her years. She wears a deep blue robe, cut from a cloth finer than those normally worn by denizens of the desert city, which hangs low on the wrists but fails to cover a series of curious russet tattoos on the back of her golden-scaled hands. Her voice passes seamlessly back and forth from a melodic hum to a gentle hiss as she tends to her duties as well as the needs of the novices that depend on her for instruction.

Appearance at Theren Theater (05/11/10)

You see Guildleader Selinthesa Saar'pon, a S'Kra Mur Bard.
She has slitted ale-brown eyes and golden scales.
Covering the back of each of her hands are a series of intricate russet-hued tattoos that curl slightly around each wrist and disappear up each of the sleeves of her robe.
She is in her prime for a S'Kra Mur.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a glass of silver wine in her right hand and a glass of silver wine in her left.
She is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a dark ruby silk instrument case hung from a chain of intricately woven golden autumnal leaves, a full-length formal robe sewn from deep crimson silk woven with fiery golden highlights, a black ebonwood case adorned with a pair of jeweled theatrical masks, an intricately etched golden tailband and a pair of scarlet silken slippers with slightly curled toes.

Appearance at Theren Theater (09/25/10)

She is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a golden sun rose, a full-length formal robe sewn from deep crimson silk woven with fiery golden highlights, a black ebonwood case adorned with a pair of jeweled theatrical masks and an intricately etched golden tailband.

Trading card

This card depicts the S'Kra Mur Bard Guild Leader of Muspar'i directing a team of Bards, apprentices, and workers as they prepare a town square for the Dancing of the Flames. Resplendent in her deep blue robe, Selinthesa's russet tattoos glimmer in the sunlight as her hands coordinate the chaotic orchestration of the performance arrangements. Two lithe and limber young Bards stand attentively behind her, hands at their sides, ostensibly observing the construction of their dancing arena.



[Muspar'i, Heketha Square]
The Bard's Guild takes up a large portion of Heketha Square's corner, facing off with the theater on the other side of the square.

[Bards' Guild, Guildleader's Office]
A large curved desk is positioned to face visitors entering the office of the Guildleader. Several worn benches and chairs line the walls for students to wait or assemble for an impromptu class. Just inside the doorway, a glass display rests on a scorched iron tripod. You also see an ornate walnut door and the Bard Leader Selinthesa.

Conversation Topics


Selinthesa says, "Peaches are a delicacy I enjoy."

Bard Introduction Speech

"Bards..." Selinthesa suddenly starts upon seeing you. "...are the best profession in the lands. We have instruments, powerful voices, area ranging enchantes, AND if we choose to, we can fight." "Anyway," she continues, "if adventure is what you seek and the wandering life what you desire, then the road of a Bard is what you should take. Have no doubts, we ARE the best."

Selinthesa hisses softly then says, "Anyway, if you want to join, just JOIN."

Selinthesa pauses thoughtfully for a moment before answering. "This is not an easy question to answer. Bards have always filled many roles and shouldered the tasks that Fate has given them. Warriors, wise ones, soothers of those bereft of all they had, teachers -- all this and more we have done when needed. Mostly we watch. We watch for tyranny and injustice, and meet it with words if possible and steel if not."

Selinthesa gazes off, lost in thought. After a bit, she continues. "We have not always done as well with this as we should have. Bards are proud and jealousy has always been our downfall, jealousy of our place in history, jealousy of other guilds and even amongst ourselves. But we have learned our lessons well -- hard as those lessons were -- and we again send forth bards to sing and teach across the lands." She suddenly straightens and grins at you. "And that brings us back to you."

For nearly a season, you train with Selinthesa, proud when she praises you and determined to not fail her when she does not. She teaches you the craft and its ways. You listen to the tales about the troubled times when Bards were killed for telling the truth of history, along with other myriad tales. One fine morning, as you prepare to start a lesson, she says to you, "It's time. I can do no more for you now. You must begin the journey to hone your skills and your wisdom." She smiles at you, rather proudly you think. "Before you set forth, there are a few more things you must know ...".

"Well, Bard," she says, "I've enjoyed talking with you about the Guild but it's time for me to set you on your path. Let's discuss your future..."

"First, I'll be teaching you a song once we're done talking. There'll be more in the future. When the proper time comes, we'll impart this knowledge to you, but not until then."

"You should also know that your instrument is your life, in many ways. It will be the vessel for your magic for some songs. I recommend that you learn the stringed instrument skill for now, since many songs shall depend upon it."

"Fatigue, concentration, skill, and remaining true to bardic ways will ensure that you are successful in your life. You will find soon that there are scrolls for sale at local shops from which you may learn common songs of the provinces." She smiles at you.

"Now to start yourself off right," Selinthesa says, "make sure you find yourself some armor suited to you -- my suggestion is a leather coat, aventail, and helm -- and a good weapon -- like a broadsword -- if you have not already. You'll want some sort of instrument as well -- I usually recommend a pi sitar to my new students. You'll be able to start your training quickly with all that."

She says, "You've got a decent soprano voice, Bard, but it won't become your ally if you don't use it and practice. You'll find after singing too much that you'll need to get a drink and rest your voice. This happens to all bards and offers a chance to listen to others rather than yourself."

"Before you leave, I will teach you one enchante of your choosing. Simply ASK me ABOUT MAGIC in order to see those you may learn, but be warned that once I teach you one of these enchantes, you will need to gain more in skill and strength before you are able to learn another."

"Get going now," she says. "Next time I see you -- if you've heeded my advice -- you'll be ready to move onward."