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Tolle Gregarion
Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Langenfirth (Ranik Map 40)
Type: Guild Leader
Relatives: Kalika

Tolle, the Guildleader, is a tall Human man with deep dark eyes. His hair is a black-brown color, cropped short and held with a headband. He wears a flaxen shirt under a sleeveless leather jerkin, and soft buckskins flow to some well worn moccasins. With his shirt sleeves rolled up just above the elbow of his muscular arms, a tattoo of a mountain lion ready to pounce can be seen just above the cuff of an archer's arm guard. The handle of a large dagger peeks above a brown leather tasset wrapped at the waist.


You see Tolle Gregarion, a Human Ranger.
Tolle has dark eyes. He has cropped dark brown hair, with tanned skin.
He is wizened for a Human.
He has a thin sparse mustache on his upper lip and a thin patchy beard.

He is holding a flagon of Rangers Special ale in his right hand.
He is wearing a fisherman's hat, a leather headband, a mistwood longbow, a leather weapon harness, a hunter's double-stringed bow with a tightly wrapped amber poloh'izh hide grip, a brown canvas backpack embroidered with the image of a crouching mountain lion, a long loose-fitting deerskin coat, a flaxen shirt, some darkly oiled leathers, an archer's armguard, some soft leather buckskins, a rugged leather thigh quiver embossed with the Ranger Guild crest and some well worn moccasins.


He is a master archer, and is able to teach rangers the sniping ability as well as how to make hunter's bows.

The Guildleader winks at you. "Rangers aren't like most", he says. "We aren't comfortable in the towns and cities and large crowds put us on edge. That's not to say we don't enjoy the company of others, but open skies, beds of leaves and the fresh air is what we thrive on."
"We are sworn to protect and preserve the wilds we love," he continues, "We do not take that responsibility lightly. For the very wilds we protect give us the freedom to be who and what we are."
Tolle gets a twinkle in his eye. "For some it is a life they can never understand, for others it is life itself."

On Requirement Changes

Tolle scowls at the annoying baby wolf.
Tolle takes a sip of his ale.
Tolle says, "Why must they bark at me."
Tolle says, "This is quite a gathering, good to see you all here.
Tolle says, "Well as I was saying earlier..."
Tolle says, "We got tired of the Barbarians whining that we were raising too good of fighters with the old requirements.
Tolle says, "Seems they think the Rangers shouldn't be so good or some nonsense."
Tolle says, "So we made it a bit easier for them to keep up is all."
Tolle winks.


Tolle says, "So, you want to learn the whistling kill?"

Tolle chuckles.

Tolle leans over and begins to speak softly to you, "I call it that because if done right, the only thing the prey will see... or should I say hear, is the whistle of your arrow. I'll teach it to you but you need to heed my warnings."

Tolle explains, "First, do not use this skill near a town or city, we have an image to uphold. Don't ask me what that image is, I just know it is not one of murderers."

Tolle says, "Second, the ability is very difficult to use. It takes a mastery of a lot of different skills to use efficiently."

Tolle asks, "Third... Hey, you listening?"

Tolle glares at you.

Tolle continues, "Finally, the way I teach you this skill is different from the way another guild might teach its members."

Tolle winks at you.

Tolle says, "I will show you how to harness the power of the wilderness around you, how to focus and become one with nature. So, know that you would be a fool to think you can apply my teachings to an urban setting. I hardly ever use the ability least of all within the walls of a city."

Tolle leans over and begins whispering in your ear the basics of sniping.

Tolle's words begin to sink in and you feel you are ready to begin trying out this new ability.

Circling to 100

Tolle pats you hard on the back.

He continues, "So, you make a good Ranger after all. Congrats. Ya still got a ways to go though. Keep cracking! If you ever see me in a pub, I might just buy ya an ale."

Tolle winks at you.

He grins and then says, "By the way, since you're here, I might as well explain hunter's bows to you so you can at least make a decent bow."

Hunter's Bows

Tolle says, "Yup yup, 'bout time. What the heck took you so long?"

Tolle chuckles.

Tolle says, "Okay, just having some fun. Tell ya what. Let me show ya a little something that might help you out."

Tolle pulls you aside and begins teaching you about the Hunter's Bow. After a few moments the words begin to sink in.


Note - Requires 300 Mechanical Lore skill to create a hunters bow.