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Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)

This wandering NPC will inform a Thief of their reputation.


A faint cloud of sweet-scented blue smoke lingers around the Halfling's dark hair as he puffs upon his cigar. He wears the standard uniform of a sailor on a merchant ship -- dark blue trousers with an off-white cotton shirt and a low cap. His only piece of jewelry is a thumb-ring engraved with an unidentifiable crest.

Trading Card Description

Decked in blue trousers, a cotton shirt, and a low cap, the Halfling puffs away on a chewed cigar, exhaling streams of blue-grey smoke that linger in the air around him like a spectre. Clearly a merchant sailor from his attire, he wears a handsome thumb ring embossed with a crest, probably signifying his charter vessel.

Conversation Topics

  • AESRY: "Never been that far. My ship's got too shallow a draft for ocean sailing, and I'll not be risking a River Elf craft just to explore," the Halfling sailor replies.
  • BARON: "Never met the man, meself," the Halfling sailor says. "How would the likes of me be knowing a Baron?"
  • BIRD: "Outta my way, I'm busy if you aren't," the Halfling sailor growls.
  • BOAT: "Outta my way, I'm busy if you aren't," the Halfling sailor growls.
  • CROW: A Halfling sailor grunts, "Some as say they're birds of ill omen. Me, I say they're birds, with no sense to be giving omens."
  • CUSTOMS/TAXES: A Halfling sailor's eyes narrow and he spits in disgust. "Bloody bureaucrats, should dump the whole lot of em overboard and see how many can swim."
  • ELF: "Outta my way, I'm busy if you aren't," the Halfling sailor growls.
  • LANGENFIRTH: The Halfling sailor barks a short laugh. "Got me ship up that way, off some Elf. Bet he still thinks it's at the bottom of the lake, silly sap. You'd think me boat has a soul, to listen to that one go on. Still, it's a good ship, best I ever had."
  • M'RISS: "I hear it's a prison island or something, isn't it?" the Halfling sailor replies.
  • PIRATE/RED SASH: A Halfling sailor growls, "Buncha pirates, make the seas dangerous for honest sailors."
  • PRINCE: The Halfling sailor snorts. "Now what would a man like me be doing knowing anything about a prince? Just as well that Sirolarn one ain't in power no more, after he sent half his citizens invading us a few years back, claiming they were chasing some mage name of Sorrow."
  • RATHA: A Halfling sailor removes his cigar long enough to spit in disgust. "Man can't hardly make a living there, less'n he's working for one of the great families, and what kind of life is that for an independant man like meself, now I ask you? Therengia offers a man of my vision much more scope for his work."
  • REPUTATION: A Halfling sailor says, "Ain't heard nothing about you, though I've heard some things as make me anxious to meet your mother."
  • RIVER: "The Faldesu's a good stretch of water," the Halfling sailor says. "No rapids, and plenty of inlets for me to... uhh... trade on."
  • RIVERHAVEN: "Good town," the Halfling sailor says, puffing at his cigar. "Lots of folk here willing to pay to get what they want, so a businessman can prosper."
  • SAILOR: "Eh," the Halfling sailor shrugs. "Nothing much to tell."
  • SEA: "I stick to the river, meself," the Halfling sailor says. "My draft's too shallow for the deep water."
  • SHIP: "Why d'you want to know?" The Halfling sailor's eyes narrow. "You're not from the customs office, are you?"
  • SMUGGLING: A Halfling sailor says, "Yeah, I hear they been having a problem with that of late."
  • SWAN: A Halfling sailor grunts, "Pretty birds. You see em on the river sometimes, paddling about in the shallows."
  • THERENGIA: "Born here," the Halfling sailor growls, "and I'm sure I'll be dyin' here too, probably driven to starvation by the Baron's taxes."
  • THIEF: The Halfling sailor draws himself up straight and shouts, "What? WHAT?! I'm a respectable sailor, I am. What would I be knowing bout that? You want thieves, you go talk to the tax collectors as are driving honest citizens out of business, then!" Calming down, he turns away and studiously ignores you.
  • THIEF GUILD: "Outta my way, I'm busy if you aren't," the Halfling sailor growls.
  • WAREHOUSE: A Halfling sailor grunts, "Aye, warehouse space is at a premium these days, all the Traders coming to town."
  • ZOLUREN: "I don't have much doings down south," the Halfling sailor says.
  • Everything else: The Halfling sailor exhales deliberately, sending a cloud of smoke in your face, then taps some ash from his cigar. Must be a taciturn type.