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The "hag"; stealer of children, wild mistress of barren fields and the midnight hunt. Asketi is the master of the North Wind, and delights in causing pain and terror in the lands. On the darkest night of the year it is said she rides on the backs of hideous black unicorns and carves a bloody path through the city that has failed to venerate her the most. The stealer of life, she carries a rough burlap sack at her hip in which she carries the souls of those she has killed.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Hodierna
Light - Berengaria

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • sacks
  • adder beads
  • parchment adder primers
  • Immortal Asketi cards


As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the goddess can be found throughout the realms.

Asketi's Mount

A miniature shrine, if it could even be called that, rests dangerously close to the summit's edge. Sheltered inside the shrine is a diminutive representation of a withered, grey hag bearing a rough burlap sack at her hip and a blood-stained scythe in her right hand that is poised for a strike above her head. Propped at the base of the figure is a badly weathered crib filled with rotten vegetables that have been preserved only by the sheer lack of warmth to be found here atop the world.
Carved into the side of the mountain, the small shrine is slightly shorter than a Human. Asketi's withered representation stands as the showpiece of the granite shrine. One of the crib's slender side-guards has broken free and has been haphazardly propped against the foot of the figure.
The statue is carved in exquisite detail, every wrinkle of the skin and fold of cloth faithfully reproduced. The withered crone squints down the broad stairway, her features twisted into a fierce scowl. Her once fine robes are now tattered rags and a large sack hangs from her belt. In her hands she holds scythe. Adders coil about her feet and spill down the pedestal to frame the plaque at the base.
The statue has been placed so that the blade of the scythe is aligned with the top of the arch, a not-so-subtle reminder that Asketi holds dominion over life and death here.
Mounted upon a wild-eyed unicorn, a haggard woman raises her adder-wrapped arms to the sky. The ragged field before her is flattened by blustery gales, crops killed by the frozen north wind.
Thousands of tiny colored tiles depict a stormy night sky. A flame-eyed black unicorn gallops across the thunderclouds, its wind-tangled mane streaming behind. Tortured spirits, eyeless wraiths with dark mouths open in howling agony, are captured in the wind of the great animal's passing. Sullen red glass tiles twist and interweave through the borders of the mosaic, forming slender adders coiled together in a deadly embrace.

Dark Burrows mural

Found in the Stumpy Blight Ogre section of the area:

Closer inspection reveals more detail. Clad in plain robes, a group of Dwarven pilgrims stands near the tunnel mouth. Before them is an enormous ice-blue adder's head with its jaws spread wide apart. One pilgrim has a foot placed upon the forked tongue, as if preparing to enter the serpent's maw. The length of the snake's body weaves through a painting of the Starry Road to end with the adder's second head, jaws gaping, next to a bent hag leaning against a hideous black unicorn.


ItemSource isRare item
Adder (1)Heavenly Entrances (1)
Adder stampStamped!
Adder tokenRelief in the Dark (3)Relief in the Dark (2)Relief in the Dark (1)
Adder-shaped iron cloak pinPi'rasha's Pins (3)true
Adder-shaped sacrificial daggerRagged wind hag
Adderwood Asketi amuletSnake Pit
Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden bandDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loot
Ammunition pouch branded with twin black unicornsSlings and Things (1)
Anloral adder pinSoulful Trinkets (2)Soulful Trinkets (1)true
... further results

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