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The "reaver" is a god of roving bands of thieves, as well as rakish rogues who love and leave women, and mothers who abandon their children to continue their life "unburdened". Idon is obsessed with his own good looks; if he sees a man or woman who he feels "outshines" him, he may turn them into a pig.

Despite his brash vanity, Idon is charismatic -- even charming. His lustful nature is legendary. Idon's wild music is loud and annoying -- all percussion instruments are his creation. Idon's melodies are often too outrageous to listen to in polite company, but only the foolish would ever dare to tell him so.

Idon appears as a black-haired and blue-eyed youth who is lean and well-muscled. While not a good fighter, Idon is excellent at catching people unawares, and he is second only to Damaris in planning an ambush.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Faenella
Light - Murrula

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • percussion instruments
  • heron beads
  • parchment heron primers
  • Immortal Idon cards

Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the god can be found throughout the realms.

Temple of the North Wind Frieze

Found NE from the entrance:

Carved in poses of wanton abandon, scantily clad maidens vie for the attention of a well-muscled youth playing a bodhran. Two rogues duel over one of the wenches, but the rest of the men are focused on a woman wearing an elaborate skirt, a wicked smile and not much else. Corpses from past fights litter the floor of the hall. A woman strangled with her own veils reaches longingly towards the drummer, even in death. Etched beneath the scene are the words, "Terror and Pain: Unsatiated Appetites."


ItemSource isRare item
Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden bandDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loot
Animal skeletonGrave earth pileHollow Eve Festival 396Random creature dropGrave earth pile 421 prizesGrave earth pile 425 prizesGrave earth pile 428 prizesGrave earth pile 432 prizes
Anloral heron pinSoulful Trinkets
Azure leather vest tooled with a wading heronCrimson leather vest tooled with a soaring phoenixSeiryn's Transformations (1)Seiryn's Transformations (2)Seiryn's Transformations (3)Seiryn's Transformations (4)
Azure-washed lotusweave kimono embroidered with a pattern of soaring heronsDamsel In This Dress (5)
Battered cutlass with a tarnished silver hiltCurse of the Ghost Ship/Incidental Loot
Black kite shield painted with the image of a strutting heronFaithful Defender (1)Faithful Defender (2)
Black leather ankle sheath embossed with a smirking heronBardic Barge (1)Bardic Barge (2)
Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsDusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flapCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loot
Blackened hauberk emblazoned with a silvery heronBattle Bards
... further results

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