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Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Hobglup

A Dwarven mage who destroyed Sicle Grove.


Mibgluc stands at about the right height for a Dwarf, though it's hard to say for sure whether he is one. He wears a hooded scarlet robe which betrays the lumps and bulges of plate armor beneath, and a black iron mask which covers all but his dark eyes. He carries a mighty smith's hammer with ease.

Contemporary description, from The Wren's Nest

The Destruction of Sicle Grove by Akhahn A'suu
(Therengia: 262 Moliko 351) Publication date 19-Jul-1997

The memory of the events of that day will be carried within me for the rest of my life.

It started out with a threat. A man calling himself Firewizard Mibgluc had demanded several days before that hee be given 500 Platinum or he would cause the Greater Fist to erupt, pouring deadly lava across the land. He on the day when the ransom was due and began to taunt the citizens of the land over the gwethdesuan, daring them to scale the Greater Fist. Many adventurers, myself included, then set out to climb the mountain.

We were not prepared for what we would face next. Treacherous cliffalls caused many of the first climbers to perish, for in their haste they ignored the fact that the trails were extremely narrow and the drop a deadly one. Pressing onward, we were accosted by falling rocks from high above and Stone throwing imps. Those imps hurled rocks easily the size of a Gor'Togs clenched fist.

As we climbed ever higher, we discovered that the mountain's cart track was still operational and could be used as a quick escape from the mountain. Shortly after this came the hot springs, which spewed hot steam and ash into the air, making nearly impossible to breathe. I barely passed through that area alive; the steam and ash kept me from tending a bleeding wound in my right arm.

I traveled on for quite some time after this, but was never able to reach the rope bridge which had been the death of large groups who tried crossing it at the same time, nor did I reach the giant boulders in time to help push them out of the way. Some however, had managed to reach the top but had found no signs of Mibgluc.

What followed after this was a disaster. The Greater First began to spew forth it deadly fire upon the nearby village of Sicle Grove. The first waves of death struck the children's center, killing all the people inside. I know not the exact path of the lava, for I was trapped on the mountain at the time, running for my life. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I reached the bottom of the Greater Fist and saw the destruction that had taken place with my own eyes. Sicle Grove stood in ash-covered ruins. Where children once frolicked in the streets, lava flowed and Fire Sprites danced amongst the charred remains of the village.

Unable to bear the sight of such destruction, I fled for the gate. On the other side of the gate, I encountered several other adventurers who had also been present on the mountain during the carnage. There I tended my bleeding arm, and sat down to write this.

I leave you with this: We cannot sit idle in the wake of this destruction. We must strike back at Mibgluc and avenge the deaths of the people of Sicle Grove!


The killing of Mibgluc was the focus of DragonRealm's first pay quest, known as the Volcano Quest II: Mibgluc's Revenge.