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Seranda Sel'hevor
Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Aesry (Ranik Map 98)
Type: guild leader

Trader Guildleader on Aesry.

Human, but speaks S'Kra. According to her, she was kidnapped by pirates at the age of nine and learned the language while raised by them. She was freed by Imaar through, ostensibly, financial persuasion. She doesn't like Willowbrook.


Seemingly young for a Human of her position, the Guild Leader is comfortably dressed in a billowing silken shirt and well-tailored dark pants, her brilliant red hair tied back behind her with a platinum colored satin cloth. Emerald earrings and bracelet seem to match her sparkling green eyes, and a bemused, almost mischievous smile never leaves her oval face. An ornate S'Kra scimitar rests at her side, its slightly salt-stained blade revealing that it has been used for more than just looks.

Aesry Guildhall Opens, Aug 2001, announcements from

Thanks to Shadow Priest Eyrc Dae'nae for sending me this new tip while I'm busy at band camp! An excited sea Trader rushes in, attempting to get everyone's attention. "By the will of our newly appointed Trader Guild Leader Seranda Sel'hevor, I am pleased to announce that the Aesry Surlaenis'a Trader Guild is now open near the Surlaenis docks! Please feel free to stop by and explore this fine new addition to the Traders' Guild!

And the announcement from Equity: The Aesry Surlaenis Trader Guild and its resident guild leader has now opened the guild to the public. This is the first big step in realising many systems to be built for P4, such as shipping. Also released with this is a fish buyer, who will buy fish caught of the shores. This will be open to everyone, but will give traders a token bit of experience for selling. You may hear the buyer talking of fish strings, these will be introduced later as a way to bundle fish. As well as the waiters in the patio restaurant there, they like to talk. And give my regards to Seranda. ;) Happy exploring! GM Equity