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Eluned is goddess of the seas and water, master of arcane and ancient wisdom, patron of learning and knowledge; chief deity of the Elotheans. She, along with her sister Peri'el, keeps the oceans moving and singing. Eluned is the creator of speech, as Meraud is the creator of written language. Eluned and Meraud sometimes coexist, but mostly do not see eye-to-eye enough in their motives to do so. It is Eluned's infinite wisdom that guides sailors at night.

Commune Quest Description

The dolphin gazes down at you, then speaks in a high-pitched voice. "Greetings, pilgrim. You rest now in Eluned's domain. Have no fear for your life -- Eluned protects those who seek knowledge, and you would not have come here if you were not hunting information."

The dolphin swims about, flipping its tail. "My mistress is named Eluned, goddess of the oceans and the knowledge of the lands. She has a bright aspect -- that of Lemicus -- and a darker one, that of the god Drogor. All are masters of the ocean, and possessors of knowledge beyond mortal ken. It is believed that Meraud and Eluned are sister and brother in the respect that both greatly prize knowledge." The dolphin makes an odd, clucking noise that you would swear is chuckling.

"The symbols of each aspect correlate to what they are. Eluned's is a dolphin, Lemicus -- she of the fresh waters -- is an albatross, and Drogor -- he of hurricanes and angry oceans -- is a shark." The dolphin flips its tail, as if agitated.



Other Aspects

Light - Lemicus
Dark - Drogor

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • water (not holy water)
  • origami dolphins
  • dolphin beads
  • parchment dolphin primers
  • Immortal Eluned cards


Kaldaran Version

The goddess of the ocean, frost, and ruin. While Meraud's destruction rages unrestrained, sudden and violent, many find it preferable to suffering under Eluned's hand; for she will not be content until her victims are ruined in all things. Her symbol is an iceberg.

Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the goddess can be found throughout the realms.

Aesry Pool

Found before the entrance to the Aesry Necropolis is a pool:

A pool of deep blue water lies at the base of a flight of basalt stairs. So clear that the sky above is mirrored in its depths, the pool is surrounded by a firethorn bush to keep curious children from fouling its waters.
A brass plaque reads:
Legend has it that when the World Dragon ravaged Elanthia, this pool is where Eluned came to weep over the destruction of her oceans.

Ashala'taman Statue

Found in the floating tower during the periodic event:

Carved from nomlas-streaked white coral, the goddess of oceans and wisdom is depicted in an elegantly simple style with distinctly Elothean features. Despite her placid countenance, the statue bears an air of melancholy, further alluded to by the clusters of Eluned's tears surrounding her on the terrace lawn like tiny sprays of seafoam.


ItemRare item
Armor:Blackened chain coif with a tarnished steel facemaskfalse
Armor:Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsfalse
Item:Aged cherrywood humidor trimmed with a thin golden bandfalse
Item:Cascading mantle of shimmering sea-hued silk clasped with a silvery grey pearlfalse
Item:Crystal sculpture of a leaping dolphinfalse
Item:Deep blue silk-bound parchmentfalse
Item:Deep blue thigh bag artfully embroidered with a leaping dolphinfalse
Item:Elegant silverwillow parchment case clasped with a glistening aquamarine dolphinfalse
Item:Golden wedding ring set with a cabochon sapphire inlaid with a leaping black pearl dolphinfalse
Item:Heavy cloak of beige woolfalse
... further results

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