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The god of bitter partings, love lost, opportunities wasted, and insanity, Be'ort is the rain on a wedding day, the wine that turns to vinegar before a party. Be'ort is a great, sulking figure who despises revelry and wallows in melancholy. Wars of attrition (such as the Elven-Human War) are his specialty. Be'ort always appears as a wild-eyed and mussed-hair man who is usually giggling a bit oddly. If Be'ort truly wishes to destroy someone, he will first make sure their relationship sours, then destroy their status in their profession, and then, when his miserable prey has sunk to their lowest, he makes sure their mind snaps.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Glythtide
Light - Saemaus

Altar Locations

Proper Offerings

  • Be'ort tear roses
  • coyote beads
  • parchment coyote primers
  • Immortal Be'ort cards

Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the god can be found throughout the realms.

Temple of the North Wind Frieze

Found NE from the entrance:

Encamped by the thousands, orcs lay siege to a walled town. A coyote peers from an alley, gleefully observing the populace crowded in the town square. The poorly armed townsmen gaze towards the gates with expressions of dismay and fear on their faces. The women herd children up the stairs into a temple, their features etched in lines of bitter resignation. Engraved beneath the scene are the words, "Terror and Pain: the Death of Hope."


ItemSource isRare item
Balanced alpine crossbow with an intricately carved iroko stockDark Defenders (2)true
Balanced light crossbow with an intricately carved stockDark Defenders (1)true
Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsDusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flapCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loottrue
Blackened steel claymore with a spectrolite coyote nestled in the wrought silver hiltSputkin's Splendors (4)true
Blackened-steel war hammer (1)Dark Defenders (1)true
Blackened-steel war hammer (2)Dark Defenders (2)true
Bronze carving knife acid-etched with coyotesCleric Shop (Muspar'i)true
Coyote (1)Heavenly Entrances (1)true
Dark floor-length robe embroidered with the symbols of the dark aspectsHide and Seektrue
Gleaming short sword engraved with a howling coyote (1)White lacquered sheath with elegant silken tiesPeaceful Intentions (1)true
... further results

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