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Mortom Saist
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Shard (Ranik Map 67a)
Type: guild leader
Associates: Erzebet, Kendadee, Tiv, Tozu


Though an elderly Human, Guildleader Mortom Saist looks remarkably good for his age. His thinning grey hair is kept neatly slicked back in a small ponytail, and his pale skin is marked only by a few wrinkles. It's clear that Mortom is aware of his better-than-average appearance, for he occasionally pulls a hand mirror from his crimson robes, or gazes longingly into any of the varied ones that hang nearby.


You see Guildleader Mortom Saist of Elanthia, a Human Moon Mage.
Mortom has silver eyes. He has thinning grey hair, with pale skin.
He appears to be elderly.
He is clean shaven.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a moonstone gwethdesuan, a tinted bone-rimmed monocle, some ornate crimson robes trimmed with a pattern of white and black triangles, a leather tome satchel and a pair of doeskin slippers.

About Mortom


Mortom is a controversial character in Moon Mage circles, for his various activities. He was born to a wealthy Therengian family. In his youth he excelled in oratory and rhetoric, and worked for an Ilithian merchant prince. During that time, he met Kendadee, an Olvi Moon Mage.


Kendadee and Mortom had many explorations, including discovering the pre-Empire grimoire, Thee Mottl'd Tyxte. It was found in an old library in 309 AV. His recklessness regarding the text ended in an incident where Mortom was the only survivor. This was not his only reckless act involving rare items. As part of his study of rare artifacts, he came into posession of a portion of the Deceiver Device, an artifact that had been believed stolen. Some sources say that his love of astronomy is second to his love of rare artifacts.


He has also been involved in other scandals. These include refusing a position on the Moon Mage Council, feigning his own death after Jonela's coronation, and activating a device of some sort at the Moon Mage Crossing Guildhall which resulted in the release of shadowmasters. Present at this event were Erzebet, Grell, Shanrolias, and Taramaine. This resulted in the first test for the newly created Y'Shai guardians.

His feigned death led to Gylwyn assuming operation of the Shard Guildhall.