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Daralaendra Suanealaena
Status: Alive
Aliases: Lady Cygnet
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Therengia
Relatives: Yaurilua, Livrilanthria, Tsanibria

Daralaendra Suanealaena is a member of the renowned Suanealaena shipping family.


Known Relatives: 3 Older Sisters (in order) Yaurilua, Livrilanthria, Tsanibria
Location: Therengia


Soft, bouncing curls that frame her milky porcelain face lend Daralaendra Suanealaena an image of youthful enthusiasm, but one look at her eyes -- deep blue-violet daggers with an edge keen enough to reduce even the most seasoned Trader to a stuttering oaf -- and there remains no question about the shrewd business savvy she commands. Against a backdrop of tall-masted ships and cargo crates, she appears as a blossom among thorns, but woe to him who should think to pick and collect her; thorns would not rank among his concerns.

Those of shadowy origins know her as Lady Cygnet. She covers the warehouse duties for the family business.

Description (Current)

Daralaendra Suanealaena, aka Lady Cygnet, is a slender Elothean woman with deep blue-violet eyes and fine silver-gilt hair that has been cropped in short, soft curls. She wears a white linen gown with a rich pale blue silk brocade over-tunic. At first glance, her curly hair and youthful face make her resemble a precocious moppet dressed in her mother's clothing, but she has a reputation in the town as a ruthless business woman, like all the Suanealaena family.

Atmospheric Messaging in Daralaendra's Office

  • A Riverhaven Warden strides in with a smug look on his face. He gives Lady Daralaendra a vellum scroll and waits while she reads it. "Blast it," she snarls. "My family has cooperated with your investigations since we discovered the thieves using our warehouse. Yet still you insist WE were somehow involved! Go, search again if you must, you won't find anything more than you did the last three times." The Warden strides out as she glares at him.
  • A short Human man in the uniform of a Riverhaven Warden strides arrogantly into Lady Daralaendra's office to slap a parchment on her desk. He turns with a sneer and strides off again, leaving Daralaendra to grumble crossly as she reads the paper.

Conversation Topics

Thief-Related Responses

  • Guild/Thief
Daralaendra says, "I'm busy enough with my own work without keeping up with my sister's. Go ask her."
  • Yaurilua
Daralaendra says, "My eldest sister. She used to manage the warehouse, before the wardens discovered that back room she had for you lot. She and Crow are too busy staying away from them nowadays, so I get to deal with the guards' suspicions. Lucky me." She gives you a cold stare.
  • Swan
Daralaendra says, "You'll find her with her husband, wherever their current bolt-hole may be. Tell her the captains are getting worried over the red sash."
  • Crow
Daralaendra says, "Ehh. Mother and father still aren't happy about him, but they've never yet been able to control Swan when she gets the bit between her teeth."
  • Fiarse
Daralaendra says, "Aye, my sister's husband. I hear he's in charge of you lot."
  • Sailor
Daralaendra says, "Of course in our business, we deal with a lot of sailors. One of our best captains is a young Halfling sailor. You'll see him around town, if you keep an eye out. A very enterprising young man, always with an ear out for rumors."
  • Kalag
Daralaendra beams. "Isn't he the cuddliest man you ever met?!"

Suanealaena Family Responses

  • Daralaendra
Daralaendra blinks. "Me? I'm Daralaendra, the youngest of the Suanealaena family. I manage the warehouse here ever since the Wardens discovered Yaurilua's little operation in the back."
  • Suanealaena/Warehouse
Daralaendra says, "Mmm, the family's been involved in... uhh... "shipping" for many generations now. It's a very lucrative business for us."
  • Sister
Daralaendra says, "Yes, three of them. Yaurilua's the oldest (you lot call her Lady Swan, don't you?), then Livrilanthria, Tsanibria and me. I took over managing the warehouse after the Wardens discovered the setup you lot had in the back. Honestly, if I didn't feel so sorry for her having to move around all the time to avoid the guards, I could just smack Yaurilua for letting that be found! The guards have been harassing us ever since."
  • Livrilanthria
Daralaendra says, "Livrilanthria's the second oldest child in our family. All girls, whatever were my parents thinking? She showed a talent for magecraft, and joined the Warrior Mage guild, poor thing. Still, she's able to supply us with some... mmm... artifacts to help deter would-be thieves trying to horn in on our hard work, so it's not like she's completely given up the family business." Daralaendra gives you a wink.
  • Tsanibria
Daralaendra says, "Tsanibria's one of my sisters. She's five years older than I am, and the family has her working on one of the ships to gain experience in that end of the business."
  • Smuggling
Daralaendra says, "Shhh. If you want to work on that side of the business, go talk to my sister. She's got the final say in it."

Miscellaneous Responses

  • Captain
Daralaendra nods. "We deal with a lot of captains, storing their cargo til the owner can arrange to ship it to its destination."
  • Ship
Daralaendra winks and says, "Course, we haven't any ships of our own. But there's plenty who do, who sail where we tell them."
  • Riverhaven
Daralaendra says, "It's a lovely city, isn't it? Very modern, and of course it's the center for commerce in the barony."
  • Baron
Daralaendra says, "The Baron's doing a splendid job refurbishing his Keep, I hear, though it's so far off that I think Riverhaven will always remain the center of commerce in the province."
  • Red Sash
Daralaendra says, "I don't think any of us mind a little initiative on the part of guild members. But that lot is insupportable. I mean, a little smuggling is one thing, but they actually attack OUR ships as well, and never a percentage of their profits do we see."
  • Pirate
Daralaendra says, "It wouldn't be so bad if they'd only target the merchant shipping. But they're cutting into our business, too, without ever giving us the customary percentage."
  • Ratha/M'riss/Mer'Kresh/Aesry
Daralaendra says, "Never been out there, though we do a nice business in untaxed Rissan brandy."