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Kukalakai Alec'i'neir
Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: Ferdahl
Relatives: Alec

Ferdahl killed by the Outcasts. Had been ruling for 87 years as of May 02. In 281/290 (conflicting timelines) Reign of Kukalakai the Black-Eyes began following Alec's death. Has some training as a War Mage.

Employed Kirew, Coriir, Kulainik and Yoneimo, among others. Eluresturi is a trusted councillor. Mirel and Rhaelys are part of the court? Kaerine and Alisele were her handmaidens. Died approximately 374 years, 168 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer (5/14/2004).

The Three at the time of Kukalakai's death are Osiinth is Seer Judge, Protectorate Viirin, Leader Osur.

From Elothean Studies

The current ruler of the Eloth Houses is a pale-skinned, red- haired, and black-eyed woman. A true daughter of Alec, she is strong and responsible, and has followed her father's policy. Knowing her people's lust of peace (as well as their long memories), she keeps the Houses and the Elothean people far from the skirmishes that are the last remnants of the Dragon Priests' "empire". Strong and stern, she is as yet childless as well as suitorless, but she is young yet.....

Trading Card

Known as Kukalakai of the Black Eyes, this ruler of the Elothean people is the daughter of the Ferdahl Alec, who liberated Ilithi from the Dragon Priests following the disastrous rule of his father. Kukalakai is viewed as a competent, if sometimes uncertain, ruler who has continued the popular legacy of her father.


The following poem was written by the player of Fierolan Vanyahin in memorial.

Fallen Flower

Why does Ilithi weep?
The highborn nobleman and the lowly commoner –
Why do they come together to embrace in sadness?
Do not the sun and moons rise?
Do not the rivers run down from the mountains?

Where has our wise and beautiful sister gone?
Her very voice was a song that sung of virtue and light.
Where is our kind and courageous leader?
Have we lost ourselves in fear and anger?
Our path is dark; our mother has already departed.

One day, grandmothers may tell a tale to the little ones…
“A murderer came once to Shard, and by the blade of a knife
the life of the Ferdahl was eclipsed.
The dishonorable coward did not duel her...”
How will this story end?

Raise your swords now for Kukalakai Alec’i’neir.
Slay her murderers without mercy or shame.
Blood for blood is the price of our love.
We are lightning and firestorm - the Ferdahl’s Guards.
Judgment is nigh.

Lit By Stars -- Mckatelee Starryskye

You slowly sing in a mezzo-soprano voice:

"May your road be lit by stars, my friend.
May you safely find your journey's end.
May the starry light surround you,
And may you feel love all around you.
. . . May you finally be at peace."

You tenderly sing in a mezzo-soprano voice:

"May your path be soft beneath your feet
May you find on the way friendly faces to greet.
May you know that your time with us was dear.
May you feel our love, forever near.
. . . May you finally be at peace."

You sadly sing in a mezzo-soprano voice:

"May your star shine brightly, forevermore
May your name ring nobly, throughout our lore.
May we never forget your time with us
And how you were taken, too early, from us...
. . . May you finally be at peace."

You sweetly sing in a mezzo-soprano voice:

"May your road be lit by stars, my friend.
May you safely find your journey's end."

You sing quietly in a mezzo-soprano voice:

". . . May you finally find your peace."

Silver Eye Inn Bust

Found in the Hall of Heroes on the ground floor:

The bust is a fine-grained marble, tinted in lifelike shades. It depicts the Ferdahl Kukalakai Alecineir, an Elothean woman with pale skin, almond-shaped dark eyes, and red hair worn coiled on her head like a braided coronet.