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Sothavi Morawa
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Shard (Ranik Map 67)
Type: Guild Leader

Sothavi is the Cleric guild leader in Shard.


Seated at a linen covered table set with cut-glass decanters and gleaming china is Sothavi, an elderly Elothean woman with tilted almond-shaped crystal blue eyes slightly obscured by some black steel-rimmed spectacles. Wispy black lace decorates the cuffs and neckline of her off-white cassock, and around her neck hangs a strand of white crystal prayer beads. Graceful fingers encircle a crystal goblet filled with red wine.

NPC Appearance

You see Guildmistress Sothavi Morawa, an Elothean Cleric.
She has tilted almond-shaped crystal blue eyes. Her grey hair is long and fine, and is worn pulled back in a bun. She has pale skin.
She is one of the Wise for an Elothean.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some flat black slippers, a strand of white crystal prayer beads, an off-white cassock with cascades of wispy black lace decorating the cuffs and neckline, an offering basket, a simple black hooded traveling cloak, a linen sack, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, some black steel-rimmed spectacles, and some temple keys hanging from a sturdy silver chain.

Conversation Topics

  • ALTAR: The leader Sothavi looks at you and smiles. Sothavi falls silent, head bowed.
  • CEMETERY: Sothavi replies, "At present our places for the dead are undisturbed by the undead who seek to claim the buried remains to their alliance."
  • DEVOTION: Sothavi's face becomes alight with ardor for her vocation as she begins to explain, "The term Devotion as we call it among our order is a personal measure of how dedicated you are to your gods and, in kind, how favorably They regard you. It is essentially what allows us to be the primary conduit between the gods and the mortals. Learn the myriad sacred rituals and weave them into your very life, <Cleric>.
A Cleric who is pure of spirit has the ability to invoke the power and wisdom of the gods through Devotion, but as Clerics are mere mortals, all power must be absorbed and channeled through us. Being that we ourselves are imperfect, much of the divinity is repelled and lost before the Cleric can even use it. Never forget the simple fact that mortals are mortals, and gods are gods.
On the other hand, if you engage in practices which the gods themselves have forbidden -- such as graverobbing, necromancy or otherwise aiding the undead --, you will find the divine deaf to your pleas, and even your own magic will wilt without the lifeblood that is faith. To be rid of this profane state and become ritually Clean once again, a Cleric must employ the more dedicated rituals."
  • EMUIN: Sothavi speaks dismissively, "Some say his soul endangered us all, and perhaps still does."
  • FAVORS: "I speak of the favors that a cleric gains to use in communing, <Cleric>," the leader says, "not the type you earn to preserve your soul from the ravages of death."
The leader Sothavi gazes into your eyes and then smiles. Upraising one finger, she touches your forehead and whispers, "The gods have indeed smiled upon you, <Cleric>."
  • GODS: The leader Sothavi smiles, her eyes lighting up.
"Many are the gods of our land. There is Kertigen, patron of the crafter's trade. There is Hodierna, the great goddess of life, who smiles upon us all. There is Meraud, god of magic and foresight and the dark side of the arcane arts. There is Damaris, who is the quiet god of assassins, thieves, dreams, and the night. There is Everild, whose smile brings victory to many a warrior. Truffenyi, the god of forgiveness, blesses us with the power of resurrection. Hav'roth serves the earth, his soul, it is said, dwells within all rocks and stones. Eluned is the Lady of the seas and wisdom, and a master of arcane arts. Glythtide brings joy wherever he goes; his laughter brings spring. Tamsine is the lady of the hearth and brings peace to homes. Faenella brought song into the world of silence, and is a great patron of all arts, it is she who brought music to all peoples. Chadatru is the god of justice who also brings warmth with the sun every day. And...."
The priestess abruptly stops, then continues, saying, "Last of them and the one who is the hardest to serve is Urrem'tier, who is, quite literally, Death." She gazes past you, her eyes distant.
"All of us must go to Urrem'tier someday, even the Elves Fade into that genderless god's embrace. Death by that spirit's hand is, as ever, final, and it is Urrem'tier who will someday guide us down our last steps on the Starry Path."
  • GRACE: The leader Sothavi gazes into your eyes and then smiles. Upraising one finger, she touches your forehead and whispers, "The gods have indeed smiled upon you, <Cleric>."
  • NECROMANCY: Sothavi's face grows dour, eyes flickering with indignation. "All, all Immortals despise that foul magic, <Cleric>, even the darkest. Its products -- the undead -- are mockeries of the divine's creations and corrupt the cycle of Life and Death. Necromantic taint festers deep in the soul, which brings utter spiritual ruination sooner or later. As a holy servant of the gods, you must be especially careful to remain pure in the face of such evil, lest you become unclean and unworthy in Their eyes."
  • NECROPOLIS: Sothavi looks at you and says, "That is something best answered on Aesry Surlaenis'a, <Cleric>."
  • TEMPLE: Sothavi nods gently and replies, "Our temple is one of Shard's glories -- the aspects of light and dark each have their place, and all are honored appropriate to their nature."
  • WREN: Sothavi pauses, "The wren? That's a symbol of Faenella, the goddess of music."


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