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Trimbolt Geepaz
Status: Unknown
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

A leader of the Kaldar and Gnomes who came to Kermoria from Albaria. Gnome.

Post from boards, 6 March 2001, by Rascalt

Well... I'd like to see the Rakash and Trimbolt loose ends tied up... I believe Riel and Viani may be able to tell you a good deal about that event... and even talk to the mentors, they know a very good deal about it. Basically I'm left wondering... Did Trimbolt find Meth? Is Meth Lanival? What happened to Meth's mate and the necrolord on the other side of the great barrier? what happened to the great Barrier? Alot of the "elder" Prydaen and Rakash are fading away... shouldn't the barrier be fading and letting through the undead kin of the Rakash and Prydaen? Also can you see if maybe you can't get some gnomic event going? The gnomes of shard are a very solid group of RPers and they deserve something to bite their teeth into.

From Famous Faces Card

The prophet Trimbolt Geepaz is a towering figure among Gnomes, so to speak. His visions led many Kaldar and Gnomish refugees from their ravaged homelands, which had been demolished by the ruthless Gorbesh. Meeting Prydaens and Rakash along the way, they came to our lands in search of Lanival. Many have settled here, while Moon Mage Trimbolt follows his visions.