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The intriguing god of night and dreams, he is also the patron of Thieves, cutthroats, assassins and spies. Damaris is the assassin of the gods, sometimes even killing someone without being paid, simply because he felt that their presence was no longer "necessary." Rarely seen except as a voice in the shadows, Damaris is envisioned as having black hair that is strewn with silver and large black eyes without pupils or whites and ebon skin, but can actually (as can all the gods) appear in any form he chooses; because of his chosen profession, however, he is more proficient at it than the other gods. Oddly, Damaris has a soft spot for small children, the only people exempt from his blade, and parents will call upon him as a last resort if all other gods have deserted them to protect their child. He will lull them to sleep with a kiss they never remember, and then go back about his business.



Other Aspects

Light - Phelim
Dark - Dergati

Altar Locations

  • Southern end of the 5th Passage. (Thief only)
  • Central Portion of Ratha Tier Three, near the Jail.
  • Passage through the military shack north of Kaerna Village (has ritual bath)
  • Crossing Temple, Eyes of the 13

Proper Offerings

Kaldaran Version

The god of night, duplicity and vengeance. He is the paramour of Hodierna, and is frequently a conspirator in her schemes, if not the actually perpetrator. Only the most despicable of Kaldar will openly admit to his worship, though many more pledge secret allegiance. His symbol is a pair of parallel daggers.

Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the god can be found throughout the realms.

Ashala'taman Thicket

Found in the floating tower during the periodic event:

The dense thicket of hawthorn topiaries has been collectively shaped into the lithe form of a panther slinking in a tight curl, with tiny waiku and jasmine flowers dotting the feline display like a shroud of stars. Nearly concealed within the dark foliage is a small clearing with an alabaster statuette of an Elothean child sleeping soundly upon a soft bed of clover and fragrant basil.
(statuette): The alabaster child slumbers peacefully under the watchful aegis of the topiary panther.

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