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Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig
Status: Dead
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: political

Ruler of Zoluren (360-361 AV, regent; 361-left power::364"leftpower::" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 364. AV, prince). Preceded by his uncle, Belirendrick III, and succeeded by his cousin, Vorclaf.


Born in 308 AV to Princess Geraedren, Belirendrick III's sister. She dies in childbirth. His father dies shortly thereafter, leaving the Belirendrick III to raise the young boy along with Vorclaf, Belirendrick III's son. Trained as a Cleric, though some have accused him of training in necromancy as well (see below).

Ascent to throne

In 360 AV, following Belirendrick III's assassination at the DiSilveron Ball and Vorclaf's disappearance, Sirolarn appointed himself Regent. Eventually he was crowned Prince of Zoluren during the Ice Festival on the 138th day of 361 AV.

Sirolarn's Coronation

Sirolarn was later executed for his involvement in Belirendrick III's assassination via necromantic poison.

Acts while Prince

Hired mercenaries: Haplenar, Shaheyra, Jorta, Pedrillion. Jorta was the one who arrested him after he killed Marietta and fled. Marietta, a member of the delegation sent from Dirge, had asked him to abdicate.

End of Reign

[short version] Sorrow's war. With the assistance of the Baron of Therengia, Vorclaf returned to Zoluren with evidence of Sirolarn's guilt in his father's murder.

The evidence produced was the following Letter from Sirolarn to someone unknown:

Smudged and discolored, the greater portion of this letter still remains intact, though the edges continue to disintegrate as you handle the missive.
There appears to be something written on it.
A crumbling letter reads:
Tis well here now that the little progeny has run north like a rat from a sinking throne. If he ever returns, my position here will be completely secured and his newest residence will be my dungeon, not a northern keep. My stars were aligned that he kept the glass and did not partake himself. I could not have dreamed of such a good turn for myself. Or did you manage that also? If so, I should have paid you better. S.

The Dirge Council (former Leth Deriel Council) Delegation tried to convince Sirolarn to abdicate peacefully, but he refused.

Vorclaf executed Sirolarn and had his head hung on a pike outside the East Gate of Crossing.

A hooded executioner arches his wide-bladed beheading axe high over his head, bringing it to the apex of the swing. The axe poises as the executioner awaits the signal from Prince Vorclaf.
Vorclaf's eyes never waiver as he glares at Sirolarn's hunched form positioned on the chopping block awaiting his fate.
Vorclaf lifts his right arm, his fist clenched tightly. He extends his thumb to the side, letting it linger in a position of no decision.
Vorclaf's right thumb turns down.
Moving with powerful grace, a hooded executioner slices a beheading axe at Sirolarn. The axe lands a devastating strike that tears flesh and cartilage as head is ripped clean from the neck.
A dull thud is the only sound as the decapitated head of Sirolarn falls to the ground. The bloody head rolls slightly and comes to rest at the feet of Prince Vorclaf. The head's features are frozen in an expression of shock as they gaze up wide-eyed at Vorclaf.
The headless body of Sirolarn slumps off the chopping block, while his lifeblood spurts wildly into the air in great vivid crimson arcs from the open arteries in his neck, saturating the ground around it.
Vorclaf raises his eyes to the sky and declares, "Father, I have avenged you!"
Vorclaf says, "It is done"
You also see a towering wooden pike driven deeply into the ground with the bloody head of Sirolarn on it, and a clump of stunted bushes.
You see the freshly severed head of Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig which has not yet begin to decompose. The features, which are still clearly indentifiable as Sirolarn's, remain frozen in an expression of shock and fear.

Rumors of Necromancy

Excerpt regarding Sirolarn from The Undying Threat:
"The rumors of the time when Belirendrick's reign first began indicated that the Prince had his brother-in-law, the nephew's father, killed, in order to ensure Belirendrick's ascension to the throne. Sirolarn's mother, Belirendrick's sister, died in childbirth -- or so they say, at least. In any event, it was essential for Belirendrick to have his brother-in-law killed before Sirolarn's death, else the infant would take the throne. He succeeded, becoming Prince, and when Sirolarn was born, the Prince had the boy taken in. It may well have been these events which led to Sirolarn becoming a Necromancer -- he feigned studies as a Cleric. Eventually he used his necromancy to create a magic poison, which he used to assassinate the Prince, and so for a time, he ruled over Zoluren. Sirolarn, to establish some additional context, is one of the few Necromancers to rule a nation in the modern era -- truly a dangerous fellow there."


You see Prince Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig, a Human Cleric.
He has crystal green eyes, shoulder length thick auburn hair that is tied back, and fair skin.
He is young for a Human.

He is wearing a pair of simple leather sandals, some carved ivory prayer beads, an ebony wolf charm, a smooth cloak pleated at the shoulders, some flowing robes and a golden circlet.

Trading Card

A Cleric rumoured to have dabbled in the Necromantic arts. Local folktales say that prior to his birth, Sirolarn's family was killed as part of a power struggle among the Zoluren nobility -- Sirolarn's family lost, giving rise to the reign of Prince Belirendrick. Sirolarn later assassinated the Prince and assumed the throne himself, before Belirendrick's son claimed it, along with Sirolarn's head.