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Lasarhhtha Oshu'Erhhsk
Status: Alive
Aliases: Bone Dancer
Guild: Necromancer
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Type: dragon priest, nomad of the arid steppe

A very old Moon Mage turned Necromancer and Bone/Skin Dancer. Prominent figure during time of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. S'kra and one-time Dragon Priest.


Family was composed mainly of Bards from Qi that came to Leth Deriel during time of Dragon Priests. Lasarhhtha is the last of them and has been since before he became a Bone Dancer. Oshu'Erhhsk Manor, south of Leth, belongs to him. Lasarhhtha was born after the Lunar Accord.

Bone Dancer

At some point, Lasarhhtha became a Bone Dancer. He claims to have met both Cherulisa and Kir, either of who may have played some role in his conversion.


You see Bone Dancer Lasarhhtha Oshu'ehhrsk, a S'Kra Mur.
He has slitted clear colored eyes and speckled scales.
He is archaic for a S'Kra Mur.

He has faint scuffing to the back. He is in good shape.

He is holding a withered deobar staff carved with strange sigils in his right hand. He is wearing a braided rope and hide belt, a glass scorpion charm suspended from a spidersilk cord, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, an herbal pouch, some rough hewn wooden sandals, a black cloth tail band embroidered with tiny white scorpions, some burnt and scarred hunting leathers, a rough black leather sheath fastened by a dull scorpion clasp, a black sack painted with a grinning skull, a scorpion talisman and a twisted bronze ring etched with images of dancing S'Kra.

Mirror Wraith Prophecy

Regularly spoke with Tezirah's mirror wraith, though he did not know at the time that the wraith was Tezirah's. The mirror wraith tricked him into carrying out a number of tasks that were essential to the eventual release of Tezirah from the Plane of Probability.

In no particular order: It has been reported that he hired Lechsu to attack council. Early on, hired Saeru to collect things for him. Killed a Y'Shai to get 1/3 of semisphere? Vanquished the s'lai guard outside the Crossing guildhall when it would not let him in.

From "The Undying Threat"

The Oshu'Erhhsk family, a group of prominent S'Kra Mur Necromancers, has frequently brought trouble to the regions of southern Zoluren where it resides. The most significant Necromancer of this family is one known as Lasarhhtha Oshu'Erhhsk, creator of several types of undead -- the Germish'din, the Seordhevor Kartais, and zombie S'Kra Mur, for instance. All powerful, lethal, and truly foul in every sense of the word. Beholding these monstrosities is not pleasant... especially the germish'din, for they are stitched together, rotting beasts.

Lasarhhtha has utilized necromantic poisons (something upon which I shall delve into greater detail, below) to assassinate influential figures, such as members of the Moon Mage High Council. He has nearly sparked a necromantic civil war by stealing objects from Sidhlot and his Bone Elves -- while some might rejoice at such an inner war, one must bear in mind that countless innocents would be caught in the midst should such an affair break out. Lasarhhtha has also sought after, and regrettably acquired, many a powerful artifact -- from sorcerous tomes to shards of the fourth moon, Grazhir, to the truly dangerous Deceiver artifacts.

Lasarhhtha's method of assassination when he killed members of the Moon Mage High Council was yet another necromantic disease, which he spread by way of a hapless madman that Lasarhhtha deliberately infected with the magical disease.

Trading Card

An aged and withered S'Kra Mur, the paradoxical blaze in Lasarhhtha's eyes speaks of both madness and an unnatural, almost youthful exuberance. Known as the BoneDancer, this Necromancer has been an extreme danger to nearly all he crosses, often gaining confidence and duping followers in the guise of a harmless old man. It is Lasarhhtha who is responsible for the foul germish'din that lumber beneath the old mansion south of Leth Deriel.

Lasarhhtha speaking about his family

Lasarhhtha says, "Tell you story of family, then."
Lasarhhtha says, "Long ago, when Dragon Priests rule, Oshu'erhhsk family is proper one."
Lasarhhtha says, "Rare were we. S'Kra Bards in Dragon Priest rule."
Lasarhhtha says, "So family leaves Qi'Reshalia and Ratha. Come to Leth Deriel."
Lasarhhtha says, "Over time, family changes."
Lasarhhtha says, "Music important, but Bard by trade no longer."
Lasarhhtha says, "So to Dragon Priests we succumb."
Lasarhhtha says, "Find that they are not all wrong. Not all insane."
Lasarhhtha says, "Some do good things, like bring order."
Lasarhhtha says, "Dzree was not one of these."
Lasarhhtha chortles softly at some secret joke.
Lasarhhtha says, "She was fool. Made Dragon Priests fall like leaf in wind."
Lasarhhtha says, "Time pass, and my family in Leth overlooked by Rutilor's Hounds and Dragon Priests."
Lasarhhtha says, "Now, story."
Lasarhhtha ponders.
Lasarhhtha says, "Family forgotten."
Lasarhhtha says, "No longer Bards, but crest of family still dancing snake."
Lasarhhtha says, "Some Clerics, some Moon Mages, some War Mages."
Lasarhhtha says, "Family gets weaker as time goes by."
Lasarhhtha says, "Start burying family in catacombs beneath home."
Lasarhhtha says, "When catacombs full, start burying in graveyard."
Lasarhhtha says, "When graveyard full, start burying in yards."
Lasarhhtha says, "Family is scattered over grounds."
Lasarhhtha says, "But no more yards will be filled, no. Am last of family."
Lasarhhtha says, "Have been for long time."
Lasarhhtha says, "Since I was Skindancer, and not Bone Dancer."
Reavily pats an old dirty coffin.
Reavily asks, "is an ansestor?"
Lasarhhtha nods to Reavily.
Lasarhhtha says, "Hopes, yes."
Lasarhhtha says, "We will see, but give good burial no matter."
Lasarhhtha chortles softly at some secret joke.
Lasarhhtha says, "If hated ones, then will use them, too."
Lasarhhtha says, "Book tells where all Dragon Priest graves supposed to be."
Lasarhhtha taps his deobar staff on the ground solidly three times.
Lasarhhtha said, "I am direct descendent of those that rightfully own Shard, and all the lands beneath the sun."**

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