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Kerenhappuch is a red-lipped and blonde-haired beauty, the mad mage goddess is without scruples, and not above blackmail, extortion, or murder -- not to mention her own attractive feminine wiles -- to get the information she wants. From time to time her ruthlessness has been so severe that she has killed others under the notion that if she cannot have the knowledge, no one will. Kerenhappuch is also a seductress and a schemer, twisting men to her desires as if they were wrapped about her finger, and turning women against each other.

She has a skirt of fabulous colors crafted for her by Kertigen (who she tricked into making it for her by pretending she was Hodierna and telling Kertigen she needed it to entertain some Dwarves) that will cause any man who looks upon her while she wears it dancing to fall in love with her, and cause any male Dwarf to immediately swear fealty to her. Unfortunately (for Kerenhappuch), Kertigen, when he learned it was not Hodierna who had requested the item, also put a curse upon the skirt that causes any woman who sees her wearing it to become insanely jealous of the beautiful goddess.



Other Aspects

Neutral - Meraud
Light - Firulf

Altar Locations

- Note: women can DANCE in front of the statue of Kerenhappuch in the Shard, Temple of Darkness.

Proper Offerings

  • items with the noun: skirt
  • items of the type: albredine ring, "love potion" vial
  • anything with Kerenhappuch or shrew in the art/adj/noun
    • Examples:
    • shrew beads
    • parchment shrew primers
    • Immortal Kerenhappuch cards


Artwork and Depictions

As with all the Immortals, various works of art to the goddess can be found throughout the realms.

Temple of the North Wind Frieze

Found NE from the entrance:

Carved in poses of wanton abandon, scantily clad maidens vie for the attention of a well-muscled youth playing a bodhran. Two rogues duel over one of the wenches, but the rest of the men are focused on a woman wearing an elaborate skirt, a wicked smile and not much else. Corpses from past fights litter the floor of the hall. A woman strangled with her own veils reaches longingly towards the drummer, even in death. Etched beneath the scene are the words, "Terror and Pain: Unsatiated Appetites."

Ashala'taman Likeness

Found in the floating tower during the periodic event:

A sultry figure and classically beautiful facial features are captured in stony white metal to represent the mad magess Kerenhappuch. The wild-eyed dancing goddess is frozen mid-twirl, her flowing skirts painted in a chaotic rainbow that blends seamlessly into the colorful jungle vegetation around her feet.


ItemSource isRare item
Anloral shrew pinSoulful Trinkets (2)Soulful Trinkets (1)true
Armor:Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guards
Blackened chain gloves fixed with tarnished steel wrist guardsItem:Dusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flapItem:Dusky-blue basilisk hide satchel decorated with ur hhrki'izh claws along the flapCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loot
Burnished gold ring set with a large cambrinth shrewForever Faithful (2)Forever Faithful (1)
Cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with fire opal shrews to spell KERENHAPPUCHForever Faithful (2)Forever Faithful (1)
Cinnabar Kerenhappuch carvingGlassus' Shop
Cinnabar ring inset with the shrew of KerenhappuchMisenseor Goods (6)Misenseor Goods (5)Misenseor Goods (4)Misenseor Goods (3)Misenseor Goods (2)Misenseor Goods (1)
Copper cowbell with a sardonyx owl handleJoys of Noise (6)
Dark floor-length robe embroidered with the symbols of the dark aspectsHide and Seek
Darkstone war icon arrayed with the bellicose aspects of the ImmortalsMisenseor Goods (6)
... further results


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