Hollow Eve Festival 417/Raffles

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[The Massive Metal Arachnid, Raffle Center]
The polished bronze walls of the room easily reflect the light of the hanging lanterns. A wide granite counter sits on this side of a canvas curtain dividing the interior space into two rooms, preventing the casual peruser from seeing the cache of prizes beyond. You also see Raffle Attendant Kentikatili, a bucket of viscous gloop, a raffle result board, a large iron arch and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

"Containers may have been filled using extraordinary measures.  
If you take something out, it may or may not go back.  
We will not put it back. Remove things at your own risk!"
  • NOTE*

Kentikatili says, "Remember folks, there is a 24 anlaen timer after you win a prize before you can buy another ticket!
And if you get lucky enough to win 3 prizes this fest, you're cut off from further raffles for the remainder."

Raffle 1

Item Winner Notes
large blue pinata shaped like a diamond Lerdaru
powdery white ostrich-feathered fan with a silver handle Uthgaar
carved platinum ring displaying an exquisite pink sapphire Nimeesha
triangular gaethzen sandwich with ruffled jade lettuce and striated sard ham Kerenelle
pair of supple dark leather gloves palmed with bright red cloth Bovi

Raffle 2

Item Winner Notes
oversized pivuh wings made from bright feathers and bits of leather Fayenangel
satinwood bones charm inlaid with ivory wrens Etherian
dancing pivuh crafted from opaline blue-green ammolite Romsca
star-streaked silver bag Baeleth Contains 20 glowing iron fragments
sleek teak cane with a silver-bound tip Gamalon

Raffle 3

Item Winner Notes
rich animite engagement ring set with a single perfect diamond Devrilry
heavily reinforced climbing pack Cayra
white linen robe adorned with the magpie of Alamhif Archipelago
unadorned cedar toy box Malakye contains: an ebonwood leucro figurine, an ironwood gargoyle figurine and a fire sprite figurine.
patched flannel backpack clasped with copper tree charms Erlo

Raffle 4

Item Winner Notes
emerald green box painted with dancing pivuh Alexasta
polished silver flask Itala
dramatic plum gown gathered at the shoulders by silver melir blossoms Jherrisali
lava samite pants Annya
smooth plum cittern decorated with an intricate cutwork gladiolus Jauhn

Raffle 5

Item Winner Notes
pair of knitting needles tangled in yarn Kelela
emerald green top hat accented with peacock feathers at the band Anlise
bottle of Cnyr's stout Marcul
woven silver choker sprinkled with tiny sapphire beads Kheldas
darkened sledgehammer with a reinforced ebonwood grip Miskton

Raffle 6

Item Winner Notes
wasp-waisted corset of pale niveous silk laced with cobalt and canary-hued ribbons Kaindell
sunny yellow silk cloak with an elbaite rainbow clasp Linett
ring of braided copper wire beaded with bits of jade Aluriaz
stuffed iridescent t'deri bird with chartreuse silk feathers Tyrrum
flamboyant cambrinth gypsy lass with carved black onyx hair and eyes Mhisra

Raffle 7

Item Winner Notes
black hawthorn plaque carved with the image of a mother and child Alecz
vibrant pineapple-hued silk gown Daskari
small red crystal Arvydas
supple leather haversack clasped with a bronze fist Whiteburn
star-streaked red bag Rajiruji

Raffle 8

Item Winner Notes
smooth cambrinth plum brushed with a golden blush Rajara
tattered wings made from pallid madun Kawtehppor
floppy woolen frog Powerhaus
bloodshot cambrinth eyeball pendant pierced with an iron nail Tantost
thigh-length watersilk cloak shaped to resemble fae wings Sylvain

Raffle 9

Item Winner Notes
rough gloomwood skull amulet Haileyann
oravir tenra blossom handflower Shaey
white linen robe adorned with the cow of Berengaria Bovi
popcorn bag Kailiana Contained: 100 HE Tickets
silversteel spoon bent to form a bracelet Leonned

Raffle 10

Item Winner Notes
faceted teardrop aldamalm Kadelia
star-streaked silver bag Vianae Contains 20 glowing iron fragments
popcorn bag Truix Contained: 100 HE Tickets
rich chocolate brown sash edged with a pattern of wheat Romsca
engraved golden flask Agratea

Raffle 11

Item Winner Notes
triangular aeschelich amulet fettered upon a fine bronze chain Kintalia
grey linen robe adorned with the cat of Tamsine Kurlay
star-streaked black bag Binadas
patched dobby backpack decorated with twin book patches Mystyrain
smooth slate blue jade thighband Vyraen

Raffle 12

Item Winner Notes
delicate glass globe encasing a shark swimming in rough waters Nimthiriel
grinning clown mask with a shock of curly pink hair Serennade
golden box with attached belt straps Miskton Contained: a huge scorpion diamond and a tiny golden key strung upon a matching chain
piece of cambrinth celery with lacy peridot leaves Juulman
spun silver necklace embracing a deep blue mermaid's-tear sapphire Calde

Raffle 13

Item Winner Notes
frivolous golden matte silk hip-scarf hemmed in velvet Ianhanse
wide silversteel ring etched with blackened flames Malakye
ankle-tied slippers of sirese blue spun glitter Zemon
glitvire-inlaid scroll tube capped at both ends with copper Aramius Contained: Two yellowed scrolls. (Uncurse and Harawep's Bonds)
cinnamon coat with eggshell embroidery on the lapels and cuffs Klurn

Raffle 14

Item Winner Notes
tiny saar par decorated with deep green emeralds and star rubies Damoza
gold wedding band set with an uninterrupted array of tiny perfect diamonds Schekter
sleek longline corset with a sharply angular design emphasized by leather trim Alagos
heavily stained white robe with a viciously mauled lower hem Fahijeck
large white satin belt embroidered with lily leaves Coeur

Raffle 15

Item Winner Notes
lunat-framed aquarium Briaen
pale tulvora mitbiq fitted with polished palladium rings Bellicia
lustrous silver lady's slipper handflower Kythryn
shadow-black cloak Kelela
rotund rose gold pig suspended from a pink silk cord Khaelynread

Raffle 16

Item Winner Notes
rich brown leather journal titled "My Life in the Circus" Thule
tall ebony side-strapped boots Fayenangel
grey linen robe adorned with the boar of Everild Daskari
polished cambrinth lemon dusted with silver Niktika
blackened steel pendant bearing an afis symbol Chelinde

Raffle 17

Item Winner Notes
alerce bangles dangling emerald pivuh charms Laveaux
sailor's oilcloth rain poncho lined with quilted red wool Calde
strand of five large silver spheres strung from a delicate chain Erineta
white linen robe adorned with the donkey of Saemaus Sykone
bottle of Cnyr's stout Vibrato

Raffle 18

Item Winner Notes
green canvas sack painted in rainbow hues Kintalia
ornate platinum haircomb studded with princess-cut red crystals Zyzzt
stuffed gull with slate-grey feathers Gabellia
floppy shoes dotted with orange and teal Izude
austere robe of vivid purple silk Truix

Raffle 19

Item Winner Notes
delicate platinum earcuff shaped into a twining ivy vine Phabious
lava sphalerite sculpture of a dragon breathing tendrils of red jade fire Drexella
black linen robe adorned with the vulture of Aldauth Starlear
wooden toy spatha with a silver hilt Saphryna
steel koummya dyed a rich buttery-gold hue Cadderrly

Raffle 20

Item Winner Notes
audrualm monocle engraved with a knot work pattern Ryoukai
soot grey wrist sheath shadow embroidered with a dagger-riddled corpse Rault
fuzzy black caterpillars with narrow gold and white stripes Aftermath
pentagonal palladium amulet set with night diamonds Alagos
oval cambrinth apricot dangling a green aquamarine leaf Itbit

Raffle 21

Item Winner Notes
grey linen robe adorned with the lion of Chadatru Kristallyne
pair of crocodile skin boots with deep snakeskin cuffs Sarkranis
coral sculpture depicting a resting cephalopod Kerenelle
warm cotton blanket checkered with a blue and white pattern Tyx
knee-high dark grey boots accented with silver studs Dyminica

Raffle 22

Item Winner Notes
salt-stained oaken plaque carved with the phrase "The Sea is My Home" Kythryn
star-streaked silver bag Jadyce Contains 20 glowing iron fragments
wasp-waisted corset laced with eggplant and strawberry-hued ribbons Kilan
delicate violet steel footflower resembling a black widow Jessalyne
wolfhide blanket Telodia

Raffle 23

Item Winner Notes
tabla chased with a muracite knotwork pattern Vianae
shawl of shireli lace atop pale velvet Meganlique
portable tea caddy Fizzbitty Contained: dried tea
ostentatious yellow hat sporting tall woolen donkey ears Anuind
silver-edged belt knife Xionara

Raffle 24

Item Winner Notes
sparkling platinum flask (1) Valif
hooded silvery silk cloak with a blue-white mistglass spider clasp Aislynn
glass teardrop pendant on a polished electrum chain Linett
sinuous decorative pocket-chain suspending an adderwood fob Aucella
hickory painting kit with polished brass hinges Marssi

Raffle 25

Item Winner Notes
silver-inlaid toy pike with a plush tip Ezmundiuz
scintillating gown of dark steelsilk with tightly bound sleeves Garlinen
black linen robe adorned with the weasel of Huldah Skaen
white silk cape embroidered with an image of the Crossing temple Yugen
cambrinth bear dressed in a pink topaz tutu Dianelle

Raffle 26

Item Winner Notes
translucent jade green seaglass slippers with clouded crystal heels Phoul
star-streaked golden bag Serryana Contains 20 glowing iron fragments
feathered loincloth Cined
simple pouch Myya Contained: a large dragonvein agate with blue and purple swirls and a large amaranth Eu's promise crystal
clear crystal monocle edged with a thin rim of platinum Binadas

Raffle 27

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked white bag Syleen
black satin corset edged with dark red lace and heart-shaped buttons Jessalyne
cloisonne pendant bearing a turinstil symbol Ezmundiuz
leather-wrapped toy flail with a plush head Ventin
white linen robe adorned with the jackal of Eylhaar Vuleria

Raffle 28

Item Winner Notes
dark leather winged boots lined with luxurious sable fur Miskton
golden cupcakes decorated with gemstone sprinkles Xionara
black full double leathers painted with a menacing shark Anuind
square cambrinth sandwich filled with tiger's eye peanut butter and amethyst jam Karanae
haphazardly wire-wrapped chicken bones dangling mangy feathers Rtife

Raffle 29

Item Winner Notes
light grey iron tankard shaped like an elephant Vibrato
black hooded cloak stitched with green glass eye-shaped beads Onbusi
golden chain hauberk adorned with a black raven across the chest Khaelyn
white lunch pail painted with a basket of fruit Kythryn
smoky soulstone suspended in a platinum cage made of interlocking strands Saphryna

Raffle 30

Item Winner Notes
white linen robe adorned with the albatross of Lemicus Kithrievarion
bright flamingo-hued gold-buckled leathers Kailiana
pure white robe crafted from soft linen Soosha
wide-brimmed leather hat reinforced with black steel studs Gotinx
grey linen robe adorned with the unicorn of Hodierna Deschein

Raffle 31

Item Winner Notes
grey linen robe adorned with the scorpion of Urrem'tier Rajiruji
harried Gnomish workman pinata Slush
wide band of carved shell displaying multihued nacre Dreamricti
mangled soup spoon Sulli
large cambrinth blob Syance

Raffle 32

Item Winner Notes
grey linen robe adorned with the ox of Truffenyi Gwenddolyn
silver belt knife shaped to resemble a snake's fang Meantermel
silk tunic decorated with a vague silhouette of an island on the ocean's horizon Chelinde
ceremonial Mer'Kresh moon shell horn etched with many cinnabar-rubbed pivuh Anlise
pitted cambrinth orange hanging from a dark peridot stem Erineta

Raffle 33

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked silver bag Kiritan
polished rosewood kithara Kadelia
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pair of blue-tinted spectacles with platinum wire frames Calde
watercolor painting of a weeping Gor'Tog clown Drurgard

Raffle 34

Item Winner Notes
multihued jacquard waistcoat swept with caviar beading Kawtehppor
star-streaked silver bag Isharon
pair of black socks embroidered with skulls along the toes Uritel
cluster of gold-rimmed cobalt melir blossoms Jadyce
cambrinth durian set with tiny moss-green diopside spikes Izude

Raffle 35

Item Winner Notes
silken black cravat pinned with cloud rubies set in silver Maurune
bone-handled skinning knife Longs
star-streaked black bag Juulman
simple pouch Gabellia Contained:a large Eu's promise crystal and a large dragonvein agate
popcorn bag Stefi

Raffle 36

Item Winner Notes
small leather arm pouch embroidered with a black spider Kalyndara Contained 200 Hollow Eve Tickets
simple pouch Jeincains Contained a large dragonvein agate with blue and purple swirls and a large amaranth Eu's promise crystal
rough straw hat decorated with a small turnip Sylvain
star-streaked silver bag Sethluane
watered silk waistcoat secured by ovals of blue hawkseye Aucella

Raffle 37

Item Winner Notes
hunk of potter's clay Xionara
black silk robe edged with a mosaic of green and yellow beads Aesmaor
blackened misericorde with a spiraled viper hilt Triesti
lacewood lap harp decorated with silver dancing pivuh Daskari
dark blue instrument case buckled with an intricately woven tapestry strap Schekter

Raffle 38

Item Winner Notes
necklace of various tiny avian bones strung from slender silken thread Saragos
silver nose ring studded with miniscule zengalmi chips Navesi
driftwood cane surmounted with a band of faceted aldamalm gems Greaginc
crystal unicorn bracelet Coryne
piece of flaky cambrinth tart filled with citrine apples Yugen

Raffle 39

Item Winner Notes
vibrant persimmon damask ballgown split to reveal pale saffron skirts beneath Chelinde
fuzzy red cloak with plush fox ears sewn into the hood Bethanna
colorful gem-encrusted mask Everics
grey fuzzy cloak with little plush mouse ears sewn into the hood Kurlay
light pink silk fan with thin bamboo slats Gnomac

Raffle 40

Item Winner Notes
white canvas sack painted in rainbow hues Gaelienna
sinew cord strung with numerous bird skulls Derhael
hexagonal aldamalm pendant fixed upon a fine gold chain Linett
black linen robe adorned with the heron of Idon Starlear
graceful rowan lute inlaid with opal draconaeia blossoms Unzew

Raffle 41

Item Winner Notes
smooth cambrinth plum brushed with a golden blush Ysei
murky black nightsilk cloak embroidered with images of roiling storm clouds Caraamon
stuffed heron with grey-tipped wings Nebby
pearl sculpture depicting a giant squid attacking a ship Ryoukai
button-down burnt orange muslin jumper with cap sleeves Jaibriel

Raffle 42

Item Winner Notes
handful of dried leaves still clinging to twigs Briaen
painting of a plump pivuh leaping through a ring of emerald-hued fire Sydnee
platinum-edged toy nimsha with a cire-wrapped hilt Etherian
plush colorful book embroidered with zombie clowns Enef
pair of dark blue patterned leather clogs with square cocobolo heels Maltris

Raffle 43

Item Winner Notes
rugged sailcloth backpack covered with stains Cappiam
crimson silk fan accented along the edge with elaborate black zerarin lace Riverlynn
mosaic-framed painting of a wood troll contortionist Kaindell
black linen robe adorned with the goshawk of Botolf Unzew
trine of pallid albatross feathers edged in black Larienna

Raffle 44

Item Winner Notes
silver jewelry box with stained glass panels of aquatic hues Boriz
salt-stained burlap lootsack Alagos
small leather arm pouch embroidered with a black spider Rtife
dark mangrove lap harp edged with glittering pink feather inlay Lovasus
grey cotton hand towel embroidered with an ocean scene Agratea

Raffle 45

Item Winner Notes
pair of misty blue leather clogs Jeincains
black linen robe adorned with the raccoon of Zachriedek Munchausen
star-streaked white bag Jesterz
platinum armband with an Elven figurine bedecked in tiny cambrinth jewelry Stavis
pair of white socks trimmed in intricate lace Buuwl

Raffle 46

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked golden bag Shaey
fringed blue burn-out velvet jacket with kimono-style sleeves Powerhaus
extravagant starlight velvet cape lined with deep purple silk Auraopia
elliptical leather pendant displaying a tiny alshabi stone Kintalia
star-streaked black bag Jesterz

Raffle 47

Item Winner Notes
pair of pure white feathered wings Padhg
hooded samite cloak pierced by a red gold and niello clasp Temzu
carefully crafted cambrinth flower Etherian
decorative silver pocket-chain suspending a squared niello fob Jadetiger
jagged throwing dagger with a fossilized heart set into the pommel Malign

Raffle 48

Item Winner Notes
silverwillow picnic basket Weensie
set of dendritic opal cufflinks cut into smooth cabochons Myya
flame-patterned yellow silk dancing skirt edged in lava samite Everics
wooden ocarina carved into a sunburst shape Meganlique
narrow silver chain strung with a small crystal vial Seisa

Raffle 49

Item Winner Notes
large cambrinth octopus with coiled tentacles Gremtrak
rough muslin turban pinned together by an open-palm amulet Skaen
narrow silk scarf dyed bright cerise with a pattern of snowy anemones Mazrian
soft sea green leather waterskin painted with playful baby sharks Sendithu
thick silver ring set with an opal flower spider Yugen

Raffle 50

Item Winner Notes
length of white sailcloth fabric Rhodium
delicate hairnet made from palladium wires set with cambrinth beads Archipelago
white linen robe adorned with the owl of Firulf Sarkranis
star-patterned black muslin dancing skirt with a thin silveress trim Tyrun
willow castanets inlaid with a spiderweb design Kalyndara

Raffle 51

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked golden bag Kerenelle
ebonwood-framed portrait of a stately pivuh with grey-tinged blue-green scales Gotinx
patched wool backpack dangling a trio of carved iolite monkey emblems Whiteburn
small leather arm pouch embroidered with a black spider Elec Contained 200 Hollow Eve Tickets
oblong cambrinth lime brushed with golden highlights Tyrrum

Raffle 52

Item Winner Notes
sleeveless blue satin robe embroidered with a flock of flying birds Hnot
snakeskin thigh pouch clasped with two long fangs Damoza
pivuh mask topped with a glittering tiara Ephic
flowing cloak with scattered watered silk petals Linessa
elaborate platinum choker set with iridescent pearls Cayra

Raffle 53

Item Winner Notes
sturdy iron forging hammer with a six-rayed star sapphire cabochon on its hilt Tantost
conical party hat patterned with dancing bears Jessalyne
supple black leather pack with a grinning skull clasp Uritel Contained: a copperwood walking cane capped with a platinum grinning skull and a thick platinum ring shaped like a grinning skull.
stuffed black nadira bird with a colorfully striated beak Agratea
black gold amulet shaped like a hand Marsin

Raffle 54

Item Winner Notes
single sun's glory blossom Arvydas
deep amber glass tiger lily infused with opalescent slivers Erineta
sleek monocle accented with a thin band of animite Pseeif
coin-shaped pearl and star-cut aquamarine earrings Avyctis
black evening bag bejeweled with prismatic crystalline beadwork Kadelia

Raffle 55

Item Winner Notes
dark westan wool cloak with a rose gold wyvern clasp Khaelyn
white linen robe adorned with the nightingale of Phelim Zandrith
black silk robe painted with intricately detailed lilies Vianae
steel band engraved with the image of a howling wolf Kalyssia
purple marbrinus shirt with bloused sleeves Voyle

Raffle 56

Item Winner Notes
burnished bastard sword with a soft scaled grip Dianelle
jet-black dress coat with gold button loops and crimson cuffs Aislynn
radiant nacarat silk gown overlaid with black spidersilk lace Telodia
grey toy mace with a plush head Maronel
polished copper armband set with pieces of cabochon ivory Jhangfei

Raffle 57

Item Winner Notes
elegant silver wire hairnet beaded with raindrop shaped crystals Kheldas
purple-stained berry bag Rajara Contained : a bite-sized raspberry tart, a bite-sized strawberry tart, a bite-sized blueberry tart, a seaweed tart, a starfruit tart and a taffelberry tart
black linen robe adorned with the spider of Harawep Zandari
fine black dragon pipe with twin ruby eyes Eyuve
striped hairsticks sprouting shocks of wildly colored fake hair Synamon

Raffle 58

Item Winner Notes
round cambrinth apple with a carved jade stem Ezmundiuz
slender platinum necklace strung with glossy black pearls Dunoge
series of brightly enameled bracelets held together by gem-set bands Dewdrop
triple stranded decorative pocket-chain suspending a peacock topaz fob Gretae
grinning Barker Plokks pinata Tranon

Raffle 59

Item Winner Notes
heavy steel-chain bola weighted with several dark iron globes Anjinson
ebony-hafted steel glaive Talhearn
demure lavender dimity pinafore with a neatly tied bow at the back Niktika
pair of rawhide sandals with sanded oakwood soles Truix
star-streaked golden bag Fizzbitty

Raffle 60

Item Winner Notes
blue silk fan with a detailed scene of Therenborough painted on it Nebby
storm-grey gossamer stockings overlaid with black tulle Frosts
blackberry brocade frock coat held by animite shards Marssi
hunk of potter's clay Ricifo
colorfully striped box painted with a circus scene Hadrak

Raffle 61

Item Winner Notes
length of batiked fabric Vyraen
oak and oiled leather map case Caidie
grey linen robe adorned with the cobra of Hav'roth Schekter
white granite mortar laced with platinum veins Meantermel
pitch black alerce carved into an open eye Riverlynn

Raffle 62

Item Winner Notes
wooden toy axe with a half-moon head Fariden
star-streaked golden bag Whitney
oversized fried egg crafted from contrasting silk Kaelie
demure brown gown of silk charmeuse with floral-print kimono sleeves Tyrrum
piece of cambrinth celery filled with dark amethyst jam Larienna

Raffle 63

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked golden bag Brennarose
star-streaked silver bag Atazai
zingana lap harp inlaid with copper otters Mhisra
star-streaked silver bag Yoshinna
fragile bat wing bone amulet strung upon a silver chain Heatherwind

Raffle 64

Item Winner Notes
covellite box-jaw tongs with pewter inlay on its handles Kailiana
delicate silver jewelry box inlaid with a golden phoenix Cappiam
necklace of glided sea urchin spines and ammolite waves upon tiers of golden chain Ublala
dark silk tailcoat edged in sanguine gemfire velvet Ysei
small black pouch Anuind

Raffle 65

Item Winner Notes
narrow-bladed ceremonial dagger Lukretia
dark crystalline flute with tiny night diamond chips set in each key Amalaria
black linen robe adorned with the shark of Drogor Kaindell
towering steel-framed aquarium Phoula
ice-blue satin cloak lined with watered-ivory silk Exoduss

Raffle 66

Item Winner Notes
white ironwood cane with a curving handle of smoke-hued marble Gaelienna
vibrant cloak of multicolored silks Ledia
slender e'erdream flute carved with twining firefall vines Gaylen
golden silk robe clasped with an ornate wire-wrapped quartz druzy Mandalynn
gnarled ebonwood staff clutching a cracked globe Hammerfist

Raffle 67

Item Winner Notes
sturdy iron forging hammer etched with stylized flames Rallyne
ashen jacquard cravat pinned with a molten-core diamond Tranon
pair of black leather trousers painted with white ivy leaves Shunasazi
celestial blue shirt with niveous lace at the neckline Aftermath
exaggerated top hat fronted with interlaced grommets Zamara

Raffle 68

Item Winner Notes
pair of cream-hued slippers with low arkose sandstone heels Fizzbitty
red-and-white bandana Shaey
pair of gabardine pants fettered by a series of almiris rounds Crenden
white linen robe adorned with the wolverine of Kuniyo Rixter
fingerless ashen grey leather gloves branded with closed eyes on the palms Rantjur

Raffle 69

Item Winner Notes
wyvern hide fighting pants with barbed rivets Midory
soft periwinkle blue cotton long-sleeved shirt with a rolled collar Muksak
slender blackened steel dagger Fayenangel
small leather arm pouch embroidered with a black spider Larienna
triangular piece of cambrinth tart stuffed with pebbled garnet filling Kilan

Raffle 70

Item Winner Notes
smooth haon lap harp carved with gold-inlaid sunbursts Weensie
Severius doll with a blade protruding from its mouth Harshon
polished bronze tankard shaped like a lion Voyle
star-streaked golden bag Powerhaus
heart-shaped cloud ruby pendant pierced with a tiny silversteel dagger Thule

Raffle 71

Item Winner Notes
military style gold and green tailcoat with ebon epaulettes Padhg
ivory shirt of fine silk clasped at the cuffs with pitch pearl raven Linessa
polished acacia lute patterned with carnelian inlay Kurlay
thin periwinkle blue Elven wool wrap with a delicate fringe Elec
faded sailcloth haversack with a braided sharkskin strap accented by feathers Leilanie

Raffle 72

Item Winner Notes
heavy iron-banded alchemist's tool trunk Jadyce
wasp-waisted corset of jet-black silk laced with white and crimson ribbons Orphne
star-streaked golden bag Izude
small leather arm pouch embroidered with a black spider Everics
black linen robe adorned with the shrew of Kerenhappuch Devrilry

Raffle 73

Item Winner Notes
star-streaked red bag Telodia
silver trapeze earrings Ephic
black linen robe adorned with the centaur of Trothfang Samsaren
articulated covellite tongs with burnished bronze handles Felicini
star-streaked white bag Cined

Raffle 74

Item Winner Notes
dull brown leather journal titled "My Life After the Circus" Toleana
short black stiletto wrapped with dark blue silk knotted around the hilt Adlyn
pinata shaped like a cat holding a ball of red yarn Myya
circular pouch depicting Katamba set in the heart of a black rose Hnot contains: a carved rose pendant hung from a black gold chain
darkened steel kris with a la'tami-hide wrapped grip Daemona

Raffle 75

Item Winner Notes
elegant glass hand mirror infused with tiny golden fireflies Coeur
pink-striped ball Ricifo
grey linen robe adorned with the panther of Damaris Binadas
translucent amber whistle carved to resemble a playful squirrel Ledia
single hhyssk'et blossom  ? (no winner; not enough eligible people for a ticket)

Raffle 76

Item Winner Notes
deep crimson velvet gown stitched with black accents Garlinen
circular pouch depicting Yavash set in the heart of a red rose Fariden Contained: a carved rose pendant hung from a white gold chain
white linen robe adorned with the welkin of Divyaush Emyrose
white linen robe adorned with the mongoose of Rutilor Myzeri
pair of dark olive suede slippers embroidered with pearlescent daisies Navesi

Raffle 77

Item Winner Notes
dark leather hat with a feather tucked in a slender band of suede Sydnee
pair of sleekly curving alerce hairsticks topped with Drogor's Wrath sapphires Meimei
black wool pants embroidered with deep red thread Temzu
piece of cambrinth asparagus with moss agate tips Kheldas
heavily stained leather boots Sendithu

Raffle 78

Item Winner Notes
blackened steel great helm shaped like a shark's head Vhimm
single faesoul blossom Flixx
hunk of potter's clay Ruea
star-streaked silver bag Tuckin
patchwork leather coat Sylvain

Raffle 79

Item Winner Notes
iridescent white satin gown with a drop-waist bodice trimmed in gilded seashells Leilanie
puppy-emblazoned tower shield Kaftar
grey linen robe adorned with the dolphin of Eluned Itron
wide platinum band displaying a large glacier emerald Ysei
midnight blue book bag dotted with silver stars Dreamheart

Raffle 80

Item Winner Notes
cluster of cambrinth lingonberries sprinkled with crushed dusk spinels Rayje
popcorn bag Caidie Contains 100 Tickets
burnished katar with a stylized cat-shaped handle Lydaiva
ebonwood pendant bearing a varna symbol Tranon
pale blue satin ribbons dangling brilliant hawkseye hearts Exoduss

Raffle 81

Item Winner Notes
onyx ring carved to resemble a curled cat Bovi
thin rib bones Tasyra
rounded pineapples crudely carved from driftwood Gotinx
bronze carnyx with the bell in the shape of a open-mouthed koi Meantermel
thin electrum anklets decorated with tiny glass bells Ymim

Raffle 82

Item Winner Notes
black velvet pouch shot with strands of platinum Ahwen
banded txistu Goou
pair of soft white leather sandals with brushed silver clasps Octaveia
brown plush cudgel embroidered with green leaves Ziuorjorp
colorful skirt embroidered with circus animals Aislynn

Raffle 83

Item Winner Notes
black linen robe adorned with the adder of Asketi Riverlynn
velvet pack with an elaborate gold clasp Coeur
Captain Kurmin pinata painted with a preoccupied look Sendithu
popcorn bag Jaenor
waxed leather bracelet made from thin braided strands Vandyl

Raffle 84

Item Winner Notes
piece of cambrinth celery filled with ignimbrite peanut butter Kithrievarion
miniature swords crafted from blued steel Arvydas
tawny leather wrist sheath branded with three closed eyes Dyminica
exquisitely sleek metallic gold cire gown Ledia
tabor minjayrah painted with tiny white rabbits Piety

Raffle 85

Item Winner Notes
pair of bronze silk slippers with sleek blackthorne heels Stavis
star-streaked golden bag Alexasta
flaring gown of corbeau-hued silk layered beneath a crow-feathered corset Gaylen
puffy white cotton gloves with exaggerated fingers Sydnee
polished spectacles with pale sanguine lenses edged in a thin strip of animite Dirau

Raffle 86

Item Winner Notes
large cambrinth blob Lysalfa
pair of pivuh-skin boots decorated with tiny golden animal charms Damoza
elaborate full skirt awash with impressionistic rainforest hues Lydaiva
misshapen silver lump Tishanae
Some spiraling obsidian sphere earrings Naniaki

Raffle 87

Item Winner Notes
mistglass faesoul bracelet set with a tiny aeschelich Xakaya
pair of ivory spectacles accented with gold leaf Karanae
pair of inky black feathered wings Currahee
grey linen robe adorned with the raven of Kertigen Ephic
pitted cambrinth orange hanging from a dark peridot stem Devrilry

Raffle 88

Item Winner Notes
small black pouch Khaytaiths
grey linen robe adorned with the wolf of Meraud Getrylight
charming yellow calico sundress with eyelet lace-trimmed straps Zevox
length of beaded fabric Haileyann
white linen robe adorned with the kingsnake of Peri'el Bellicia

Raffle 89

Item Winner Notes
gold-edged toy falchion with a silk-wrapped hilt Brennarose
purple plush quarterstaff embroidered with stars and moons Crenden
cambrinth warhorse figurine Kawtehppor
pair of icily iridescent silver-blue wings edged with crushed clear seaglass Yanbelev
piece of cambrinth celery filled with dark amethyst jam Munchausen

Raffle 90

Item Winner Notes
pair of deobar naqqara lashed together with bright orange tasseled cords Gaylen
black linen robe adorned with the shrike of Dergati Midory
diadem formed of a diamondique teardrop on a twisted electrum chain Charise
pale silk gown Samsaren
happy child bobblehead holding a funnel cake and a balloon Larasyl

Raffle 91

Item Winner Notes
dapper purple fedora with a thin goldweave hatband Damart
yellow-green silk robe with wide sleeves Vaydra
Some tall black leather boots set with wolves' teeth Doxx
grey linen robe adorned with the ram of Glythtide Fariden
shapeless grey blob Sebestyen

Raffle 92

Item Winner Notes
iridescent umber cire shirt washed with shifting earthy tones Skaen
stuffed star finch sporting a vast array of colors Annya
floor-length flannel cloak dyed with a repeating red and black pattern Zandari
shapeless grey blob Nimthiriel
Some dull audrualm spectacles with pale azure lenses Atrie