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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime

Rallyne has served as Councillor for the Order of the Dragon Shield, Steward for House Giraud and has previously served with the Baron's Own Militia and the Northern Watch. She is known in Therengia for her sharp wit and mischievousness. She has become a master bladesmith and enjoys forging.


Hellion Rallyne Fostra'yavlorit, Hellion of the Order of the Dragon Shield
She has sparkling topaz eyes and strawberry-streaked honey hair that is very long and curly, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over her shoulders. She has fair skin and a curvaceous figure.


Rallyne had an unremarkable childhood until her family travelled to Crossing for a shopping trip in 369. There was an invasion, and she became separated from them until found by a ranger who took her to safety in a treehouse. She could not find her family and after some months under the ranger's tutelage, he brought her to Riverhaven where she found her home. Crestfallen, she did her best to fit in and by the month of Shorka, 370, joined the Order of the Dragon Shield where she started what became a life long commitment to Therengia. She was befriended by another Shielder, Drexella, and became first a military liaison and then an aide on her Ambassadorial staff. When Drexella formed House Giraud, Rallyne was made a member of and served as the Steward. She also served in the Baron's Own Militia, and with the Northern Watch. She made several bad choices in romance, until she finally wed Marganus. She was later reunited with her lost nephew and only known family, Angorath. She recently was appointed as an Ambassador for Therengia to King Raenilar's court of Outcast Tribes, King Arhhdan of Muspar'i, and to High King Talorc of the Gypsy Tribes. Shortly thereafter, she was made Court Advisor to Baron Gyfford. She left that position to raise her children and now that they have grown has returned to service with the Order of the Dragon Shield.

As with all things, life moves forward and its been no different for Rallyne. With her children grown and gone, and her husband on a quest to try and manipulate the bad magic into good, she has been left to her own devices. She has chosen to release Marganus as her spouse so he can better concentrate on his efforts. You can still find her in Riverhaven for, no matter how far she travels from it, she always feels more at home there.


  • Dislikes shopping.
  • Terrified of spiders.
  • Fears abandonment.
  • Loves flowers.
  • Is a romantic.
  • Has two children, Asuth and Acadi, who are now grown and making their own adventures.