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Linett DeMooren
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Loreali, Laeloria, Leuthil, Lekhmet, Shenney, Kelela, Sunnie

Bard though often mistaken for a Thief.... gods only know why.

Pretty dedicated to documenting items and things in the lands, will often wander up to complete strangers and ask if she can hold something they are wearing.
Promises to not run off with it! (honest!)
Though might have to to run to Mamas to weigh it, damn appraisal ranks.

And I was never married to anyone except Useff. Anything else you may or may not remember or have heard of was some absinthe fueled dream or nightmare, depending on what you heard.

See User:LOREALI6 if you really want.