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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime

Drexella is a lifelong Therengian and former member of the Order of the Dragon Shield. Her life began as a street rat reaching her current pinnacle as a noble of Therengia. She has served both Baron Jeladric IV and his successor Baron Gyfford as as Aide, Envoy, Ambassador and Adviser. She is a veteran of the Outcast War, and many other skirmishes and battles in defense of her beloved lands. She is mother to Siandir of her first marriage. When she wed Sebestyen, she requested the Baron raise him to Lord of House Giraud.

In the first month of the year 404, Drexella was put on trial for treason. The result was a guilty verdict of Dereliction of Duty and thereby had all titles and honors stripped, as well as her membership in her beloved order. In 411 she was pardoned and rejoined the Order, but any nobility was not reinstated. In 417 she resigned from the Order of the Dragon Shield.


Blood Phoenix Drexella Giraud-Kuliniac, Legendary Barbarian of Therengia.
She has an angular face with high cheekbones and penetrating dark amber eyes. Her silver hair is long and straight, and is worn pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids. She has ebon skin and a slender figure.
She has a tattoo of a carved bloodgem rose on her right wrist.

She is wearing a front-laced suede halter-neck top, a polished leather morawen with a kertig spatha and a shadowy haralun spatha secured to it, a spiraling bronze armband, a gold ring, a low-slung loincloth crafted from ragged suede and some looped gold ankle-chains beaded with red jasper.


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