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Sendithu shrunk.png
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Thief
Instance Prime
IC IM Albredine Crystal
OOC IM AIM: scurvyfree
Relatives Samsaren, Wyvir, Synamon, Eckan, Maltris


You see Sunderstone's Zuz'darm Sendithu Shima'ionare-Remlane, Favored of Damaris, an Elf.
Sendithu has a finely featured face with gracefully arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick eyelashes accentuating striking, deep violet eyes. Her lustrous raven black hair is shoulder blade length and slightly wavy, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a pair of white glaes swans with aoustone-inlaid wings. She has flawless alabaster skin and a deceptively willowy figure.
She is average height for an Elf.
She is adult for an Elf.
She is wearing a pair of palladium earrings cascading in scalloped tiers. Linked together with chains, they form a bejeweled waterfall that drapes against her face. Six violet's heart amethyst Queen-of-the-night lilies adorn the earrings and chains.

She is wearing a violet's heart amethyst pendant set on a twisted palladium chain, a deeply cowled Elven wool cloak adorned with a dazzling array of ulhari prisms, a snug amethyst jaspe bandeau wrapped around the chest, a dainty icesteel pilonu graced with an array of absinthe emeralds, a palladium engagement ring adorned with an inferno's heart surrounded by Elamiri sapphires, a polished belt frog with an ornate tyrium cutlass and a glaes thrusting blade hanging from it, a pair of ebony pants wrapped around the hips with a tightly woven belt of spidersilk, and a pair of dainty slippers with carved glitvire heels.

The amazeballs artistic interpretation manifested in the fantabulous image of the awesome Sendithu is brought to you by, and with the permission of, Thayet! (Head on down to the artwork credit for her contact information!)

A Reading Song

Because it is nice to have something to listen to as you read ( and Swayze...), here is a song to read by.

She's Like the Wind

Soft light filters in to the roomy tavern from the front desk of Milene's Rose, the murmur of quiet voices fill the room. A stately publican stands behind the bar keeping a careful eye on the patrons moving about the room and chatting with a young man leaning against the bar.

"What about her?" He gives a slight nod towards a gaudily bejeweled Elven woman holding court over several glassy eyed men in the corner.

The publican laughs and shakes his head. "If your head is not empty and your wallet is not full, and I mean your own branch in the bank full, you can look, but you will likely lose a little of your soul in doing it." The young man gazes thoughtfully at the woman a moment longer, noticing, for the first time, the empty smile and hollow laugh. Nodding at the publican he begins his scan of the room once more.

The low din of voices drops off as a lithe figure appears in the doorway. A raven-haired Elven woman pauses at the door, her violet eyes taking in the room at a glance before flashing a crooked smile at the publican. She moves effortlessly across the room and slips into a private booth in the back. The young man stares at her path, letting out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

"Don't ask." The publican shakes his head while stifling laugh.

"But, I have to."

"Have to what?" A buxom Elven waitress leans in to hand off an order, grinning at the young man.

"He wants to know about Sendithu," the publican replies, meeting her amused gaze before setting about to fill her order.

"Do you know her?" the man asks, pleading in his voice.

"I was here when her family sent her off to be an Empath," she said with a chuckle. "She came from an Elamiri family of silversmiths. She called them the "forkmakers" because they made practical things. She is not a maker of practical things."

"An Empath..."

"No, I said she was sent to be an Empath, not that she is one. She was never the most empathetic soul and she tried, it was what her family asked of her, but, she left the guild when she figured she spent enough time trying. She sent back word to her family that she was leaving the guild to be a Ranger but gave them no way to respond."

"So she is a Ranger?" Staring at the booth, visions of flowers and tree hugging float about in his minds eye, shaken back to reality by the laughter of the waitress next to him.

"She is a Mountain Elf, and you are a dreamer." Grabbing a tray full of glasses, she flashes a smile at the Publican and winds her way back through the crowd, still laughing at the dreamy look on the face of the young man.

"Tell me more!" Leaning across the bar the young man grasps the arm of the publican, eyes widening as a large Gor Tog appears out of no where to remove his hand from his boss's arm.

"Hands to yourself," the Tog growls, guiding the man back to his seat. "What do you want to know about her?"


Shaking his head the Tog settles against the bar, age showing in his movements as he relaxes his guard. "She was married to Subai when I was still young, they had a daughter, Urla. We played together when they passed through. She was much like her mother and moved on to bigger adventures. No one was suprised when Subai chose to settle down and Sendithu could not, they divorced amicably, and she was drawn back home to Ilithi."

Settling himself back on his seat, the young man returns to staring across the room at the private booth. "So she is not married?"

"That is what you took from that?" The old Tog laughs and shakes his head before returning to his post at the end of the bar.

"What?" Confused the man shakes his head.

"What, what?" A moon mage says as he steps up to the bar and places an order with the publican.

"He is asking about Sendithu," the publican says with an amused grin at the moon mage's widening eyes. "He still has his head, so you ought to tell him about when she was on the court."

"A politician!"

Laughing, the moon mage shakes his head. "I would never call Sendithu a politician. No. It was pretty surprising when she applied for the Ambassador to Zoluren position with the court. It was less surprising that she was good at it. She is excellent at reading people, and she sees everything. Perfect in that position really.

"I think it was 397 AV," pausing to think, the moon mage nods. "Right about then that she was named Ilithi's sole ambassador. She wrote a book too, about the Sisters of Ain Ghazal. Aguisian Deglaraus even presented her with a portrait."

"It must be lovely," the young man says with a sigh.

"Well, yes, he is an excellent artist."

The moon mage takes the glass offered to him by the publican and drains it quickly before placing it back on the bar. "The tower lost a good one when she resigned. Leucius was serving as Court Advisor and invited the Arkarms to participate in a militia training exercise, despite them being banned and the links to necromancy. She was furious. She had been working tirelessly with Liurilias in the Inquisition against necromancy and to invite them into the city, regardless of the cause was inconceivable.

"She married Liurilias in 401 AV, some say it was to thumb her nose at her family, others because they worked so closely. Honestly, I feel like they married because she is so passionate in her beliefs that perhaps that passion leaked over and bonded them. He left the court at the same time as she did and they all but disappeared into the work of the Inquisition."

"Oh... married," the young man sighed, his face falling.

"Well, not anymore," the moon mage stated matter-of-factly. "She and Liuri resurfaced in Therengia and he was appointed to be the personal cleric of Larohold Trigomas. He began moving in those Therengian circles and about 15 years after they married, they divorced. No one really knows why, but they seem to still be friendly."

The publican places another glass on the bar next to the mage and with in moments he drains it. His eyes glaze over and he suddenly slips to the floor. The publican motions to the Tog at the end of the bar who scoops the drunken mage up and deposits him at a table in the far corner of the bar.

"So still sing..." the young man begins as he tears his eyes away from the private booth and realizes the mage is gone. "Where did he go?"

Shaking his head, the publican sighs and laughs. "He comes, he drinks, he passes out. You kept him talking longer than most."

"But, I need to know more!"

A tall, armored Human strides up to the bar and settles himself on the seat next to the young man. Nodding to the publican he glances across the room at the private booth.

"Hey, Sam," the Elven waitress says as she drops another other off at the bar. "This kid is asking about Sendithu."

"Oh yeah?" the Paladin asks, his stormy grey eyes settling on the face of the stranger next to him.

"I...uh...She is beautiful," the young man stammers. Shrinking back under the gaze of the Paladin, his resolve falters.

"Sam here has been her bodyguard for quite some time." The waitress says with a knowing grin before walking away, drinks in hand.

Chuckling, the publican places two empty glasses and an envelope on the bar, taking a small pouch of gems in return. Samsaren smiles as he slips the envelope into his pocket, giving the publican a slight nod.

"Tell me about her?" the man asks hopefully.

"She is beautiful," Samsaren says with a nod. "She is graceful and smart, funny when she chooses to show you that side. She holds herself to a higher standard than most, she is proud, genuine, and loyal. She is dangerous, not because she is beautiful, but because behind that beauty there is a fire..."

His voice trails off as Sendithu emerges from the booth, a smile playing about her lips as she gazes at Samsaren. Their eyes meet and he grabs the glasses on the bar behind him and walks across the room to join her. She reaches out and bats him playfully with his ponytail, and then slips back into the booth. Samsaren glances back across the bar, meeting the eyes of the bewildered young man at the bar before following her.

The young man's shoulders droop as realization washes over him. The publican pats his shoulder and pushes a glass brimming with Milene's Special Brandy across the bar.

"She's like the wind," he says tearing his eyes from the booth and downing the glass of brandy with a sigh.

Image Over Time

At her wedding to Samsaren:
You see Dazzling Bride Sendithu Shima'ionare-Remlane, Favored of Damaris, an Elf.
Sendithu has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed violet eyes. Her blue-black hair is very long and thick, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a pair of white glaes swans with aoustone-inlaid wings. She has pale skin and a lithe figure.
A pair of richly marbled dragonvein agates adorns her ears, each gem carved to resemble a Queen-of-the-night lily in full bloom. Delicate chains of honey-toned sungold descend from the flowers to brush gently against her cheeks.

She is holding an elegant bouquet of midnight purple lilies and Elamiri roses in her right hand.
She is wearing a dainty shireli lace choker dangling a whirl cut violet's heart amethyst, an open backed shireli lace gown with a dramatic shadesatin train, a palladium engagement ring adorned with an inferno's heart surrounded by Elamiri sapphires, a slender palladium infinity wedding band and a pair of dainty slippers with carved glitvire heels.

As sketched by Aguisian:
Precise inking scrolls across the page to form the detailed sketching. A lithe Elven woman with almond-shaped violet eyes sits gazing out an open window, her blue-black hair worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a delicate Elven silver haircomb carved to resemble a pair of swans. Slender fingers extend to gently caress a green lovebird perched upon her shoulder. A caption at the bottom of the page reads, "Sendithu. Ambassador."

At her wedding to Liurilias:
You see Elamiri Defiant Sendithu Shima'ionare-Grath'Vael, an Elf.
Sendithu has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and almond-shaped violet eyes. Her blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a classical style pulled back by an intricate braid wound with a violet diamond lotus blossom along the top of the head that allows the hair to fall freely in the back. She has pale skin and a lithe figure.

She is holding a cascading bouquet of white tiger lilies accented with blushing lavender roses in her right hand.
She is wearing a violet's heart amethyst pendant set on a twisted palladium chain, a dusky lavender shadesatin gown with an elegantly draped plunging back, an exquisite pilonu of glaes chains accented with smoky haze sapphires, a narrow wedding band of lifesculpted dragonwood accented with starry tanzanites, a palladium engagement ring which cradles a violet's heart amethyst and a pair of sculpted smokewood wedge sandals with raw silk straps.


The preceding is brought to you by the player of Synamon, approved by Sendithu, and we feel pretty confident Patrick Swayze would be happy to endorse it as well. <3

Artwork Credit

You too can get a portrait done of your text! While it won't be as fabulous as Sendithu (because, duh), it will definitely be amazing. You can contact Thayet at @thayelf via twitter or on tumblr at!