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Kaelie Rudeone
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Jiah, Reira, Mazrian, Daeryean


Kaelie has elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and green eyes. She has golden-streaked strawberry hair that is very long and straight, and is worn in a simple, loose style. She has tanned skin. She is tall for an Elf. She has a tattoo of a delicate crescent moon cradling a wolf's pawprint on her neck.


Kaelie was born in year 308. An only child she spent much of her youth in the area of the Horse Clan. Her father, a Ranger in actuality was a bard at heart. She cherished following him as closely as she could; listening to him whistle for birds and then for joy. When he died she felt that her world ended too. The music gone from her life she ventured out of her childhood home and wandered into the area now known as Crossings.

Having arrived in the town with little coin and very little knowledge she wandered a few days not really knowing what to do or where to go. After several days of exploration and now short on coin she found the doorway of the Empath Guild. Annael, seeming to be kind enough, inducted her into the life of being an Empath, she made it sound all so simple. Kaelie spent her days in the Infirmary learning to heal small wounds and then heal herself. Making a few friends here and there, but mostly were patients that came and went, putting coins in her pockets and gems in her pouches. She did have one good friend she made by the name of Solielle. Having heard of a town to the North that had recently been found together they navigated the Northern Trade Route to find Riverhaven. It was there she made a new home and found her first husband, Drezzle Lionsheart. A Ranger, like her father, they had a few happy years and one daughter, Jiah.

Some years later there was the talk of war in the city she first found. Her husband, having disappeared long before, she felt no need to remain in Riverhaven, she packed up her daughters things and her own and traveled back to Crossing to help while the Gorbesh invaded with persistence the first place she knew other than Horse Clan. It was there that she put down roots again. Her second husband was also met there, on the pier one day, weary from the war and tired they would sit and talk. Eadric Streona, another Ranger, and she joined the Lorethew Mentor Society together and remained in Crossing until he too, like her first husband drifted away into the forest. She remained, however, seeing the end of that war and through the next with Sorrow. Watching friends and loved ones come and go. Her daughter grew up there. She retired her Mentorship and decided it would be a good thing to travel herself and for many years she remained unheard from.

Returning back to the area. That was quite the experience. Lost on the Northern Trade Route, not remembering how she got there, picking her way South again thinking of the Crossing and maybe it had disappeared in her absence. Surely it never took her *this* long before to hit the town. She could hear thoughts on the gweth, all strange voices in her head and none of the friends of times long past she felt alone as she finally reached the North East Gate. Relieved she was not doomed to be lost for all time, she found her way to the Empath Guild only to be met with Empaths on the street and Salvur grumbling at her from the place she last saw Annael. Things had indeed changed, not all for the better, in her long time away. She nodded at the new leader with glance over her shoulder and went to the street to learn what had happened to her Guild and her first teacher Annael. Empaths no longer used the guild, in some protest, she sat on the dirty street and heard the tales from some of the Empaths as to the nature of things. And there she also met Evro, a Cleric, they bonded rather quickly. Adopted a daughter by the name of Reira. Although things ended with Evro they did their best and remained friends even after the serious fighting that led to their becoming, very publically, divorced.

Determined to help Empaths that she was newly meeting remember how things used to be and preserve what she could she tried to involve some of them in ending the obviously failed protest and move the healing efforts back inside. She joined the unsanctioned militia Vela'tohr as a triage coordinator against the new threat of Elplazi invaders led by Alret. Helped a friend, at the time, Mazrian with a group of fighters the Ravens Guard. And finally, once more, began to mentor the young and rejoined to find her place in the Lorethew Mentor Society. One often doesn't know how things happen, but in the midst of not trying she bumped into her old friend Mazrian one evening and after spending long hours together traveling and talking they bonded. He also joined with the Mentors and can often be found on the front lawn of Jadewater Mansion together or in front of the Warrior Mage Guild talking to the young Mages.