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Kaelie Rudeone
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Mazrian, Jiah, Reira, Daeryean


You see Harmless Biomancer Kaelie Rudeone-Daemondred, Speaker of the Order of the Black Fox, an Elf.

A diffuse, honey-colored light undulates lazily across her skin, swirling and eddying with every movement.

She has an oval face with high cheekbones, pointed ears and elegantly arched eyebrows. Long sweeping lashes of amber frame her discerning silver-flecked celadon green eyes. She has long rose gold hair with undertones of spiced warm ginger that spill down her back in waves of shifting fiery hues. She has blush-hued lips and a sun-kissed glow. She has a toned coltish figure.

She has a tattoo of a delicate crescent moon cradling a wolf's pawprint on her neck.


Kaelies' mount, Caoimhe (pronounced KEE-vah), is sixteen hands high with a black coat spangled with tiny white spots that are concentrated over the back and hips. It has a black mane and tail. It is a gelding and has a white mark covering the left foreleg's fetlock. His coat is usually stained with the blood of his enemies. The spots on his skin are where pure evil is seeping out. He stops on a dime, usually at a full gallop, and agrees to a jump then balks.

Guardian Spirit

Name ~ Cathaoir (pronounced Ka-THAIR). The warrior is athletic with an air of grace and menace both, its face a mask of reticence with fierce sapphire hued eyes which reveal its true nature of protection and devotion. Its body gleams with an opalescent luster and wavers with sinuous muscle that tenses when danger draws near to the one it protects. Its hair is a waterfall of dark shimmering shadows that spills down its shoulders. On its chest, over the heart, is the mark of a wolf's paw print.


Galleon ~ Mazrian's Last Dance, First Mate

Quiet Moments


It has been 440 years, 138 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
It is the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare.
It is currently spring and it is early morning.
You're positive it's 14 roisaen before the Anlas of Hodierna's Blessing.

She is standing on the quarterdeck of The Dance near Pilot Pendal. Feeling the large ship pitch in the Reshalian Sea, she steadies her footing by placing a slender hand onto his shoulder. Tendrils of her hair curling tight as the sea spray dampens them. There is an easy smile that is the tell tale sign she is far from population on the open waters and is not subject to the health needs of everyone around her.

Pendal glances over, "You know you should spend more time out here. It agrees with you."

She shoves him playfully away, "One day. But for now I need to finish the work I have been tasked with from my guild. I am so close to having learned all the required amount of Empathy that they demand. In several weeks time I will ask for my 200th advancement in the guild and I can only hope over the decades of dedication they will not find fault with my path or conduct." She closes her eyes, her jawline tenses. They are nearing Ratha, the familiar tickle of pain and worry from the residents reaching her even as they dock. "Stay close, please, I am only checking at the Guild here to make sure I owe no debts or have tasks undone."

Other Moments