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Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime

You are Emerald Knight Rantjur Uzim, Recruiting Officer of the Order of the White Rose, an Elf.


Rantjur's history is not something he talks about often. Born on the 27th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Silver Unicorn, Rantjur rarely speaks of his childhood. When he does speak of the past, his stories usually begin around his 25th birthday or so, when he joined the Crossing Ranger Guild. When pressed, he will sometimes mention that his family hails from Leth Deriel. Further inquiries indicate that his father was a farmer, and his biological mother was a barmaid at a small tavern.

His family was killed during the Gorbesh war, so, during the great adoptions of 378 AV, he was adopted by Daralanteriel.

An official adoption certificate reads: "This certificate hereby honors the adoption of Rantjur by Daralanteriel on 223 Arhat 378."


For many years, Rantjur followed the teachings of Meraud, often gaining his favor. During the Outcast War, in a particularly brutal battle, he cried for Meraud's aid and was denied (and subsequently was struck down.) Feeling as if he'd been forsaken, Rantjur began following the path of Damaris, a path to this day he walks very devoutly. He often speaks of Damaris, and even has a tatoo showing his devotion. 'Damaris watch over and protect me' is a common Mantra heard from his lips, especially when doing something he deems to be silly, suicidal, or downright crazy.

You have a tattoo of the Panther of Damaris spanning across your back. The cat is crouched low, ready to pounce on something unseen. Its claws and fangs are stark white, offsetting the deep ebony of the predator, and citrine eyes stare at its prey across the length of the scene. Above the avatar in crimson script are the words "Damaris watch over and protect me" which comes to end on your shoulder.

All's fair in love and war?

Rantjur's love life has been a wild ride for the several decades, involving multiple failed marriages and a plethora of children, only two of which, Aerewen and Vania, his youngest two daughters, survive now. His oldest daughter, Elentari, born from his first wife, met her fate at the hands of a peccary while hunting with her husband, Vibrato. Aerewen and Vania were both born out of wedlock.

Rantjur's first wife, Annodia, met her fate at the hands of a Swamp Troll in Langenfirth, somewhere around 370 AV. His second wife, Meggansera, split from him after only a few short years of marriage. His third wife, Madilynn, seperated from him as friends, near 380 AV. A short marriage to the bardess Divannah was ended when she disappeared from the realm. Rebounding, he married Aprilena, a marriage that lasted nearly 15 years. After several long term, non-marriage relationships, he spent nearly a year married to Meantermel. They split as friends. On 8 Skullcleaver 397, Rantjur married Eslyn. During the first month of 398, after her disappearance, they divorced. Rantjur finally settled down, in the ninth month of 399, marrying the bardess, Riawen, before many friends and family. That wedding was watched over by The Panther of Damaris himself, blessing the union.

War and Peace

During the Gorbesh and Sorrow Wars, Rantjur was, his own words, 'Far too young to make a damned bit of difference', and mostly abstained from the fighting. He did minor triage work for several now-defunct organizations, and spent much of the Gorbesh war dead or dying from the dreaded Gorbesh Death Spheres.

Following the death of his only son, Tyrahe, Rantjur moved to Ilithi, becoming a citizen of Shard for many years. He fought during the Outcast war, first in the Triage units, and then as a Sergeant and Lieutenant in the Ilithi Battering Rams militia. During the absence of Commander Nuark, Rant was named Commander of the unit for some time. At the end of the occupation, the ranger retired from the service, and is proud to say he's retired from Militia duty, with no plans to enlist his services again. Though he does defend the city when and if she is invaded, his status as 'retired' will probably never change. When asked, his usual comment on the matter is 'I served my time in Hell.'

Battles of Note

Though involved in many minor conflicts, battles, and skirmishes, Rantjur will often reflect on the turning point in the war, when Raenilar and his forces harried and chased a numerically inferior force of 'Rebels' from the city, to the foot of Wyvern Mountain. This heroic stand brought about the deaths of a handful of Ilithi's defenders, and allowed the Outcasts to gain a strong foothold in Ilithi. The tide had now shifted in the battles, until ultimately, the city was lost.

Though not a bard, he wrote his thoughts on the matter down, which he soon transposed into a song, dedicated to the forces of Ilithi, and all those who fell that day. His baritone voice can often be heard lamenting the fallen during funerals and other somber affairs.


Shortly after the war, Rant completed the trials, and was accepted as a member of the Emerald Knights of Shard. Completing these trials, he exiled himself to the mountains on a hermitage, which he returned from around 390AV. He continues to be a nomad, suffering from a severe case of wanderlust, as well as an insatiable desire to challenge himself further.


No blood relatives remain alive, except his children, Aerewen and Vania. Years ago, he adopted Rgamato, Jeincains, and Dominga as his brothers and sister.

Notable Associations

A former member of 'The Prince's Raiders', a triage unit of Zoluren formed during the Outcast war. Retired Commander of the Ilithi Battering Rams. Current member of the Emerald Knights of Shard, and a key-carrying, pick-toting member of the Locksmith Union. Bored with 'retired life', in 401AV, he applied to become a member of the Order of the White Rose. In the Tenth month of 403AV, he was formally inducted as a member.

Items of note

This blade has been forged of a fantastic watered steel, the impurities giving it a highly polished look. The blade's perfection is only dulled by the matte-black onyx pommel and handguard. The pommel is inlaid with a pair of ivory dice, the pips showing 6 and 1. Impressed into the metal is the image of a hammer and anvil surrounded by bold letters spelling out the name, "Mendasity". Along the handguard, a flowing script has been acid-etched. There appears to be something written on it.

A keen-edged bastard sword reads: "Luck never gives; it only lends."

The normally rounded curves of this longbow have been plated with stunning water-steel, the beautiful impurities in each metallic ringlet are magnified by the high polish and luster of the alloy. The swirling pattern ends just inches from the tips of the bow, where it blends seamlessly into the nightsilk string. Along the handguard, a flowing script has been acid-etched in small lettering. There appears to be something written on it.

A hunter's longbow reads: "Memories are like hunting horns whose sound dies on the wind."

Sparkling silver woven into a thread pattern reinforces the supple seams of these sturdy leathers. Along the chest, there is a faint image of two Elven rangers standing back-to-back, one holding a crossbow and one drawing a longbow, fighting off an onslaught of Adan'f warriors and mages, the bodies scattered about haphazardly. A silver seal, stitched to the back panel of the leathers, bears small golden letters. There appears to be something written on it.

Some embossed gargoyle-hide leathers reads: "Handcrafted by Tarmerdes Do'aerth for Rantjur Uzim and embellished by Maddy the Silversmith."