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Dreamheart Delaevan-Forestwolf
Status Retired
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Xixist
Dreamheart Delaevan Forestwolf


Born Dreamheart Delaevan on the 34th day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 327 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer to parents, Dorotea (nee Lightclad) and Phofiden W. Delaevan at the family home in rural Zoluren during the reign of Prince Belirendrick III. Married Xixist Forestwolf in Moliko 380AV in Zoluren. She is the proprietress of the Wren's Nest Tavern at http://wrensnesttavern.com/

Citizenship: Nowhere

Residence: Muspar'i or Crossing


Fair skin, grey eyes, and her once burnished auburn hair is now streaked with platinum. The wolf bite of Meraud is visible on her wrist.


Early Life

Dreamheart is the only child born late in the lives of her parents. Trained in the classics by her parents, she learned history, music, performing arts, and religious studies from an early age. Her father trained her to be a priestess of Damaris, her mother, the bardess.

The Commoner Years

Into every land, one must come to remember and sing the stories of the peoples, their dreams, and the very land of Elanthia itself. This solemn duty was accepted by Dreamheart as Dreamweaver, who followed her Mage back to their Icy home, gave her the charge. Dreamweaver gave her with two things: a Trailblazer badge and her silver journal.

Bards were still being hunted, albeit not openly, by Dragon Priests, and the Guild was not open. Her father urged her to join the cleric guild, "It is so much safer for you, Dreamheart. You will still be able to accomplish your tasks." But there was music in her heart, and so she trained, biding her time until it was safe for the bard guild to open once more. She knew the Prince would make sure it happened, just as he was routing out the last holds of Dragon Priest zealots in the Province.

During this time, she made friends and hunted with some of the Legends of modern times, learning from each one. From Dangelo, she learned courage. From Lothar, she learned the value of dodging. From Eben, she learned her armor was as good as tissue paper. From Mir, oh, from Mir she learned many things, some bad habits, and many practical tips, but the most important lesson was, let sleeping mages be. From Digmo, Wildluck, and Qualinius she tried to learn magical devices, but had little patience for them. They would nod sagely and tell her it was a good thing she was not a Mage. From Violet she learned the great value of a young woman being able to defend herself with anything handy. From Gabriel, she learned honor. From Kruass, she learned the value of a good name. From Pendegast, her first patron, she learned the value of a job well done. From Manning, Solis, and Aislyn, she learned to revel in the wonder around her. (OK, she also learned to feed raccoons with them.) From Martee and Diancecht, she saw what a beautiful partnership love was.

Gweedo taught her to be an excellent teacher, Impalire taught her to never doubt, Fargo & Asarian helped her become adept with blades. Itharr taught her to never walk away from a second chance. Magus helped her learn wisdom, Miranda helped her learn to trust her sense of style. Nimue and Smahsh taught her to take joy in everything. Mazel & Luigi taught her the value of a kronar, as well as purposeful evasion. Mokikikako inspired not only her diction, but showed that not all mages were stuffy. Shadowvixen brought sleight of tongue into an artform. Slaughterangel taught her the value of friends. Suntoucher and Ohr showed her what rolemodels do. Theophrastus patiently tried to help her understand magic; to no avail. Ann taught her grace. Elriic taught her patience.

So many people left their names in her heart in those days. Angmar, Samantha, Riggles, Redtail (Oh, Cassi!), Glenlivet, Harlin, Anwyn, Calanthe, Branwen, Atanamir, and more.

She was joined before long by others who were guildless, but felt the call of music in their hearts. This small band trained hard for many a year before the Guild opened. Agraynel, Aiffe, Anvar, Brin, Canu, Danner, Keriala, Nesbit, Imbrielle, Valeiria, Robinton, and more - all inspired her to continue to work quietly until the Guild could return.


It has been said ever since Rowan The Deathmaiden protected the Bards, that it is known to be lucky to include a bard in your group. Whether you are hunting for sport, searching for answers, or looking to party, a bard can make light that journey.

Many songs were written and sung in concerts large and small, all listed below in her repertoire. Some were more controversial than others. All you ever had to do was ask her for a song, and she would sing one for you.

Dreamheart started a concert series that was very popular, managed the Wren's Nest Tavern during some very sorrowful times, and served as judge for bardic festivals.

Not too long after the restoration of the Crown of Zoluren to the Rightful Prince Vorclaf, the Prince asked her to serve as his Court Bardess. She served in that position until the war was over with the Sand Elf King.

She took up carving, based on the old promise that one day she could make her own instruments. Much to her surprise, the carving suited her. As of this writing, Year 431 AL, there are still no instruments to carve, but her mark is a sought out brand in high end carved weaponry, armors, and many other fine carved items.


Dreamheart returned after quite some time caring for her elderly, widowed mother on the small rural family estate just in time to attend the dedication and first ride of the Airship between the Crossing and Muspar'i.

She is currently working diligently on her arts, Engineering and Music. You can find her in the Crossing Engineering Hall in the workroom with the birch door, which she has adopted as her office or in her new Workshop, upstairs at Taelbert's at the end of the hall. Taelbert thoughtfully prepared a sign on the door with her name on it.


Major Song Titles

Year Title

348 The Night That Rabid Creatures Dwell, for Impalire
352 Ode to Tezirah
352 Windsong, for Wyn
354 SongRise, for the captured Wren
355 Dreamer, for Father Risden
355 The Dance is Over, for Larinath
356 Siren's Call, for ... whatever her name was
356 - 371 The Years Without Music
372 Siryn's Song
373 O Zoluren, for the Coronation of Prince Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig
374 The Perfect Specimen of a Man
375 The Promise of a Dream
376 Is It Time?
376 Come, Walk With Me, for Dangelo
376 Where the Lotus Blooms, For Ferdahl Kukulaki
376 You Sang My Heart
376 Good Night, Dear One
376 Lost in Your Eyes
376 Defenders of the Clan, for the Dragoons
377 Toast to Lost Friends, for Miabelle and Deloria's Great Migration Reunion
377 He Took One In the Heart, for Niteshiver
379 I Wrote Your Name, for Xixist - lost until presented the first time in 407
380 Be My Hero, for the wedding of Xixist and Dreamheart
386-407 The Lost Years
409 The Colors of Your Love, for Xixist and Dreamheart's 29th weddding anniversary


Look for the Double Dee


At the first of the year 408, Dreamheart joined the Engineering Society and started carving. She has been carving ever since then. Her mark is a Double Dee. Look for her in the Crossing's Engineering Society, usually in the workroom with the birch door for the finest carved tools, weapon, and armor from stone and bone.

Look for Dreamheart's No-Nonsense Guide to Carving in DragonRealms at the Wren's Nest Tavern: http://wrensnesttavern.com/dreamhearts-no-nonsense-guide-to-carving-in-dragonrealms


When the Engineering Society opened up wood shaping for crafting in 416, she eagerly explored her limits.


After a long journey to her Mother's home, Dreamheart returned to the Crossing in 430 and found Tinkering being taught at the Engineering Hall. She embraced the new discipline and learned to make all the wondrous tinkered items that the Society would let her make.

Maker's Mark

Dreamheart's mark is a distinctive Double Dee on all of her carefully carved and shaped items. Her work was featured by several merchant shops like RKM and Wicked Witch in the Crossing's Plaza.

Her first registered mark was, until Nov 23, 2019: You see the initials "D. D." impressed into the surface of the bone.

After a (very expensive) visit with the merchant Halvon at Hollow Eve on the above date, her final, complex stamp from that moment forth is: You see an image of mirrored double D initials with a tiny wren perched inside the reversed letter over flowing script which reads, "Bardess of Dreams" in a graceful arc impressed into the material's surface.

Detailed Appraisal Charts

  • The Comparison Chart of Light Crossbows - research the exacting details of major crossbow builds and appraisals, all in one place so you can compare that Light Battle Crossbow with the Latchbow.
  • The Comparison Chart of Stonebows - look here for the detailed variations of advanced stonebow build-outs and appraisals all in one handy chart so you can easily pick the one that is right for you.

Named Weapons Collections

"I feel the pressure of time upon my shoulders of the many names of people who have come before us, those from our past that merit our recognition. So as I created weapons for clients, I began to name some top-tier ones with names of people I was privileged to know. 

I created namesakes in these beautiful weapons that are worthy of the distinction of being named for our Trailblazers, Legends, and Heroes. 

Because every good song needs a title, right?

Each weapon is named and numbered in one of the collections, listed below. Each weapon is presented to the original owner with my signed and dated certificate of authenticity."

Do note that all of these are working, high performance weapons of their type, they are not just pretty things to hang over your fireplace just so that you can tell a story to your guests. Please, do tell the story as you use one!

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