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Marcul Mak'iyiru
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Cirie, Saniko, Saljinko, Miakashaa


You see Melyo Cermin'a Marcul Mak'iyiru, Lightcrafter of the House of the Silver Star, an Elothean. Marcul has an aristocratic face and cold blued steel eyes. His silver-streaked niveous hair is hip length and silky, and is worn pulled back on one side by a pair of heavily lacquered Ilithian cedar hairsticks and left to flow over the shoulders. He has pale skin and a wiry build.
He is unusually tall for an Elothean.
He appears to be middle-aged.
He is clean shaven.
He has a tattoo of six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons on his wrist.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pure white lotusweave kimono overlain by moonspun silk, an intricately layered armguard of mirrored black steel plates, a midnight-blue and silver raw silk sash tied with an intricate knot, a sleek spiritwood sheath bound by complex lotusweave knotwork and some steelsilk footwraps.


Fields of Study: Astrology, History
Devotion: Meraud
Heritage: House of the Silver Star
Birthplace: Shard, Ilithi
Guild: Moon Mage - Progeny of Tezirah.
Known Apprentices: Xzean, Jaesyn, Cirie

Notable Items

Salji, an heirloom blade

a sleek spiritwood sheath bound by complex lotusweave knotwork | [1]

The magical bleaching effect used to create the pure white lumber has stripped the Ilithian cedar of its traditional rosy hues, still strong hints of the original grain swirl through the layers of heavy lacquer. Strips of ghostly pale cloth have been skillfully woven into an Elothean knotwork design spiraling outward from the upper section near the mouth, terminating in a pair of braided cords. Icesteel tokens, stamped with unique shesegri patterns, punctuate the end of each braid.
In the spiritwood sheath a long kertig blade inlaid with an icesteel shesegri pattern.

a long kertig blade inlaid with an icesteel shesegri pattern | [2]

The masterfully forged silvery-black metal extends in a graceful line, the honed edge curving slightly towards the tip. An intricate shesegri pattern inlaid in translucent blue-white icesteel runs the extent of the fuller, terminating just shy of an artfully-wrapped lotusweave hilt. A solitary glacier emerald caps the pommel, its light green coloration accented by its soft silvery glow. Etched into the blade just above the guard is a single word in stylized script.
There appears to be something written on it.
A long kertig blade reads:

NOTES: Rumored to be the blade of his father, the sheathe itself is formed from a magical crafting method used to create what is known as spiritwood. Further research on the blade suggests the blade is actually enchanted with ice elemental infusion, often flash freezing during strikes against opponents. A notable oddity for a family known for a long historical alignment with the Moon Mages guild. Unsubstantiated rumors also suggest the blade has a sister somewhere in the realms.

Eilsinan Shard

a polished mirror shard wrapped in delicate wirework | [3]

A makeshift handle formed of braided copper wire enwreathes one edge of the shard. A tiny pair of hooks grasp outward, allowing the remnant to cling to clothing. The reflective surface is marred by deep gouges and a series of scratch marks that form gnarled runic shapes.

NOTES: The shard functions as a non-aligned ritual focus, having no preference for any specific mana type. Origins of the item are unknown and despite having had it for several years, Marcul claims no knowledge of how it came into his possession.

Public Involvements

350 - Sent to Zoluren to Study as a Moon Mage.
351 - Began investigative work on Mirror Wraith Prophecy
352 - Founded small network of information gatherers known as the Keepers.
354 - Aided defenders of Zoluren against the Gorbesh.
357 - Welcomed Rakash and Prydaen refugees in Crossings.
357 - Began study of Sorcery and it's connection to the Web of Fate.
359 - Marcul and the Keepers supported defense movements, helping to hold back Lord Sorrow as he advanced on the Crossings.
360 - Present at Prince Belirendrick III's assassination at the DiSilveron Ball.
361 - Supported Khaman as he is appointment to Moon Mage Council.
362 - Glimpsed Tezirah briefly when she appeared at the Taisgath Obelisk.
363 - Present for the deaths of Sorrow and Prayk.
363 - Temporarily assigned to Therengia, under Baron Jeladric IV, just before he invades Zoluren.
364 - Marcul falls into shadow. Some suspect this is an due to his affinity for sorcerous magics.
408 - [spring] Marcul awakens from darkness at the Empath's guild, Crossings.
408 - [summer] - Present at the naming of Grazhir shard Vellano at Fang Cove.
408 - [winter] - Joined Vela'tohr Militia as a scout.
409 - Shopped several places at Guildfest 409.
412 - Witnessed and survived group prediction during one of the Moon Mage Conclaves.
413 - [winter] Appointed Vice-Speaker of the Order of the Black Fox.
416 - [summer] Attended Guildfest 416.
420 - Parted ways with the Order of the Black Fox.
429 - [spring] Formally adopted his apprentice, Cirie.


It is suspected that Marcul supported Ralel during the L'Karm movements.
He is also a former member of The Lorethew Mentor Society.
Custom Title: Melyo Cermin'a purchased during Zipsy Alteration offerings at HE2018/428. [4]