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Rajiruji Greenbottle
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


You are Rajiruji Greenbottle, a Halfling. You have silver-flecked crystal green eyes. Your auburn hair is short and straight, and is worn untamed. You have tanned skin and an athletic build. You are slightly under average height for a Halfling. You are a daydreamer.

You are wearing a majestic grey silk greatcloak embroidered with the Greenbottle family crest, an alchemist's sack, a vinter's wine keg, an ewys and emerald backsheath, a tailored shirt of dove-grey Imperial weave, a fire opal studded belt with a slender tyrium blade and a T'Kashi mirror knife hanging from it and some slate-hued pants.


Rajiruji, or Raji as his friends call him, was raised in Theren as the middle son of an Olvi wine maker. The Greenbottles were known for their varied apple wines but Raji wanted little to do with the family business. He left for Crossing almost 50 years ago, on his 16th birthday and set off to be an adventurer.

Shortly after coming to Crossing Raji joined the barbarian guild, trying to separate himself as much as he could from his families roots in crafts. Though he had a natural talent for brewing he decided he would dedicate himself to being a completely self sufficient warrior.

Eventually Raji met up with a cleric named Renior and enlisted in his military unit, Shadows Reach. After a promotion to Sergent there is a brief period of time where he is absent from public view completely.

Upon returning from obscurity Raji found his old unit disbanded and the current political state to be very different than when he left. He's since re-enlisted and is trying to get back to where he was. In addition Raji has taken it upon himself to start fighting, somewhat quietly, for Olvi rights. He views the term "halfling" to be derogatory and that his proud people should not be considered "half" of anything. In fact if anything the taller races are just double what is normal in his mind...