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Malakye Augstawne
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Augstawne Girene Dzirta

Public Records

  • Member of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta, a Rakash pack.
  • Member of the Riverhaven Commerce Cartel.
  • Former owner of a clothing shop in the Riverhaven Plaza called: "Augstawne Lefns Cehs"
  • Master Tailor working out of the Riverhaven Outfitting Society.
  • Beginner Artist working out of the Riverhaven Outfitting Society.
  • Part-time Blacksmith working out of the Riverhaven Forging Society.

Service Records

  • 410av-Hollow Eve ~ Worked for the Witch Keishalae acting as an errand boy.
  • 414av-Hollow Eve ~ Worked for Rish Esado as a design consultant.
  • 425av-Hollow Eve ~ Worked for Lotus Weaver Urdesas as a design consultant.


Malakye has an oval face, a smattering of wrinkles emphasizing thoughtful blue-grey eyes and a classical nose. His white hair is short and peppered, and is worn slicked back away from his face. He has tanned skin and a scrawny build.
He is a bit over average height for a Rakash.
He has a regally trimmed mustache on his upper lip.
He has a tattoo of a pair of crossed silver spears overlapped by an emerald green wolf's paw positioned between his right thumb and forefinger. Bold lettering spells out the word "AUGSTAWNE" using Katamba-black letters which arch over the artwork on his hand.


Malakye has a wolfish face, sparkling blue-grey eyes and a squared muzzle, a white and silvered black coat with black masking, a curving tail and a scrawny build.
He is a bit over average height for a Rakash.
He has a tattoo of a pair of crossed silver spears overlapped by an emerald green wolf's paw positioned between his right thumb and forefinger. Bold lettering spells out the word "AUGSTAWNE" using Katamba-black letters which arch over the artwork on his hand.


He is wearing a dapper grey cashmere flat cap, a pair of masculine diamond stud earrings, some lightweight orichalcum bifocals, an official badge bearing the crest of the Traders' Guild, a purple wool jacket, a slate grey madun cravat, a handsomely-fitted dress shirt of pristine white Imperial weave, a black droluger-hide vest edged with banded stormsilk, a senci band, an articulated silver ring set with thousands of tiny emerald chips, a diamond-studded orichalcum ring bearing the crest of the Traders' Guild, a narrow stormsilk belt fastened with a silver and orichalcum buckle, some purple wool knickers and a black pair of droluger-hide nauda.

  • Though this is his standard attire, Malakye has also worn many other outfits which can be viewed here: Malakye's Past Fashions


At a young age, Malakye was approached by Alexii Augstawne to help his people by transcribing the various stories and histories of the Rakash in the Augstawne Girene Dzirta. In the years since their initial meeting, Malakye has joined the pack and committed himself to instructing young Rakash on some of the traditions he has learned from the other members. In addition to this, he continues his own work on a book which documents some of the various groups who once lived in the Rakash homelands. Formerly a resident of the Velakan Desert, Malakye could often be seen around the city of Muspar'i at the Silver Coin Inn working in a quiet corner on his writing.

Recently, the Augstawne Girene Dzirta relocated away from the desert to the Rakash village of Siksraja and Malakye also made the move to the new location. He boasts that since moving to the village he has become an accomplished boat hand, serving on several of the lake vessels during his time there. He has expressed a desire in purchasing one of those vessels or perhaps funding the building of one for his use. To accomplish this endeavor he has doubled his efforts to collect funds for such an exciting venture and has begun to take larger steps towards financial stability.

Seeking those funds, Malakye began working as a tailor and artist for the income gained by working for the various crafting societies. Hoping one day to make clothing for the rest of his people, he has dedicated himself to a career in the Outfitting crafts and continues to progress quickly through their number. While working in the city of Riverhaven at the Outfitting Society, Malakye met the young sailor Kasto and the two quickly became good friends. Kasto used his pull with his Captain, Anjinson, to place Malakye as a member of his crew aboard the White Raven.

Establishing himself in the area, Malakye has managed to gain enough funds to finance his own shop in the city of Riverhaven. He has decided to name the shop after his pack and using the language of the Rakash people, calling it: "Augstawne Lefns Cehs" or "Highland Fashionable Shop" in the common tongue. With help from pack members and friends, he has placed several wonderful items, some very exotic, up for sale there. He still, however, holds out hope to move his shop closer to the village of Siksraja to better serve the Rakash people with his fantastic finds and donations.

As age and wealth have caught up to him, Malakye has given up his dreams of sailing. If asked, he would simply say that he has attained a position where it is more time and cost effective to have others fetch things for him instead of having to do the legwork himself. He continues to hold position aboard the White Raven and the Black Storm but utilizes those roles far less frequently. He has shed any former trappings which were of use in life on the water, opting for a cleaner and more formal look.

Portrait by Sesi

A crowded city street, the buildings shaded with minimal detailing, fills much of the olive-toned paper. Standing slightly off-center, arms crossed over his narrow chest, is a tanned Rakash. Matted down beneath a tricorne hat, long, snowy white hair peppered with darker hues is pulled back, away from his face. Despite the hat's shadow obscuring some of his features, his blue-grey eyes twinkle with flecks of silver glitter, adding a touch of charm to his mirthful expression. Fastidiously groomed, a regally-trimmed mustache graces his top lip. Richly appointed garments clothe his slim form. A few touches of brighter green break up the blended black and grey hues that compose most of the drawing. Barely discernible against the dark paper, the hint of Katamba, a crescent suspended in the sky above the buildings, glistens with tiny specks of gold. Scrawled in the bottom right corner is the artist's name, Sesi Hart, dotted with a tiny heart.


People will know Malakye's handiwork by the following mark which adorns all things he creates:

You see the initial "M." impressed into the surface of the material.


... is the keeper of the Augstawne History and Traditions.

... has a fear of Gor'Togs. He says they are, "too big."

... doesn't drink alcohol anymore.

... has a profitable career as both a tailor and an artist.

... covets his silversteel stamp which is used to make his mark on all items he crafts.