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Hammerfist Wasutumi
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Nimthiriel

You are Everild's Fist Hammerfist Wasutumi, Weapon Master of Elanthia, a Gor'Tog. You have a square-jawed face, gold-flecked dark eyes and a straight nose. You have emerald skin dripping with viscous swamp ooze and a tight-fitting damask shirt adorned with golden dragons accenting a brawny build. You are very tall for a Gor'Tog. You are middle-aged. Brutally burnt into your chest is the image of a berserking Gor'Tog Barbarian. A trail of mangled corpses lie in his wake. The disfigured flesh on your chest accents the image of a wild, angry boar with dagger-like tusk that stands proudly beside him. The swollen, raised brand spiders down to your abdomen to show three figures. The repulsive witches are surrounded by a dozen of their minions. The word "SAK" is burnt into the flesh of the stomach under the scene.

Hammerfist says, "I only have two cheeks, god did not say what to do after that."