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Caidie Bantam
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime



You see Caidie Bantam, Shar'Elur of Elanthia, an Elven Barbarian.

She has pointed ears, stormy grey eyes and a lightly freckled nose. Her ink black hair is hip-length and a mass of misbehaving curls, and is worn untamed.
She has a thick pink scar deliberately carved into the shape of the Elven symbol for eternity on the left wrist, marring fair skin.
She is surprisingly short for an Elf.
Waves of angry brown and white scars twine the length of her right arm, covering the flesh from shoulder to wrist in a chaotic maelstrom of artistic scarring. The image of a small Elven child defiantly dragging a greatsword behind her is branded deeply into the unmarked skin at the heart of the whirlwind. Scored grooves left by the edge of her tapered sword trail in the wake of the slight figure, lines terminating in jagged letters that form the word "SHAR" on the inside of her right wrist.

She is wearing a pink and white striped togball jersey with three glittery slashes on the front, an aged whimsy ring engraved with two chubby cheeked Elven lasses holding hands, an Elven silver wedding band set with a moonsilver-infused Gnomish kocho berry, some bloomers of delicate Albarian lace with ruffled bottoms tied by tiny bows and some white galoshes delicately painted with puddles of pink glitter.