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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Rayth


You see Seer Eyuve, Lightning Eater, a Kaldar.
Eyuve has vacant, sere blue eyes and a straight nose. Her platinum hair is long and thick, and is worn pulled back in two braids. She has pale skin and a well-muscled and formidable figure.
She is tall for a Kaldar.
She appears to be an addict for graphs.
Her forearm has a tattoo of a dense mesh of interlocking gridwork that encompasses the entirety of the skin.

She is wearing a cloudy glass torus held by a slender steel chain, a heavy white bear-pelt cloak clasped with a melancholy grey dawgolite, a polished leather harness with an audrualm throwing axe secured to it, a dark brown wool tunic laced with black rawhide, a sinuous armband of glowing blued moonsilver, a wide leather belt decorated with engraved cambrinth plates, some brown wool trousers and a pair of high boots laced with hide strips.