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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

Current Status

Court Mage of Ilithi. Host of vision discussion meetings.


You see Philomath Miskton Ramahk, Seer of the Ilithi Court, a Human.
Miskton has an angular face, a smattering of wrinkles emphasizing thoughtful steel blue eyes and an aquiline nose. His dark brown hair is short and straight, and is worn loose. He has fair skin and a rangy build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He has a sleekly groomed beard elegantly framing his face. A soft, glistening shine adorns the hairs.

He is wearing a slouched russet felt hat with a Xibar-blue lotusweave band, some round spectacles with silversteel wire frames, a rugged safari shirt made from chestnut-hued Velakan linen, a rugged taupe leather utility belt with a multitude of thornweave pouches, some heavy titanese work pants with leather knee patches and some mahogany-hued leather boots stitched with runelike symbols along the toes.

Vision Meetings

Taking over from Malzard, Miskton has been hosting meetings in Shard to discuss various visions of the future. They are currently held on a fairly regular basis, generally once per month.


  • 438-08-21 (07/10/2021): Recap of trader issues with sunlight and "you do not have permission" cipher, possible demonic Srinoja, threats from maybe-Jeihrem with a crown of stars, some monsters like the ones from other visions fighting the folks in golden plate getting crushed, a man growing multiple hands and sinking into the floor, and a man playing a lyre interrupted by a discordant melody. Also a recap of some of the recent visions which seemed like they might be related to the Dark Hand.
  • 439-02-01 (08/14/2021): A fish story that might also be a warning about biting off more than you can chew, a vision possibly about planar incursions and turning your back on danger, another "you do not have permission" vision, a man caged in darkness who might be the paladin Beren, and a child who can apparently casually impose their will on the world.
  • 439-04-33 (09/11/2021): Shooting stars, which are pretty until they land on you, and might represent souls walking the Starry Road. Two quite different approaches to dealing with assailants. Beacons of light, a discussion of paladins, and reference to some of the older visions of the albino lion. The transformation of a caterpillar, possibly necromantic in origin, but sparking some discussion of Dragon Priests as well.
  • 439-07-26 (10/9/2021): A review of visions in the aftermath of the Basalt Isle raid, a possible clue to communication with the custodians in Zengmodaleth, discussion of the man with a crown of antlers in the Forest of Night, a maze that might be part of a demonic plot, and a talking fish speaks about blood.
  • 440-01-06 (11/13/2021): A greater than usual number of visions reviewed, thanks to the appearance of new visions shortly before the meeting. The rising of Andreshlew, what Srinoja and Sivroch might be up to, more dealings with the custodians of Zengmodaleth and a possible appearance by Daervlan, more potential happenings in the Dark Hand that seem like they might tie back to some previous ones, a return of the figures in gold plate and a trip into outer space (both of which could perhaps have deal with the Bulwark), and some sort of bloodletting ritual. In addition, some discussion of the visions relating to the Merelew that many people have been seeing.
  • 440-03-37 (12/11/2021): Due to the way the timing worked out, this ended up being a review of some of the visions that were covered last time. The custodians of Zengmodaleth, potential weirdness in the Dark Hand that may involve paladins, an apparent ritual in what seems to be a sweat lodge, and the figures in gold plate and a trip into space, both of which Miskton believes could have something to do with the Bulwark.
  • 440-06-29 (01/08/2022): Back to a new set of visions this time around. Children ignoring ghostly ships, a wandering Empath with Circle of Sympathy, more of the figures in golden plate (with fewer of them getting eaten this time), giant robots being built in Zengmodaleth, and the harvesting of apparently toxic glowing plants.
  • 440-10-09 (02/12/2022): Lightning spiders lurking near Zengmodaleth, more figures in golden plate jumping right into the line of danger, hallucinogenic seahorses, being chased by fearsome beasts then mocked by reflections (and a thought it might have something to do with Srinoja), and deep sea diving Traders in crystal suits.
  • 441-03-01 (03/12/2022): Another tree that seems to point toward Circle of Sympathy and some discussion of totally not dangerous people, more of the figures in golden plate keeping a positive outlook on life, a scarred, smoky, story-stealing woman, somebody apparently mixing tinkering, enchanting, and starlight, and shadows tearing apart a cathedral.
  • 441-05-33 (04/09/2022): More of the figures in golden plate fighting demonic entities, some woman who just wants to watch the world burn, another appearance of the king with a scarred face and burnt hand (who apparently does not have permission), an ominous swordmaster, and three arguing men forging a complicated magical object.
  • 441-09-13 (05/14/2022): Another figure in golden plate, this time fighting a somewhat more Elemental looking opponent. The eyes of something lurking in a volcano cave. Magma cobras? A massive centipede-like creature walking along a chilly coastline. Experiencing creatio ex nihilo first-hand, with a reappearance of the king protea blossom as a symbol. And a very extreme manicure.
  • 442-02-05 (06/11/2022): Three women engaging in magecraft and disputing a lack of permission. A view from a lighthouse of landmarks vanishing. A waterfall frozen in place, revealing a gleaming staircase descending into the earth. Some hidden creature of cold and electricity. A captivating but deadly singer. And then a review of last time's man struggling with his own hand.
  • 442-04-38 (07/09/2022): A call was answered. A duplicate speaks of a mysterious "them". An apparent winnowing of a field of candidates through violent madness. A crystal shape descending from the sky, and discussion of some possible similar things. A man with a scarred face, and a blood link to a mask which emits starlight.
  • 442-08-17 (08/13/2022): Crauyarn scuttlers, a time loop with an unpleasant ending, a star caged without permission, an insectile being of light and a fetid orange wind, and being slowly encased by stone in a soothing hotspring.
  • 443-01-09 (09/10/2022): Hunting accidents and helpful(?) plants, a prisoner receiving a magical bauble from a rat (familiar?), a starry mosaic of gems and crystal which hides a maze, a trip to space and ominous rotating beams of light, and 13 ominous figures in a dark and dusty place.
  • 443-04-29 (10/15/2022): A figure in golden plate charging in and saving a child, learning something from electric fish, a marionette painting itself into oblivion, overcoming adversity while playing a lute, and dire consequences for not following instructions. And in the aftermath of the meeting, feeling the web of fate shifting.
  • 443-07-22 (11/12/2022): A restored mural and a clay figure being painted on an altar, a monstrous reflection, a cruel General (and the city he was attacking) blasted away by one of his victims. Then a brief interruption while cloud eels rampage about Ilithi and Zoluren. Resumed with a vision of black ooze flickering with a purple glimmer descending from the sky and spreading where it touches, writhing shapes smashing buildings, and a friendly bartender offering a drink and a way to return.
  • 443-10-13 (12/10/2022): Bad memories of crystal needles, martial arts training, an elderly couple and protea gardening, possibly starlight-infused honey, and a heavily armored caravan attacked in a bizarre setting.
  • 444-03-33 (01/14/2023): The apparent ruins of Crossing, a fiery accident on a storm tossed ship, a large glowing thing rising from the depths of the ocean, a band of warriors angry that we do not have permission, and a perfectly square opening in space showing blackness with points of light.
  • 444-06-25 (02/11/2023): Another glowing in a mountain lake, a trek through the wilderness, a declaration of incorrectness, a disturbing food vendor, and the smoking woman in the broad-brimmed hat talking to... something.
  • 444-09-17 (03/11/2023): A blazing bull, a painted memory with unexpected danger, a strange and bloody battle observed by the woman in the broad-brimmed hat, a pair of lovers changing the world, and a faint anomaly in the desert sky obscured by Yavash.
  • 445-02-09 (04/08/2023): A failed gladiatorial test, an encounter with a younger self, a strange frigid device in a tide pool, a ruined landscape with a bloated orange sun, and a colorful lighthouse.
  • 445-05-30 (05/13/2023): Some chilly constructs scuttling about, the emergence of a new celestial object, the woman in the broad-brimmed hat observing a familiar museum piece, stabbing a bound statue, and someone underestimating a chess opponent.
  • 445-08-22 (06/10/2023): Close up views of a couple planets and the Nascent Unknown, an unflappable man in a small boat at sea in a storm, a very complicated puzzle box, a magic submarine(?), and the custodians apparently still up to something in Zengmodaleth.
  • 446-01-13 (07/08/2023): Much discussion of a recent change to the Nascent Unknown and then a vision predicting its new form, Sivroch, five singer death music, a mysterious clone with a crystal veil, and a return to the bar from a previous vision.
  • 446-04-33 (08/12/2023): Further changes to the Nascent Unknown, another example of apparent danger from Zengmodaleth, a girl blowing up the sun, another visit to the mysterious bar, the woman in the broad-brimmed hat apparently instigating an industrial accident, and a boat journey that leads to the loss of the stars.
  • 446-08-14 (09/16/2023): Self repairing constructs, coffee at the mysterious bar, a reformed wasp casting a spell, skipping a rock 13 times only to be blocked by a mysterious invisible object, and hunting intruders in a mysterious place.
  • 447-01-05 (10/14/2023): The approach of the Unknown, lumberjacking custodians, a view of the universe rejected, the continued approach of an angry mathematical creature, and the view from inside the bar as it arrives.
  • 447-03-37 (11/11/2023): Crafting with mud, a tragic war scene, wasps airlifting centipedes, a crystalline vortex in a lake, and a leviathan charging a ball of fire falling from the sky.
  • 447-06-30 (12/09/2023): More changes to the Nascent Unknown, a continuation of dealing with a friend lost in battle, custodian mold problems, Krenze pulling something out of an elemental fissure by hand, a mysterious visitor to a campfire by the beach, and a crystal manipulating child in a oubliette.
  • 447-10-10 (01/13/2024): Arguing with a dead friend, fireflies burning too brightly, an orbital bombardment, scuttlers providing a view from space, and a possible alien abduction.
  • 448-04-25 (02/26/2024): Being engulfed by the Nascent Unknown, a lighthouse in the void, an angry snowball, a bored sailor, and the woman in the broad brimmed hat with an increasingly loud noise.
  • 448-05-34 (03/09/2024): Discussions of the Involuted Passage, a chunk of crystal on the ocean floor, the woman in the broad brimmed hat as an art critic, a looping boxer, someone turning their own bones into armor, and a happy dog.


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