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Briaen Huns Image: 350 pixels
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime
Relatives Mendira


You see Dawnsworn Briaen Huns, Knight Penitent of Berengaria, a Human.
Briaen has a sharp-cornered mouth framed by an angular face, slightly pointed ears, thick-lashed expressive icy blue eyes and a classical nose. His ash-blonde hair is long and straight, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. He has fair skin and a deceptively muscular, whipcord lean build.
He is average height for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He has a series of green jade spikes that pierce the flesh above and below his right eye, each notched in even intervals and rubbed with indigo.
He has a tattoo of a shimmery halo surrounded by golden light on his wrist.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a marquise jade pendant on a slender silver chain, an unadorned commoner's cloak of brushed grey wool, some gleaming lumium light field plate trimmed in blue gold scrollwork, a clergyman's cassock of plain grey linen and some dark leather boots with flat soles.


Devotion: Berengaria
Heritage: Shadow Clan
Birthplace: The Dark Hand

Character History

393 - Born on the 10th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Bronze Wyvern.
403 - Travels to Zoluren for the first time with a trading caravan.
407 - Briaen's employer, a silk trader, is killed in Elpazi in Zoluren.
415 - Seen shopping the Street Faire in Shard.
417 - Present when Xaish discovered the dark stormy orb behind a wall in the Spider at Hollow Eve Festival 417.
434 - Appeared at Berengaria's shrine at dawn and received a message from the Dawnmother herself.
435 - 29th day, successfully found his way back to the Immortal's Grace thanks to the guidance of Purified Scholar Zauldin.
436 - Bonded with Mendira and affirmed vows before the gods in the 2nd month of Ka'len the Sea Drake, on the first day of Spring, in the year of the Golden Panther.
437 - Became known as the Knight Penitent, and Dawnsworn of Berengaria.
437 - 16 Uthmor (March 1st, 2021) - Declined an offer from Freebooter Srinoja to trade friendship of her pirates for the head of Khoheke Moglin.
441 - 02 Lirisa (March 12th, 2022) - Joined the Holy Inquisition after induction by High Justiciar Rileos and High Quaestor Whiteburn.
446 - 12 Shrka (August 7, 2023) - Gifted the dawnblade by his wife, Mendira.
446 - 30 Dolefaren (September 30, 2023) - Called to Trefren by way of Lyba Bima by Berengaria. (log)
448 - 1 Akroeg (January 21, 2024) - Caught the attention of Asketi during her ride. (log)

Notable Items

Dawnblade of Berengaria

a white steel Berengaria dawnblade
Crafted with the blade forming a very slight wave pattern, this weapon shines as if with its own inner light. Symbols grace the center of the mirror-polished metal, each one inlaid with sunstone-infused glaes. The heavy hilt is sculpted into the semblance of a sheaf of grain bound by a loose golden cord.
Notes: Only one of these blades is known to exist.

Dawnfire Greatsword

a bifurcated greatsword of dawnfire steel inlaid with truegold
Lacking a crossguard, the sword's hilt transitions seamlessly into a broad ricasso with elegant truegold knotwork. Below the ricasso, the blade diverges into parallel lengths, sundered by a narrow channel. Though twilight-blue, the metal transmutes any reflected light into a brilliant yellow that is echoed by the softly glowing lines of truegold that run lengthwise along each blade.
Notes: This blade is enchanted with fire weapon flare.

Vela'tohr Blade

an elegantly tapered blade of polished white glaes
Gleaming with a radiant vitreous finish, the straight double-edged blade is slender and narrows exquisitely to a sharp point. Numerous branches split from the cross-guard, the glaes distinctively worked to mimic bloodvine tendrils that form a cage to protect the wielder's hand. An argent beryl vela'tohr flower is worked into the pommel with a vibrant silver spiritgem nestled in its heart. Impressed into the ricasso are the initials "S. L."
Notes: The spiritgem pressed into the pommel's head is from before Briaen became foresaken and represents the true color of his soul prior to his Redemption. The blade was originally crafted by Squanto and is master crafted glaes. He rarely shows this item, but intends to use it when he does. The blade is always blessed and is often used specifically against the undead, the cursed, and the damned. This blade is enchanted with radiant weapon flare. This blade was given to Kethrai for his heroic actions when Briaen and Mendira were attacked near their home by the Hound of Rutilor Chepiso in 448 AV on the 10th day of the first month of Akroeg the Ram (Jan. 23, 2024).


Patience: Cleansing the Ancient Tree

September 30, 2023
Log | Summary: Briaen and those in attendance are called to Trefren by way of Lyba Bima by an avatar of Hodernia. Briaen speaks with Berengaria and learns a valuable lesson in the acceptance of change.

Prayers during Asketi's ride: 448

January 21, 2024
Log | Summary: Briaen gains the attention of Asketi during her ride and appears to appease the dark goddess enough that she ceases her activity in the city.

Patience: An Edict of Grace

February 10, 2024
Log | Summary: Briaen invites the faithful and those seeking forgiveness to gather and discuss the nature of sin and seek forgiveness.