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Meantermel Choreta'Leweyi
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


Name: Black Widow Meantermel Seord-Llewyi, Fang of Demrris Age: 38 You were born on the 10th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 379 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

You affirmed your vows before the gods in the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Iron Toad, 417.


You are Black Widow Meantermel Seord-Llewyi, Fang of Demrris, a Prydaen. You have a heart-shaped face, pointed ears, tilted cat-slitted crystal blue eyes and a classical nose. Your red-streaked deep blue mane is waist-length and a tangle of wild curls, and is worn swept up by a pair of dark red gemfire velvet lilies and allowed to tumble freely down the back. You have a set of tiny blood rubies accenting creamy white fur with a pitch black belly and scarlet red stripes, a thin leather tailband adorned with silversteel buckles accenting a curving tail and a curvaceous figure. You are a bird-hunter. You have several interlocking silver rings that pierce the flesh to follow along your right eyebrow, each incised with deep furrows to create a wave pattern. Your shoulder has a tattoo of the word "Widowmaker" in crude black lettering against a misty grey spiderweb.

You are wearing a pair of wire spectacles with star-shaped lenses, an elegant blue-white collar with black lace edging displaying a Gemfire ruby, a detailed chakrel arachnid amulet hung from a long gold chain, a shimmering dark red cloak of spidersilk adorned with a large black widow spider, a lean field pig, a bony Rathan rat, a battered oaken staff etched with menacing black widow spiders at each end, a carved black stonebow shaped like a rabid rat, a crimson leather corset emblazoned with an onyx and ruby black widow, a heavy golden armband embellished with a jeweled warrior's crest, a jasper-eyed kashaka serpent charm, some darkstone elbow spikes, a kertig spider bracelet crafted to resemble a black widow with sparkling ruby eyes, a flame-hued glass claw hooked upon a gem-studded diamondique chain, a gleaming animite parry stick studded with rubies, some nail-studded rope handwraps that is smeared with blood, a tattered black sack clasped with a Gemfire ruby, a damite-hilted skinning knife displaying the Barbarians' Guild crest, a sling fashioned from bootlaces and a shoe-leather cup, a blackened iron bonding tailring etched with intricate whorls, some form-fitting leather pants with cross-laced legs and a ruby buckle, some rough suede knee wraps affixed with sharpened peccary tusks, a shimmering delicate dark red steel footflower resembling a black widow, some steel-toed footwraps with silver buckles and a pair of scarlet silk slippers adorned with flame-shaped gemfire ruby buckles.


Meantermel remains completely quiet on her origins, but it should be noted that she absolutely abhors necromancy and it can be concluded that like most prydaens, she was left homeless because of practicers of that craft.

She spent years wandering the realms from one end to the other, never quite fitting in anywhere. She found a place of peace in Aesry, and would bury herself there for months at a time, hunting and keeping to herself. However when she got hungry for company, she'd make a trip back to the mainland. She joined the Order of the White Rose and dedicated herself to learning their ways and helping out where she could. She became General Counsel of the Order for a while, putting her in charge of Zoluren defences during invasions. She has since left the Order and is back to roaming the lands, though spending most of her time between Zoluren and Therengia.


She spent many months dating Demron and getting to know his family. Ultimately they got engaged, but split up shortly after. On the rebound she wed Rantjur, a longtime friend and they remained married for nearly a year, but they decided that marriage was not for them and they split. However they remain close friends. After a long period of focusing on her training, she married Enwah, a friend she'd known for a while, but again things did not work out and they went their separate ways. By this time she was convinced she was unable to settle with anyone due to her major wanderlust and resigned herself to that. Eventually she met a gor'tog called Baraune, and eventually they started dating despite her rebuffing several of his advances. In due course they married but again it did not work out. After that she vowed to never again seek a mate. She focused on her training and her new duties within the Order of the White Rose as General Counsel. During a party for the members of that Order, she was dared by Ariya to kiss a bonding rose, without knowing who else had kissed it. She did so, just for the hell of it, expecting ultimately that it wasn't actually already kissed. However, it turned out Ariya and Joehaynus had collaberated on the rose, although only Ariya intended to get Meanie to kiss it. So Meanie is now married to Joehaynus, and after some discussion they remain bonded, even after Meanie went AWOL for 6 months. On her return she found Joehaynus had adopted a prydaen ranger called Rhylanna as daughter, and took up her new role as mother with gusto. Shortly after that, they decided as a family to adopt Fistair, a trader. Not long later, Joehaynus left realms and never returned, so Meanie was single once more. after years of being almost completely alone, she joined the Seord family, as sister to Veela and Annalyse. Almost at the same time, she met up with an old friend Loukno. After spending a little time with him, she realised he was her mate, the one she was meant to be with. So she set out to make him see the same thing. As they are total opposites when it comes to personality, she didn't hold much hope she'd succeed, but she did. After a whirlwind courtship, in the manner of prydaens, they mated and bonded. Now life for Meanie is filled with family, friends and she is no longer alone, even when wanderlust strikes.

Items of note

These are Meantermel's treaured items, her long waited for alterations. The bola was the first she made in darkstone herself, after gaining her maker's stamp, so it has a special place in her heart.

You tap a crimson leather corset emblazoned with an onyx and ruby black widow that you are wearing.

Sleek to the skin when worn, the sanguine leather curves beneath the bust to accentuate and draw attention. Laced tightly along the back with dark spidersilk ribbons, the front of the corset bows upwards, revealing a tantalizing bit of the wearer's midriff below the large spider picked out in blood-red rubies. A strip of black gossamer cloth completes the ensemble, acting as a liner between skin and soft leather. The top hook of the leather corset is closed.

You tug at the neckline of your leather corset, making sure everything is shown to your best advantage.

You toy with the top hook of your leather corset, until suddenly it pops loose! Fortunately the laces still hold, but there's a definite draft.

You tug at the top hook of your leather corset, fastening it securely in place.

You tap some form-fitting leather pants with cross-laced legs and a ruby buckle that you are wearing.

Cut to accentuate the shape of the wearer, the leather pants are designed to show a tantalizing bit of flesh along the outer seams with each leg slit completely to the hip and laced with thick spidersilk cording. The attached belt is made of a thick black leather and the darkened silver buckle features the stylized visage of a black widow spider, its swollen abdomen inlaid with a large crimson ruby.

You tap a masterfully engraved darkstone bola set with a heart-shaped faceted ruby that you are holding.

The darkstone lumps that serve as the weights have been engraved to look like blooming roses, and set into the center of the blossom is the perfect heart-shaped ruby. The lashing cords have been dyed green, and slight fraying of the material appears as thorns on the flower's stem. You see the initials 'M. C.' impressed into the surface of the metal.

It should be noted this cloak is a shimmer cloak, making it even more special. It retains the standard verbs that shimmer cloaks have.

You tap a shimmering dark red cloak of spidersilk adorned with a large black widow spider that you are wearing.

Along the back of the garment, a large black widow spider is barely visible, each individual strand of spidersilk dyed a slightly darker color to stand out. The lower hem of the cloak has been sewn with a few small weights within it, giving the image of movement from the spider when the wearer moves.

You tap an elegant blue-white collar with black lace edging displaying a Gemfire ruby that you are wearing.

Deep Xibar-blue shades seep into darkening purples that rest atop the lace edge of delicate Katamba-black fabric, creating a firmament for the glistening Gemfire ruby that dangles from the center. A golden flame-like inclusion creates the impression of sunset glittering against the eventide of the lacy night, giving the overall effect of Yavash setting over the wearer's decolletage.

You tap a battered oaken staff etched with menacing black widow spiders at each end that you are wearing.

While sturdy, the staff appears to have seen rough use. Several notches, nicks, and dents can be seen throughout the length, extending either direction from the leather-wrapped handgrip. Both heads bear the acid-etched, though faded image, of a black widow spider with mandibles that appear to drip venom. Above the handguard there are several notches cut hastily as if used to count something. A cryptic script has been scrawled below the notches. Subtle shades of blue and red mingle with a sickly green and writhing shadows in a perpetual dance around the oaken staff.

A battered oaken staff reads: "Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead."

You tap a kertig spider bracelet crafted to resemble a black widow with sparkling ruby eyes that you are wearing.

The silvery black kertig is entirely unmarred, covering only the larger parts of the spider, while the rest appears to be simple flame-darkened silver. An intricately carved sparkling ruby in the shape of an hourglass adorns the underside of the metallic creature's abdomen, while glinting ruby eyes give it an almost life-like appearance, the facets alight with sanguine fire.

The legs of the spider bracelet look like they would be long enough to encircle the wrist, allowing it to be worn as a bracelet.

Her most treasured item, above all is her kitten. Below is the sack that is' home and the kitten herself.

You tap a tattered black sack clasped with a Gemfire ruby that you are wearing.

Rips in the fabric give evidence to the rough playfulness of the occupant. The occasional patch of mud and rust colored splatters give the sack a lived in appearance. The glistening Gemfire ruby clasp provides some remaining vestige of the once luxurious sack.

A tattered black sack reads: "Hollow Eve: 417-418"

You tap a playful-looking black and white kitten wearing a ruby red collar that you are holding.

Fierce dark blue eyes peek out with a playful gleam. A ruby red collar the hue of blood dangles a Gemfire ruby with the word "Mini" etched onto it. Occasional tufts of the sooty black and white striped fur seem to be matted with random debris and bits of rust colored liquid, as if lingering evidence of the adventures this tiny feline has been through.