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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Divine Knight Binadas, a Human.
He has a round face, hazel eyes and a straight nose. His red hair is short and fine. He has pale skin and a thin build. His right cheekbone has a tattoo of a rended and fleshy wound exposing battered steel and gears rather than bones and sinew.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a large hunting pack crafted from wyvern hide, a pitch black cotton clergyman's cassock embroidered along the hem with chipped white skulls, a black shadowsilk cloak, an empty stoneware mead jug painted with a golden honeycomb and a silver lockpick case engraved with the image of a raven in flight.


Treasure Loot

  • a sturdy staff of vedda capped with a cracked glass orb

From Duskruin, 423 AV.

Unique Items

a tyrium greatsword capped with a blackened verdant heart
Shaped like chaotically intertwined chains, the blackened hilt is faintly lit by glimmers of verdant light within the rough-surfaced pommel stone. Flowing along the blade itself, channels of finely worked glaes swirl, like mist-dispersed lightning in a starless night sky. Engraved within the blood-groove is the phrase, "Death is no escape."