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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

Sebestyen lives by the Paladin Code and resides in Therengia. He was active in the Order of the Dragon Shield and was made Lord over House Giraud, a minor noble house recognized by Baron Gyfford. House Giraud was later suspended and then reduced to a non-noble organization without recognition by the throne. In 417 he left ODS.
Although his impassive face reveals little of his emotions, still waters run deep. He is stoic to hardship and ignores physical sufferings. Though quiet and reserved, he generally has a positive attitude and a cheery disposition which shows in the occasional sparkle in his eyes and the laugh lines etched into his features. His demeanor is always courteous and good natured and he is willing to aid anyone in need. He feels deeply and loves passionately. Sebestyen's creed is that of duty and honor, and he is extremely fair-minded. He stands against Darkness, defending the Light or avenging what cannot be defended. “Death is lighter than a feather. Duty, heavier than a mountain.”


You see Sebestyen Kuliniac, a Human.
He has a square-jawed face with laugh lines and deep-set crystal green eyes. His golden brown hair is short and fine, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has weathered skin and a brawny build.
He has a tattoo of a lone ship at sea against a starry midnight-blue backdrop on his arm.

He is wearing a white moire silk shirt with a high stiff collar, a broken signet ring, a rich crimson scabbard decorated with steel emblems of the Immortals,a wide leather Therengian war belt riveted with decorative pewter plates, a pair of pressed steel-grey pants laced with neat platinum cording and some knee-high black leather boots with thick cuffs.


Sebestyen was born on the 31st day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 351. He joined the Paladin Guild when he came of age and later joined the Zoluren Navy (or ZEF as it was often called). He served under Trantris Esselyon aboard the Leaping Dolphin during the Outcast War. He participated in several land campaigns and battles, some shipboard actions, and in the Battle of the Reshal Sea which resulted in the sinking of several ships carrying Outcasts and Pirates, as well as the loss of the Proud Nissa.

After the War, he wandered about rather aimlessly and attended to some family matters for some time. He went on to join the Emerald Knights and spent some time battling the Dark Hand.

Upon his return from this sabbatical (honing his skills against the forces of darkness, contemplation of the Code and his faith) he spent a little time in his home of Zoluren, but it was much different than he remembered. With his old unit disbanded, he travelled northward looking for his place. In Riverhaven, he applied for membership with the Order of the Dragon Shield, and after his acceptance, found his home.

When the Dragon Priests began their rise, he travelled with other Therengians to their lands in the Crusade against the Black Spire led by the High Priestess Tallis.

After his failed first marriage, he consumed himself with his personal betterment and his faith. He swore fealty to His Grace, Baron Gyfford and later courted the Lady Drexella of House Giraud (a minor noble house). Upon their marriage in 393, he was given title as head of that Noble House. Later, he was appointed Champion of the Princess Macja until she became Baroness.

During the Great Undead War, he defended his homeland and aided abroad when there was need. He fought all of Lyras' risen at one time or another, and participated in the final assault that brought the demise of Lyras and her minions.

He continued his service in Therengia as Speaker of the Order of the Dragon Shield defending the province and participating in numerous skirmishes. Although Lyras was gone, necromancy sprung up all over causing a new kind of strife. Word had come that a fellow Paladin, Walcar, had fallen far and was near lost to a necromantic text. The Paladin Council would not act in spite of Sebestyen's letters so he took matters into his own hands. Marshaling the aid of his Knights, friends, and the Inquisition, Walcar was pulled back from the brink of condemnation.

For 13 years, he Commanded ODS, organizing events, collaborating with other Orders and organizations to spread good deeds and cheer to the populace. When he spoke for Council by petitioning the Baron to relieve ODS of military obligation, The Hand became angered and challenged him to a duel on the dais. He accepted, of course, but His Grace would not allow it. Later, he spoke for Council against a new voting method that went against Order procedures and bylaws. For this, he was summarily removed from the Order and the Order House closed. After a time, the Orders Administrator relented from his demands and opened the Order House, confirming Sebestyen as Speaker once more with a vote by Council.

In 417 he resigned and left the Order, beginning his retirement from military service. He remains Lord of House Giraud and is active in its upkeep as well as lending his sword to the Inquisition or whatever other noble cause has need of his help.


These works are not objective history. They are from Sebestyen's perspective complete with his personal views, bias and prejudices.

Prized Items

Holy weapon:
A gleaming triple-fullered bastard sword with golden lion quillons.
The sword is emanating a powerful sense of holiness.
The central fuller is twice the length of the outer grooves, ending near the point of the blade. Two small rampant lions are etched near the cross guard, and the hilt is wrapped in silver wire. The round steel pommel is decorated with a golden lion and mongoose, and is engraved with the words, 'Courage, Honor, and Loyalty.'

A rich crimson scabbard decorated with steel emblems of the Immortals.
Thirty-nine steel plates, each embossed with a symbol of an aspect of the gods, adorn the scabbard.
A crimson scabbard reads:
"Draw not without reason, sheath not without honor."

Battle Sword:
A blued double-fuller bastard sword.
The crossguard and pommel are blued steel with golden accents. The grip is covered with rich crimson leather cross-wrapped with black wire. Impressed into the blade are the initials "R.K." encircled by a band of diminutive lettering which reads, "No quarter asked - none given."

A damite shield edged in gold leaf surrounding a crimson field bearing a rampant lion.
Matte gold leaf curls around the edge of the shield growing more diffuse as it creeps inward over the crimson field. Centered on the shield is a golden lion, its raised forepaws exposing hooked claws while its roaring visage stares outward with fangs exposed.

Some damite full plate engraved with a rampant lion that is surrounded by gold leaf.
Matte gold leaf curves over the tops of both arms legs as well as slithers up and down each side of the suit, growing more diffuse as it curls toward the center of the plate. In the center a golden lion, its raised forepaws exposing hooked claws while its roaring visage stares outward with fangs exposed.

A plumed and mantled damite armet trimmed with gold leaf.
The matte leaf accents the gorget and curls up around the visor's edge, growing more diffuse as it approaches the comb holding several crimson and gold plumes. A crimson mantle embroidered with golden rampant lions drapes down the sides and back of the armet to reach the wearer's shoulders.

Some damite plate gauntlets embellished with gold leaf.
The matte gold pattern curves around the cuffs of both gauntlets and slithers across the back of each hand, growing more diffuse as it approaches the fingers.

Arms and Heraldic Devices

Personal arms: Sanguine, a lion proper armed Argent. Crest: a rose slipped Argent. Supporters: dexter, a dragon reguardant Sable; sinister, a bear reguardant Sable. Motto: Remember Honor.