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Navesi Daerthon
Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Volohir, Isava


You see Zoluren's Herald Navesi Daerthon, Newsletter Editor of Zoluren, a Kaldaran Bard.
She has an angular face, sharp black eyes and a straight nose. Her white hair is short and thick, and is worn loose. She has pale skin and a lean, precisely composed figure.
She is tall for a Kaldar.
She appears to be an adult.

She is wearing a circlet of subtly firestained icesteel, a stiff black ankle-length coat with ornate iron wrist clasps, a crisp white Imperial weave shirt, a tarnished platinum ring inset with a brilliant red ruby, a knotwork icesteel wedding band, an agate signet ring with a stylized gladiolus, some finely-woven black wool trousers and a pair of black leather boots with nightsilk laces.


409 - present. Editor-in-Chief of Zoluren's newsletter, The First Land Herald.
409 - 419 AV. Council member of the Tavern Troupe.

Life Events

417-1. Daughter Isava Daerthon born.
416-8. Married to Saragos Daerthon.
410-5. Recognized by (the insane) Princess Caerue as Lady Navesi. Amongst the honors conferred on her in this ceremony was the privilege of wearing a pink dress. Specifically, a pale rose taffeta dancing gown trimmed with cream ribbons.
409-1. Founded the First Land Herald.
408-2. Joined the Bard guild.
395-8. Sister born.
392-3. Brother Volohir born.
389-1. Born in western Zoluren.