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Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

Munchausen is a Dwarf from Forfedhar. He has taken on an assumed name to study Elemental Magic on behalf of an unnamed patron from the city of Hibarnhivdar. It is rumored that he was involved in the dissolution of a criminal mining conspiracy that reached as high as the Council of Elders. He moved to the Crossings and joined the Order of the Apostles and served as a it's councilor of war. He stepped down after a tumultuous tenure and returned to his native Forfedhar. While in Crossings he married a fellow Apostle and remains married to this day, though the distance in provinces makes correspondence slow. He currently spends most of his time training to attain higher status within the Warrior Mage guild, traversing the unforgiving landscape of the wilderness and craggy peaks of Forfedhar's mountains and forests.